What to Know Before Having Sex on Your Cabin Balcony

Vacation, swimsuits, warm weather, and free-flowing alcohol. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand why a cruise makes seemingly every couple become overtaken with the urge to have a little hanky-panky.

Suite balcony on a cruise
Most cruise balconies aren’t as large as this suite’s (in fact, they are much, much smaller!), however, it gives you a good idea of the appeal of being romantic outside on a cruise.

And with a gorgeous cabin and a balcony that overlooks some of the most stunning views you can imagine, it also doesn’t take much to understand the draw that causes many people to want to make romance outside in the fresh air. Add in the fact that the cruise ship will spend several days of your trip out at sea — where there is no one out in the water to see you — and you’ve got every reason to add a little spice and have sex on the cruise balcony.

But before you do… there are a few things you’ll want to know first.

Privacy on the balcony? Sort of…

Your balcony is somewhat private, but gaps around the dividers mean others might get an eyeful if you’re not careful. As well, sounds can travel.

At first glance, there’s no one around to see you if you end up getting down on the balcony. But don’t think that it is ultra-private.

On most balconies, there are gaps at the bottom and top of the dividers separating your space from the adjacent cabins. This space at the bottom is to let any water run though and the space at the top is to allow the wind to pass over without putting too much pressure on the privacy screen.

In addition, the reflection in the glass can mean someone can catch you in the act, even if they didn’t mean to do so.

No matter the reason, these gaps and reflections mean that if someone was next door, they could could definitely catch an eyeful even if they weren’t trying. (Sticking a head around the divider is also very easy to do.) 

Solution? Make sure there is no one else in the balconies next to you before you start getting too hot under the collar. And it wouldn’t hurt to bring a towel or robe to cover up, just in case.

Don’t ever sit on the railing

Your balcony will have a nice (and sturdy) railing to ensure safety, but don’t push your luck.

One thing you never, ever want to do — no matter how worked up you get — is sit on the railing. Sure, it might put you at a better height for some things, but it’s not worth it. The risk of falling overboard is real, and people do die after plunging into the sea. For safety’s sake, we suggest making the railing off limits.

In fact, given the glass partition, even leaning against the railing may make you anxious if you are scared of heights.

Sound does travel in all directions

Are you or your partner the type that has a tough time keeping it quiet? Well, just know that despite the ambient noise of the water and wind, you can still hear things outside the room. If you are making a lot of noise out on the balcony, then that sound will travel to other rooms in all directions. That means anyone who has left their balcony door open — or any public areas that may be near your balcony — may be serenaded by your love-making.

Keep it quiet, even if it looks like no one else is out there.

Cameras could be watching, depending on your location

For most people, you don’t have to worry about a camera being able to see into your balcony. There are no cameras covering the majority of them, offering some privacy to passengers. However, if your room is near to a public place, then it could be possible that a camera covering that public area may be able to see some details of what is going on within your cabin balcony.

Before you get too adventurous, take a look around and see if there are any cameras in view of your balcony. This way you can avoid any potential embarrassment of having your love-making accidentally recorded.

Don’t forget to turn off the light!

It’s not likely you’ll forget, but just in case it’s a smart idea to turn off the balcony light. Every balcony comes with it’s own light fixture that’s controlled by a switch on the wall inside the cabin.

When you’re trying to be discreet, remember to turn it off. Unfortunately, you don’t have the control over your neighbor’s lights. Often these can shine light into your balcony, taking away some of the darkness.

You may not want to go back to the bed

After fun on the balcony, you might think that sex on the bed isn’t near as exciting!

As we said earlier, there is a lot of draw to having sex on your cruise ship balcony. Between the adventure of making love somewhere new, the fresh breeze in unfamiliar places, and the fun of being a little risque, you might find that taking sex back to the bed is… well, boring.

Just keep this in mind and realize that you only have a few precious days to take advantage of your cruise ship balcony. So make it count… safely!

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