12 Norwegian Cruise Tips, Tricks, and Things to Know

Sailing aboard a Norwegian cruise? You’re no doubt excited, but might have some questions on what exactly to expect. Above all, you should know that you’re about to have a great time.

But if you’ve never been on the cruise line, there are tips and tricks that you should know to make your trip better. For instance, tips on getting around the ship, how to save money on board, even how to get the best chair by the pool.

Overview: What It’s Like to Sail Aboard Norwegian

Before we get into the things to know, you might be wondering what it’s like to sail aboard Norwegian Cruise Line… and how it is different from other cruise lines.

In general all those things that you love about taking a cruise on any line apply to Norwegian. If you’ve sailed other lines, you will likely find the experience to be similar overall.

For instance, the ships are almost works of art (especially newer ones) and an engineering marvel. There’s a big focus on things to do on the ship, and it starts with your time around the pool, with large pool decks, plenty of chairs, as well as things like putt-putt, sport courts, and more to keep everyone occupied. There’s also a big focus on food and drink; there’s no way that you will go hungry or thirsty on your cruise.

But while Norwegian Cruise Line might offer an experience that cruisers know and love, there are some touches that set the cruise line apart from others.

A Focus on Outdoors: While any cruise ship will have outdoor space, Norwegian seems to be on a trend toward opening up the outdoors to the indoors. For instance, newer ships have observation lounges with tall multi-story windows with 180-degree views. Ships also focus a lot on outdoor dining, and promenades that offer seaviews around the entire ship.

The Haven: If you’re a cruise passenger with a higher budget, then Norwegian offers The Haven, which is unique to their ships. Instead of just offering a suite, The Haven is essentially a “resort within a resort.” In addition to luxurious (and large) rooms, the area has private entry, its own pool, restaurant, and bar.

Cruise Line Size: We like to think of Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian as the “Big Three” cruise lines. They dominate the market. But when it comes to size, Norwegian is the smallest of these three. What does that mean for you? Once on the ship, it means very little. But when planning, Norwegian sails from fewer ports and has fewer total sailings than its bigger rivals, so you don’t have as many options.

Onboard Expenses: Every cruise line aims to get passengers spending on the ship, but Norwegian seems to have prices that are higher than rivals like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Internet and drink packages — two major areas of onboard spending — are good examples. Specifically the basic drink package is $99 per person, per day. Compare that to Carnival, which charges around $55. 

Tips & Things to Know About Sailing Norwegian Cruise Lines

Now that you have an idea of what you can expect on board, below we’ve pulled together some of our favorite tips and things to know for sailing on a Norwegian cruise. Use these ideas to make your trip as much fun as possible, but also potentially save money, time, and have a better vacation.

Sail on the Newer Ships When Possible (There’s a Big Difference!)

Over the last few years Norwegian has made big headlines by introducing some of the most extravagant ships at sea. Ships like the Norwegian Joy, Bliss, and Encore take cruising to another level with the public areas, restaurants, and things to do on the ship. For instance, you can even ride go-karts or dabble in virtual reality.

While older ships are typically cheaper to sail, we’ve found them smaller and with fewer things to do on board. Unless you only want to sit by the pool and relax, newer ships offer so much more to passengers.

So if you have the means, we recommend sailing on the newer ships.

Download the Cruise Norwegian App (It’s Free)

Booking an excursion on the Norwegian app

Everyone has an app these days, including cruise lines. The big difference? Instead of doing something silly like showing how you will look when you’re older, the cruise line apps — including the Cruise Norwegian app — are extremely useful.

Download it for free and you can use it for tons of things on the ship. It includes deck plans (so you don’t get lost), an overview of your onboard spending, the daily schedules, and you can even book reservations and excursions. Best of all, you don’t have to purchase wi-fi on the ship to use the app. It can save you a ton of time and headache. We have everything you need to know about the app here.

Make Reservations Early (As Early As You Can)

A full reservation board on a Norwegian ship.

These days there is a lot to do on new ships from specialty restaurants to activities onboard. Some Norwegian ships even have go-kart tracks at sea! The thing is that with thousands of people on the ship and only a certain amount of open spots, the restaurants and things to do can fill up quickly. That’s why Norwegian has implemented a reservation system.

One piece of advice — sign up as early as you know you want to do something. Space is at a premium. You can do so through the app, through your online account, via phone, or once you are on the ship. No matter how you do it, just make sure you try and reserve a spot early so that you don’t miss out.

The “Free at Sea” Offer May Still Cost Gratuities

One of the big draws to Norwegian has been their “Free at Sea” offer. You book a cabin and depending on the room you book, you can get a number of perks for free. The free perks include everything from shore excursion credit to alcohol packages to wi-fi.

Typically lower-tier cabins might get one or two perks, while suites get all of them.

One thing to watch out for is gratuity. If you select an option that has gratuity — like the alcoholic drink package — then you still have to pay this amount. For instance, the drink package is normally $99 per person, per day. But it also has a 20% gratuity on top of that. So even with the free drinks offer, you’re paying almost $20 per day. A couple on a weeklong cruise would pay a total of about $280 in gratuities on the free drink offer.

Keep this in mind. You’re still getting a good deal as far as a drink package for $20, but it might be an added expense you didn’t realize you’d have to pay.

Know That Prices for “Free at Sea” Are Higher

We’ve mentioned the “Free at Sea” offer above that’s been popular for Norwegian. Depending on which cabin you cruise, you can get a number of freebies included with your cruise like free drinks or free wi-fi.

One thing to watch, however, is that you can actually end up paying a lot more for the free perk. For instance, we did a recent search for a balcony cabin on an upcoming 7-night cruise. The headline price shown was $649 per person, for a “sail-away” balcony. This is a cabin where Norwegian picks your room, and it isn’t eligible for any of the perks in the “Free at Sea” offer.

