Using Uber/Lyft to Get to the Seattle Cruise Port (Prices, Availability and More)

When it comes to getting to the Seattle cruise ports, our recommendation is to catch a ride there using Uber or Lyft. These services offer a combination of affordability and convenience that’s tough to be. The result? They can make it extremely easy to get to the Port of Seattle.

Lyft service in Seattle
No matter where you are in Seattle, Uber and Lyft can get you to the cruise ports.

Many people are familiar with these services already. If you aren’t, Uber and Lyft (along with other ride-sharing services) allow anyone to turn their own personal vehicle into a taxicab. Through an app that you download on your smartphone, riders can request a ride.

The app then matches passengers with drivers, and provides details such as how long until the driver arrives, the driver’s name and details and their phone number. All payments are taken care of through your credit card linked to the app. No cash is involved.

These ride-sharing services have soared in popularity because they make catching a ride quick and easy. You no longer have to call a cab company and wait for a ride. Instead, since there are so many Uber/Lyft drivers, someone is usually always within a few minutes of you.

In addition, drivers are rated and reviewed by riders. If a driver fails to get a good score, then they can no longer be eligible to drive for the company.

But the most enticing part is that your ride can be less than a typical cab and the ride much more convenient.

Uber/Lyft Availability in Seattle

Uber and Lyft are available all across the region, including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Whether you are at the airport or spending time somewhere else in the area, you can use the apps to get a ride quickly.

Note: If you are catching a ride from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, then just follow the signage to the rideshare pick-up area after you arrive. It’s located on the third floor of the parking garage at the airport, located just across the skyway from the terminals. You can find more details on the airport’s website.

Below we have the service maps for each company. If you’re in the shaded region, you should be able to get a ride to the cruise port. As well, areas like Tacoma are also covered, just not shown on this map. Bottom line — you can use the services to get you to the port, no matter where you are.

Map of Uber/Lyft availability
Uber and Lyft are available all around the area, including areas like Tacoma, which isn’t shown within the bounds of this map.

Compare this to options like the cruise line shuttles, which operate only between the airport and the cruise port. If you are staying at a nearby hotel or need to make a stop on the way to/from the ship, then that’s not an option. With Uber/Lyft, it’s no problem at all.

Cost of Uber/Lyft to the Port of Seattle

So how much does it cost? We’ve put together some estimates from popular places to the cruise ports. Keep in mind these are just estimates as prices vary with demand. Times like rush hour may be more expensive.

As well, these rates are per car, not per person. Multiple people can ride for one fare. We suggest limiting the number of passengers to three adults with luggage. 

The prices shown below are for the most basic offerings and are estimates. Need more space for traveling with a larger group? Both Uber and Lyft have services with larger cars (UberXL and Lyft XL) that can fit up to six adults. The prices are higher than the basic service.

Estimated Uber and Lyft fares to Port of Seattle.

Have you used a ride-share service to get to the port? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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  1. We are a group of 4 people going from Sleep Inn near Seattle Airport. Will Lift/Uber be able to accommodate us in 1 vehicle with our 4 luggage and 4 carry-ons? Will they have problem pickup from the hotel?

    • I think if you did an “XL” ride, it should be fine. Otherwise, you’ll want two cars. Normally suggest a max of three adults to a regular car.

  2. Great information regarding transportation from SEA-TAC to ports via Uber/Lyft, but what about details for return after disembarking specifically at Pier 91. Thank you.

  3. Will need a ride for six people with luggage from Seattle airport to pier 91. Does Lyft or Uber have vans capable of handling this many people?

  4. I noticed that up to 4 riders were a flat rate. What if we have 5 in our party that needs transportation from the airport to and from Pier 91? Are there SUVs that seat 5 available? If so how much would that cost?

  5. We are looking for a ride from Port 66 (Norwegian Bliss) on 6/30 to the Avis car rental for the Seattle Airport. We prefer to not get transportation to the airport and then a shuttle to the car rental location. Is Lyft allowed to do pickups at the port as soon as you are through customs?

    • That sounds like a great cruise! Lyft should be allowed to pick up there. If not, simply walk down a block or two to get picked up. You might want to do this anyway to get away from some of the crowds.


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