Using Uber & Lyft to the Boston Cruise Port

If you are in the Boston area — or anywhere in eastern Massachusetts — then you have a way to get to your cruise that is much cheaper cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than public transportation.

It also simply wasn’t available a few years ago. Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized how people get around these days, and they also offer a great way to get to your ship.

In fact, while many people still use taxis to get from the airport or their hotel to the cruise port, Uber and Lyft are becoming a widely used option.

The appeal is understandable. Using the services you can pick up a ride from your phone on demand, usually in a nicer, newer car than your typical taxi. Best of all, the cost for using Uber or Lyft can often be lower than a similar taxi ride.

Uber’s area includes everything from the New Hampshire border all the way to Nantucket. Lyft offers a similar area, although Cape Cod is not covered. What this means is that no matter where you stay before your cruise, you are likely in the Boston service area and can get a ride.

Here are maps of the service area, which includes the Boston-Logan airport:

Boston Uber & Lyft map

Estimated Fares for to Boston Cruise Terminal

What people like about these services is their cost. In general, your fares will be considerably less than using a taxi. For example, an estimated fare on Lyft from Cambridge to the cruise port is just $16 — about half the estimated $30 cab fare for the same ride. And while certainly not as cheap as public transportation, Uber/Lyft do offer more convenience, especially if you are having to carry large bags for your cruise.

To give you an idea of how much Uber or Lyft would cost, we’ve rounded up some estimated fares between popular pickup locations and the Boston cruise port. We’ve also compared the fares to the cost of a taxi. (Note that the taxi fares include a customary 15% tip. Uber & Lyft prices do not. Uber doesn’t use tipping. Lyft makes it optional.)

Boston uber and lyft rates

For those unfamiliar, here is a breakdown of the different options shown above:

UberX – Base service, carrying up to four passengers in a typical sedan
UberXL – Upgraded service, carrying up to six passengers in an SUV
Lyft – Base service, carrying up to four passengers in a typical sedan
Lyft Plus – Service carrying up to six passengers

If you are not already and Uber or Lyft user, you can sign up in minutes by downloading the app to your smartphone.

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