Hotels Near the Seattle Cruise Port

Seattle is a wonderful city to visit and if you are sailing from the port, it’s a shame if you don’t stay for a few days before or after your trip to explore. To help you out, we’ve put together some details on places to stay.

All of the hotels listed below are within one mile of the Pier 66 cruise terminal. This places you squarely in downtown, near many of the major attractions that Seattle has to offer.

We’ve also only included hotels that are rated “Good” or better by booking site There are no hotels directly adjacent to Pier 91, as it is primarily industrial and residential in the adjoining neighborhoods.

The honest truth is there are dozens of hotels that meet these requirements. We found nearly 90. For that reason, we’ve looked for the highest-rated hotels in each price point to share.

Visit our other pages for details on Seattle hotels with cruise parking and budget hotels near the port.

Prices are for a Saturday night stay during the cruise season. Expect prices to vary. Click each hotel name to see reviews on

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Expensive Hotels (>$300 a night)

Inn at the MarketInn at the Market ($350/night)
This hotel occupies a unique niche if you’re staying in Seattle — it’s the only hotel that is located in the famous Pike Place Market. The hotel is small, with only about 75 rooms that look out onto the waterfront. It’s floor-to-ceiling windows will also make sure you have a great view of the bay and the buzzing activity of the city.

Hotel 1000 ($320/night)
Hotel 1000 is a five-star luxury hotel that’s just a couple of blocks from the waterfront. This is a great location if you want to explore the Seattle Aquarium or the Seattle Art Museum. One of the nice perks is a complimentary car service that can give you a ride wherever you need to go.

Four Seasons ($459/night)
The venerable Four Seasons in Seattle has an epic location among the best the city has to offer. It’s just one block from the famous Pike Place market and two blocks from the aquarium. For those who want a room with a view, this is the place. Rooms have sweeping views of the waterfront. Of course, it also offers the service that the Four Seasons is known for.

Mid-Range Hotels (>$150 a night)

Grand HyattGrand Hyatt hotel room ($259/night)
If you’re looking for a mainstream luxury hotel without the price tag, then Grand Hyatt might be your answer. The hotel is located on the edge of Seattle’s business district. This makes it a little long of a walk to waterfront attractions, but it still offers plenty of restaurants and activities within a short ride. In addition, the hotel offers plenty within its building, including a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and a Starbucks.

The Inn at El Gaucho ($279/night)
Located just about four blocks from the Pier 66 cruise port, The Inn at El Gaucho is second-to-none for convenience to the port. The hotel describes itself as a “retro-swank” boutique hotel, offering fewer than 20 rooms. If you want somewhere unique to stay in Seattle, this is a prime choice.

The Paramount Hotel ($229/night)
The Paramount is in the heart of downtown, putting it a little far from the waterfront. Still, if you are looking for a comfortable place to stay during the busy cruise season, it’s a good choice. Expect all the conveniences of a modern luxury hotel, including a fitness center, contemporary styling, and well-appointed rooms.

Hyatt at Olive 8 ($219/night)
The Hyatt at Olive 8 is next door to the Paramount Hotel, putting it somewhat far from Seattle’s famous waterfront and a 10-minute walk from Pike Place Market. One of the coolest features of the hotel is its indoor pool and spa that look out onto the city.

Inexpensive Hotels (<$150 a night)

Ace HotelAce hotel ($109/night)
If you’re like us, then you may not quite understand why you should pay a ton of money for a place to sleep. That’s where places like Ace Hotel come in. The minimalist hotel’s location is just about five blocks from the port. It’s unique in that it offer standard rooms with a shared bath (one of the reasons it can be affordable in such a prime location). If you don’t want to share a bathroom, deluxe rooms with private facilities are also available.

Kings Inn ($120/night)
Kings Inn is a throwback to the old 1960’s motor hotel. The rooms are simply appointed an unpretentious. If you’re someone who loves the look and feel of an ultra-modern hotel, then this isn’t the place for you. If, however, you want an inexpensive place to rest your head in a great location in one of the world’s best cities, then you’ll love it.

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