5 Easy Ways to Get to the Tampa Cruise Port (Port Transportation)

If you’re flying into Tampa to take your cruise, you can’t start your vacation without getting to the cruise terminal first! Below we have all the information you need to get to the Tampa port by Uber, Lyft, taxi, or shuttle.

Before getting too far, however, it’s helpful to understand where the Port of Tampa is in relation to the airport and city. The Port of Tampa (lower right) is roughly 10 miles from the Tampa airport and right near downtown:

Port of Tampa Bay map
The cruise port (bottom right corner) is located about 10 miles from the airport. Map data: Google

The port’s official address is 1101 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida, 33602 if you wish to map your route using GPS. It’s about 10 miles from Tampa International Airport.

If you are parking for your cruise, click here for more info on all your options.

Getting to the the Tampa Cruise Port Without a Car

Tampa cruise port transportation options
One of the most convenient ways to get to the Tampa port is simply calling an Uber or a Lyft. These services readily serve the port.

If you’re flying into the Tampa airport, it’s very easy to get back and forth to the cruise port. In our opinion, the two best options are a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, or to take a taxi. Both are fairly convenient.

Uber/Lyft (Recommended)

If you are familiar with rideshare companies, then you’ll be happy to know that both Uber and Lyft operate in the Tampa area. If you don’t know these companies, they operate a service where you can request rides around a city from your smartphone. The entire transaction takes place through the phone — from requesting a ride to paying.

Uber/Lyft are a great option whether you are coming from the airport or anywhere else around town as they offer service in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, and surrounding areas. Thus, if you are staying in an area hotel or want to explore the city, you can get a ride to spots other than the port.

You’ll likely find that Uber/Lyft also offer cheaper fares than taxis and potentially better service than most taxis. For example, Lyft estimates a ride from the Tampa airport to the cruise port would run $25-30. Considering taxis charge a $35 flat fee from the airport to the cruise port, rideshare services are a cheaper deal.

That’s why we would have to favor using Uber or Lyft over a taxi if we were needing transportation to the Tampa cruise port. Here are a number of estimated costs from points around the area to the cruise port…

Estimated costs to the cruise port from select points:

  • Tampa International Airport: $25-30
  • Orlando International Airport: $100-120
  • St. Petersburg: $35-40
  • Ybor City: $8-12
  • Disney World: $70-80
  • Lakeland: $35-45
  • Clearwater: $35-42
  • Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa: $15-20


Of course, while Uber and Lyft have taken a bite out of their business, taxi cabs aren’t extinct. They are also a decent option on getting from the airport to the cruise port, or from other points around town.

The ride is short (less than 10 miles, or about 15-20 minutes) and the fare is very reasonable. Taxicabs leaving the Tampa airport have a set rate of $35 from the airport to the cruise port. Given that several people can ride for this amount, taxis are a reasonably convenient way to get to your cruise.

You can also call a cab from points all around town, such as if you are staying in an area hotel. 

Port of Tampa Bay Terminal 2
Cruise lines offers transfers to the Tampa Bay port. In general, however, we find them more expensive.

Cruise Line Transfers

The cruise lines will offer transfers from the Tampa airport to the cruise port, however, they can be expensive. For example, Carnival charges $24.99 for each person, one way, for a shuttle between the the airport and cruise port. So a family of four would spend $200 round-trip, just to go about 10 miles each way.

Meanwhile, you are on the shuttle’s schedule, can only go directly from the airport to the cruise port, and it is only available on the day of your cruise. If you come in a day early, you can’t use the cruise line shuttle.

For that reason, we recommend other forms of transportation.

Public Transportation

Want to get to the port without spending a bundle? If you are in the right spot you can get to your ship with public transportation.

Tampa has the TECO Streetcar System. This route offers rides on a retro trolley car, running from Ybor City down Channelside Drive (where the terminals are located) to the edge of downtown Tampa. The great news is that the trolley runs seven days a week from early in the morning until late at night, and it’s free to ride. (There are a number of hotels near trolley stops as well.)

Unfortunately, this is the only route that runs right near the port. You can make connections at the Whiting Street Station from other routes throughout the city to the TECO Streetcar, but we’ll be honest: unless you are familiar with the area or staying directly on the streetcar route, you’ll likely want to just pay for the convenience of getting a ride to the cruise port.

Cruise Hotel Shuttles (Recommended if Staying in the Area)

One way that some hotels in Tampa compete for cruise passenger business is by offering rides to the cruise port.

The premise is simple — book at a hotel with a shuttle (often there is a cruise package you can reserve) and you’ll get your night’s stay plus a ride to the cruise port in the morning.

It makes things very simple and takes the headache out of figuring out transportation on cruise day. Keep in mind that the packages usually cost extra compared to just booking the normal base hotel rate.

