Guide to Boston Cruise Parking

With tens of millions of people within a few hours of driving to the Port of Boston, many people choose to take their car to reach the cruise terminal. Of course, driving to the port brings up another question — what to do with your car while you are sailing.

As you can imagine, parking in Boston, especially near the city center has the potential to be tough. Your options are somewhat limited for cruise parking.

And what you don’t want to do is try to skimp and find street parking in the port area. Not only are you unlikely to find it, but leaving your car on the city street while you cruise for an extended period is asking for trouble.

Instead, we suggest you use the BRA-EDIC (Boston Redevelopment Authority-Economic Development Industrial Corporation) Marine Industrial Park Garage. The garage is the official port parking, caters to cruise passengers and is located just steps from the cruise terminal.


The parking garage address is 12 Dry Dock Ave., South Boston, MA 02210

Parking costs $25 a day for cruise passengers (be sure to bring some sort of proof that you are headed on the cruise). A week’s parking for your cruise is $170 and it’s $200 for 10-14 days. Considering the location and the expense of parking in the city, that’s a pretty good deal. You might be able to find cheaper lots farther from the port, but remember that you will have the added expense of transportation to the port from those locations.

Here’s what the garage looks like, so you’ll know when you’ve arrived:

Boston cruise parking garage

Payment is accepted in either cash, Mastercard or Visa. There are no reservations accepted, but there should be plenty of room in the garage. If you have any questions, you can contact the garage at (617) 482-2487.

In addition, there is also an open-air lot (called the C1 lot). It’s just west of the cruise terminal on the same side of the street. Pricing is the same as parking in the garage, and the walk is about the same distance.

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  1. We used this facility and I paid for indoor parking but was refused entry and instead was sent to the outside parking. The company acknowledged a mistake had been made but refused to give me a partial refund on my credit card. Instead they offered me a credit toward future parking, but it is only valid for one year. It is unlikely that I will be in the area in that time, so the credit is useless!


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