Using Uber/Lyft to the Seattle Cruise Port

If you’re not up on the latest technology, you still have likely heard of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. What you may not know if how exactly they work and that they can make it extremely easy to get to the Seattle cruise port.

Uber and Lyft (along with other ride-sharing services) allow anyone to turn their own personal vehicle into a taxicab. Through an app that you download on your smartphone, riders can request a ride.

The app then matches passengers with drivers, and provides details such as how long until the driver arrives, the driver’s name and details and their phone number. All payments are taken care of through your credit card linked to the app. No cash is involved.

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These ride-sharing services have soared in popularity because they make catching a ride quick and easy. You no longer have to call a cab company and wait for a ride. Instead, since there are so many Uber/Lyft drivers, someone is usually always within a few minutes of you.

In addition, drivers are rated and reviewed by riders. If a driver fails to get a good score, then they can no longer be eligible to drive for the company.

But the most enticing part is that your ride can be considerably less than a typical cab (at times up to 20% less!).

Uber and Lyft service area in Seattle


Cost of Uber/Lyft to the Port of Seattle

So how much does it cost? We’ve put together some estimates for popular places to the cruise ports. Keep in mind these are just estimates. As well, these rates are not per person as the company’s most popular services offer rides for up to four people for the same rate. (There are some services if you have more riders, or you can request two drivers.)

The prices shown below are for the most basic offerings and are estimates. (Note: Both Uber and Lyft show service areas that exclude Tacoma, but Uber provides and estimated fare from the city.)

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Uber and Lyft Seattle Fares

Have you used a ride-share service to get to the port? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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