12 Cruises Under $300 Per Person (Updated)

There’s a golden rule about cruise fares: Prices are cheapest when school is in session.

The reason is simple. When the kids are out of school — Spring Break, Christmas holidays, and summer — families have an easier time with being able to take time off to cruise. That leads to more demand for cabins.

When school is in session, however, it’s hard for families to find the time to set sail. As a result, cruise lines slash prices to fill up rooms. That means you can find some great deals as you look for a trip in the early winter months or in the fall when school resumes.

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Below, we’ve rounded up a dozen of these deals, all with prices of below $300. As you see, most of them leave in the winter while school is in session, with a few in the fall as classes resume.

We’ve included links to the deals themselves. Keep in mind that if the specific dates below don’t work for you, there are often similar cruises for similar prices around these times.

Note: The fares shown below are at the time of writing and subject to change. All fares are for interior cabins on a per person basis, before taxes and port fees.

4-Night Mexico Cruise From Los Angeles on Carnival

Date: January 31, 2022
Ship: Carnival Radiance | Ports: Catalina, Ensenada
Price: $204

Catalina Island

Forget just a good deal, this cruise departing Long Beach is among the absolute cheapest in the entire country. For just $204 per person, you can set sail with port stops in Catalina and Ensenada. The trip departs January 31, and there are slightly higher fares available several times throughout the year. Learn more about this trip.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise From Miami on Carnival

Date: September 12, 2022
Ship: Carnival Conquest| Ports: Key West, Cozumel
Price: $189

At just $189 per person, you can’t beat the price of the cruise setting sail from Miami — the cruise capital of the world. It makes two stops: Key West and Cozumel before returning to port. The lowest price of $189 is available on September 12, but you can also sail on September 26 for the same price. Best of all, it’s a full $110 below the $300 per person threshold. Learn more about this trip.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise From Mobile on Carnival

Date: October 24, 2022
Ship: Carnival Sensation | Ports: Cozumel, Progreso
Price: $249

Mobile isn’t a cruise mecca, but if you are within driving distance, then it’s a great option for good deals. This five-night trip departs on October 24, sailing round trip with a stop in Cozumel and Progreso. Best of all, it’s just $249 per person for an interior cabin. Compare that to the same cruise departing on July 4 that costs a rate of $549 per person. Learn more about this trip.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise From Miami on Carnival

Date: January 20, 2022
Ship: Carnival Sunrise | Ports: Half Moon Cay, Nassau
Price: $209

Key West

This cruise aboard the Carnival Sunrise departs sunny Miami for Carnival’s private island Half Moon Cay in The Bahamas and Nassau. As well, you’ll get a day at sea to enjoy the things to do on the ship… or just work on your tan by the pool. For just $209, that’s a great deal. What we like best is that it departs on a Thursday and returns first thing Monday morning, meaning you only have to miss a couple of days work to set sail. Learn more about this trip.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise From New Orleans on Carnival

Date: October 22, 2022
Ship: Carnival Valor | Ports: Costa Maya, Cozumel
Price: $269

This five-night sailing is pretty basic. It leaves New Orleans in October for a cruise that ports in both Costa Maya, Mexico and Cozumel. Still, it does get you to the Caribbean when the weather starts to turn cool in the United States… and it does it for a rock-bottom price. You can also tack on a day in New Orleans to have an even more fun vacation. Learn more about this trip.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise From Tampa on Carnival

Date: December 3, 2022
Ship: Carnival Paradise | Ports: Mahogany Bay, Cozumel
Price: $244

Tampa isn’t as big a cruise port as other Florida ports like Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but don’t sell it short. This trip is a simple round trip getaway calling on Mahogany Bay and Cozumel. At just $244 per person, it’s cheaper than buying a flight to the Mexican Riviera and comes with a four-night vacation that includes meals and room. Learn more about this trip.

If you can’t sail in December, there are other dates available for low rates, including trips in January, October, and November.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise From Galveston on Royal Caribbean

Date: November 10, 2022
Ship: Adventure of the Seas | Ports: Cozumel
Price: $229

Liberty of the Seas in Cozumel

If you notice, all the cruises until now have been aboard Carnival, which offers some of the lowest-priced fares around. There are deals on other lines, however. This trip aboard Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas runs just $229 per person from Galveston.

The sailing has a day at sea, followed by a stop in Cozumel before another day at sea on the return to Texas. That gives you lots of time to hang out by the pool and enjoy the sunshine while working on your tan, without breaking the bank. Learn more about this trip.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise From Tampa on Carnival

Date: November 28, 2022
Ship: Carnival Paradise | Ports: Cozumel, Grand Cayman
Price: $259

Five night trips under $300 are a gem to find, but Tampa offers a couple of options. This trip aboard the Carnival Paradise leaves Tampa, with stops in popular Cozumel and Grand Cayman. You’ll leave on November 28 but but you can sail on other dates in October for a similar price. At $259, it represents a great deal for a five-night vacation. Learn more about this trip.

3-Night Caribbean Cruise From Miami on MSC

Date: January 14, 2022
Ship: MSC Armonia | Ports: Nassau, Ocean Cay
Price: $179

Want another option than Carnival for inexpensive cruises? MSC is a major player in Europe, but has a smaller presence in North America. It also offers some pretty good deals. This trip is only $179 per person, and there are similarly priced cruises around the same time. You’ll stop at Nassau and Ocean Cay before returning to Miami. Learn more about this trip.

2-Night Caribbean Cruise From Fort Lauderdale on Celebrity

Date: November 11, 2022
Ship: Celebrity Reflection | Ports: Nassau
Price: $299

Didn’t think you could afford an inexpensive cruise aboard a luxury line like Celebrity? Think again. This trip is affordable because it’s a short two-night trip. The cruise will take you from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau for just $299 per person. You won’t find many cheaper trips aboard Celebrity. Learn more about this trip.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise From Galveston on Carnival

Date: January 8, 2022
Ship: Carnival Breeze | Ports: Progreso, Cozumel
Price: $299

Texas has become a cruise mecca, second only to Florida. The Lone Star State is where we this trip from Galveston that was under the $300 threshold. It’s this five-day cruise that departs January 2022 aboard the Carnival Breeze. You’ll make stops in Progreso and Cozumel along with two sea days. If you want to spend a little more, there are balcony cabins available on the cruise that are a shade over $450 per person. Learn more about this trip.

7-Night Caribbean Cruise From Miami on MSC

Date: January 21, 2022
Ship: MSC Armonia | Ports: Key West, Nassau (overnight), Ocean Cay (Overnight)
Price: $309

The final cruise on our list is just slightly over $300, but we will allow it since it is for a seven-night cruise. This trip aboard MSC departs Miami to Key West, as well as Nassau and Ocean Cay for overnight stays.

One thing to note is that there is some question as to whether or not cruise ships will be allowed to dock in Key West, so the itinerary could change. Even so, this is by far one of the most intriguing cruise deals you’ll find. Learn more about this trip.

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12 Cruises Under $300 Per Person (Updated)


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