You can see our list of Tampa hotels with cruise shuttles here. In addition, there are a number of hotels also listed that are near the free TECO Streetcar line that goes right by the ports.

Getting from Orlando to the Tampa Cruise Port

It may be that you find cheaper fares into Orlando International Airport, or maybe you want to visit Orlando attractions while you’re in the area. Whatever the case, there are many people who need to get from the Orlando area to the Tampa port.

What most cruise passengers don’t realize is that the two cities are about 90 miles (1.5 hours) apart. For that reason, there aren’t a lot of options to get back and forth.

Uber and Lyft will provide rides for about $100-120 each way. There are some private car options, but the long drive makes them expensive. As well, taxis will run hundreds of dollars round-trip.

The best option we’ve found is a one-way car rental. We’ve found rates of about $70 one-way (and sometimes cheaper). If you’re needing a ride back, then you’ll need to book round-trip. As well, you will need to pay for cruise parking in Tampa for the rental during your cruise. (You can search Kayak for car rentals here.)

You’ll want to keep this expense in mind when selecting flights. While it might be cheaper to fly into Orlando, the extra transportation cost could make a costlier flight to Tampa worth it.

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  1. Where does Lift or Uber pick you up at the port? Is there a designated area?
    We need a ride home once we return from our cruise

    • There are several terminals. When you arrive, you’ll be able to see the ship and just head toward it for drop-off. Tampa doesn’t have too many terminals, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

  2. Is their a shuttle service company that will take you from orlando international airport to the port of tampa and how much and how can I get in touch with them?

    • Hmm, not that we’ve heard of. We’d suggest getting in touch with companies that offer car service like a limo company in Orlando. Often they have other cars (not just limos) and will take you anywhere you want to go.

  3. We use to take Supershuttle to the cruise port and TPA for a low price but we just got notice that they are going out of business at the end of the year December 31st, 2019. We are going on a cruise out of Port of Tampa on Jan 6th, 2020. I guess we will have to use Lyft or Uber now as it doesn’t look like any company decided to take over in the Tampa area where Supershuttle used to service.

  4. We are flying into Tampa and cruising out of Tampa. We are arriving the day before our cruise but will be on a flight that’s coming in real late on a Friday night. What’s our best means of transportation to get to a hotel. Hoping to stay in one near the port.

  5. Is a taxi rate the same from the port to Tampa airport? Readily available or need to reserve? I found a shuttle service that can be reserved for $22. We have a 4PM flight so plenty of time to get there. Not sure the latest we can get off the ship.

  6. We are arriving the day before our cruise so we will be in a hotel (Harborside Suites in Ruskin, FL). We Uber here in VA alot. Debating whether to Uber from hotel to cruise ship. Three of us.

  7. We are planning to come to Tampa Florida and we would like to take a cab from the airport to Port of Tampa, we are planning to book a taxi and we have made a prearrangement pickup with Tampa Taxi Service, we would like to know what is your thought about it or if there is any additional option from the Airport. Thank you.

    • We don’t know anything specific about that company, but a taxi from the airport to the cruise port is perfectly fine. In fact, there is likely no need to pre-arrange. Just go tot the taxi line and let them know you want to go to the port when you arrive. Should be a flat fee of $28. Uber/Lyft might be a little cheaper, but it won’t be much.

  8. There are four of us going on a cruise from Port of Tampa. Because of the flat-fee taxi service, is it cheaper to take a taxi? I have used both Uber and Lyft, but it’s usually by myself or with one other person, so I don’t know if they charge per mile, per person, or flat rate.

    • The taxi runs $28 flat fee. Lyft estimates it to be about $20. With Uber and Lyft you are paying per car, not per person. So they are about the same, with a cab being slightly more. However, it’s not a big difference.

  9. I have my family of 7 going on a cruise in March is better to Uber between two cars or arrange transportation for all 7 of us together to get to the port from the airport.

    • That’s a tough one. You might try a shuttle service that lets you rent a van to see what the cost would be. Otherwise, two Uber cars won’t be too expensive.

  10. Ride cheap but tip good because we are not slave.We drive for those companies because we are unemployed and need to pay our bills or we get homeless.

    • It really depends, but usually they are around the same. Sometimes they run specials, discount the rates, offer sign-up bonuses for new customers, etc. Whatever the difference, it won’t be dramatic.

    • Linda, since we’ve never personally used any of the bus services, we can’t recommend anyone specific. However, with that many people, you should be able to get a decent deal on a per person basis. Enjoy your cruise!

  11. We are coming off a cruise at Fort Lauderdale port and need to join another cruise at the Tampa Port on the same day. Please let us know the most cost efficient way to get there.

    • That’s a tough one. The ports are about 250 miles apart (4 hours). We’d suggest getting in touch with a private car service to see what they would charge. You could also see about one-way car rentals from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa.


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