Want to get free perks? The cheapest balcony cabin in our example search with the free perks was $1,049 — $400 more per person.

Now if you are going to use the perks then this may still be a better deal. If you’re just wanting to get on the ship for cheap, however, you can usually do so without booking the Free at Sea deal.

Norwegian Casinos Are a Great Place to Learn Games

Jade Casino on Norwegian cruise ship

Lots of people that go on cruises love the casino. It’s a fun way to spend some time at sea whether you’re a serious gambler or just like to bet a few bucks.

Always wanted to try a new casino game but been too intimidated? That’s understandable. It’s scary to saddle up next to a bunch of pros at a blackjack table or when rolling dice in a craps game.

On Norwegian, the casino offers daily classes on games. Here, newbies can take their turn learning the rules and playing practice rounds without risking cash.

Even without the classes, cruise ship casinos are a great place to get your feet wet with new games. Limits are low, making it less intimidating for beginners.

The Corks and Caps Package Could Save You Money (Hundreds of Dollars in Some Cases)

You know that Norwegian offers drink packages. The basic package is $99 for all you can drink, and that’s open to pretty much all the drinks on the ship. For that $99 you can get cocktails, beer, wine, and more. Cocktails run around $12 each. Beers are in the $7-8 range. So it takes quite a few drinks each day to make it worth your money.

But if you exclusively drink beer or wine, then you can save some serious cash.

The cruise line offers a Corks and Caps package. This drink package is only $65 per person, per day (plus additional 20% gratuity). For the lower price, it’s limited to only beers or wines on the ship. But if that’s what you drink then you will save $34 each day — more than $200 over the course of a weeklong cruise.

Dine Outside for Fantastic Views

For some reason cruise ships seem to keep getting bigger and better but continue to bring you more inside to the shops and the restaurants. One thing that Norwegian does really well is giving passengers places to connect with the ocean. One example is their outside dining.

Now, you might think that sitting outside to eat during a cruise is pretty simple. Truth is, there’s a lot to take into consideration, including the sun, rain, and the constant wind as the ship is underway.

Norwegian, however, takes all this into account with covered spots to eat that are also out of the wind. They have covered spots to eat so you aren’t sitting in the blazing sun, as well as windbreaks so you aren’t being blasted by the strong breezes.

The result? A number of great places where you can sit outside, sip a drink, and enjoy a meal without having to worry about a sunburn or the wind carrying your napkin away.

We always recommend people getting outside and taking advantage of the beauty you don’t get anywhere else but at sea.

The Fish Face Forward to Tell You Where You’re Headed

A quick and easy tip to help you get your bearings on the ship — the fish face forward. Let us explain…

In the halls of the ship where there aren’t any windows, it’s easy to get turned around. All the cabin doors look the same and the hallways are long. You could walk for hundreds of feet before realizing you’re going in the wrong direction. In this case, just look down.

Norwegian ships have carpets with a design with lots of small fish. As an aid to passengers, all the first face forward. So you are walking in the direction of the fish on the carpet, you’re going forward. Walking the opposite direction? Then you’re headed aft.

This can save you a lot of time, frustration, and wasted steps as you leave the cabin and head to go have fun. Look down and the fish will tell you where to go.

Get Your Spot at the Pool Early on Harvest Caye

Pool on Harvest Caye island

One of the favorite stops by Norwegian ships is Harvest Caye. The private island in the southwest Caribbean is a beach-lover’s paradise. There’s ample space to lay out by the beach, a huge freshwater pool, restaurants, bars, shops, ziplines and more. And because it’s only for Norwegian cruise ships, it’s like your own personal paradise.

One tip is to head to the pool first thing on the island and stake out a spot. Even visiting on a smaller ship, we’ve found that the chairs around the pool fill up quickly. It’s by far the most popular spot on the island.

If you head over in the late morning or early afternoon, there might not be a single open chair. During our visit we didn’t hit the pool until the peak time and had to just set our stuff on the ground. Crowds are much thinner in the early morning or late afternoon when many have headed back to the ship already.

Now, we’re not saying to be a chair hog. So don’t just set your stuff down and leave. But if you know you want some pool time, try to do it early.

Head to the 24-Hour Restaurant for Fresher Food

While cruise ship buffets are on every ship, not everyone is a fan of them. Want something fresher that’s made special for you? Head to the 24-hour restaurant on the ship.

Each Norwegian ship will have a restaurant (O’Sheehans on some, The Local on others) that serves around the clock. Have a seat, get whatever you want on the menu, and you don’t have to pay anything. The nice part is that there is a variety of things to eat, and it’s prepared for you instead of being intended to feed the masses.

Of course, buffets are also available, but not everyone is a fan of these eateries. The idea of food sitting out and other people taking their share can turn some folks off — especially given the health crisis we’ve gone through.

So if you want something fresh that hasn’t been sitting out, go to the 24-hour eatery instead of the buffet.

Are You an Investor? You Could Get Up to $250 Onboard Credit

All the major cruise lines are public companies, including Norwegian. That means you can actually own a stake in the ship that you sail. Shares of the company trade under the ticker “NCLH”. For those owning at least 100 shares at the time of sailing, then you are eligible for a shareholder benefit.

The amount of the benefit depends on the length of your cruise, and is currently set as follows:

  • $250 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 15 days or more
  • $100 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 7 to 14 days
  • $50 onboard credit per stateroom on sailings of 6 days or fewer

You’ll need to submit some documentation before you sail. If you want to take advantage, then you can read more about the benefit here.

Have more questions on sailing aboard Norwegian? Let us know in the comments below. You can also read our 107 Cruise Tips, Tricks, and Freebies here.

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