Guide to New York Cruise Parking (Cape Liberty, Manhattan, Brooklyn)

Unfortunately, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that parking for a New York cruise is a bit of a hassle… and expensive. As one of the most densely populated cities in America, parking is a precious resource.

Unlike other departure ports where there is plenty of space around the port for parking (including independent lots that usually charge less than the ports), that not the case in Manhattan, Cape Liberty, or Brooklyn.

That said, while you may not have as many options outside of the port as you would sailing from elsewhere around the country, each cruise terminal in the area does offer on-site parking just steps from the ship.

Below, we’ve rounded up your parking options for each of the three cruise ports servicing the New York area. This includes the official port parking and any third-party lots that also cater to cruisers.

Scroll down to find your best option, depending on the port from which you sail.

Cape Liberty Cruise Parking Options

Located on the Jersey side of the New York area, Cape Liberty is most notably home to Royal Caribbean’s ships. The port area offers a few options for parking, but expect to pay upwards of $20 per day, no matter where you decide to leave your vehicle. Here is an overview of your options…

Cape Liberty Cruise Parking Map
Map data: Google

Official Port Parking
The Cape Liberty terminal offers a parking garage next to the cruise terminal, within just steps of the ship. The garage charges $22 per day to park, so for a week-long cruise, expect to shell out $150+ in parking alone.

Don’t worry about reserving a spot, as they aren’t needed. In addition, all major credit cards and cash are welcome. If you have an RV or other large vehicle (camper, etc.) then expect to pay double the daily rate. Still, it’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to drive right up to the ship and park.

This parking lot is located about 20 minutes from the cruise port, and just south of Newark International Airport. It’s certainly not as convenient as parking right at the port, but in exchange you get a much cheaper rate.

The rate is $16 per day for outside parking and $18 for indoor parking. However, we often see specials for rates of $13/$14 for parking. That savings of $9 per day off the port’s rates can save you about $50 on a week’s parking while you cruise.

There is also a free shuttle back and forth from the port. Reservations are required.

Newark Airport Parking
It’s a bit of a workaround, but Cape Liberty’s location near Newark International Airport provides a creative way to park for your cruise.

Parking lots that cater to the airport offer per day parking for as little as $9 — more than 50% off the price of official port parking. The thing is that these parking lots don’t offer rides to the cruise port.

Instead, you’ll have to park and then find your own transportation (a taxi or Uber/Lyft) to get to the cruise port and return after your trip. Depending on your budget, this may still be worth it versus the convenience of simply parking at Cape Liberty.

Manhattan Terminal Cruise Parking

Parking in Manhattan? Yep, it’s tough. Luckily, there is parking right at the cruise port and some other options within the area.

Manhattan cruise parking map
Map data: Google

Official Port Parking
By far the most convenient parking is the official port parking that’s located right at the cruise piers. You simply pull in, park, unload, and check in for your trip. There is no worrying about shuttles or transportation to the port. Of course, you’ll pay for this convenience.

Parking rates are $40 per day at the Manhattan Terminal. Going on a longer trip? Parking over 11 nights is a flat $400. No reservations are accepted; parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. The port accepts Visa, MasterCard, and cash. Your vehicle must be less than 8 feet high to park.

Frankly, given the expense of parking here, it’s a good idea to use alternate transportation to cruise from Manhattan.

Cost: $40 per day
Distance: At terminal

Manhattan Cruise Parking (ParkRight)
ParkRight is located just a few blocks south of the cruise terminal, but will save you big on cruise parking. Book online and the price for a week’s parking is $29 per day and $33 for SUVs and minivans. Reservations are required.

Note that pickup trucks are not allowed.

Instead of a shuttle, a parking attendant will take you to the terminal in your own vehicle, drop you off, and then valet your car to their parking lot. When you return, you’ll need to catch a cab back to the parking lot to get your car.

Cost: $29 per day (cars) | $33 (SUV/mini-van)
Distance: 1 mile | 5 minutes

ParkNSave offers parking lots that are just a few blocks north of the cruise terminals. Specifically, it has the 601 West 57th Street Parking Garage for cruise passengers.

You won’t save money by parking here, as the daily rate is $40 per day. If you drive an oversized vehicle (pretty much any mid-sized SUV/truck and above), then parking is $70 per day.

Reservations are definitely needed and you will need to find transport to and from the terminal. We’d suggest most people simply park at the cruise port as it’s the same price and more convenient.

Cost: $40 per day
Distance: 0.8 miles | 4 minutes

Brooklyn Terminal Cruise Parking

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is not near as busy as the Manhattan and Cape Liberty ports, so that makes things a bit easier in navigating parking and embarkation on cruise day. If you are sailing aboard the Queen Mary 2, Silversea Cruises, or Princess Cruises, then the Brooklyn port will be your point of boarding.

Frankly, there aren’t many options other than the official port parking. Yes, there are lots around the city, but they don’t cater to cruisers and their prices aren’t enough of a difference to make it worth the time and hassle of parking elsewhere and then coming back to the port to cruise.

Map data: Google

Official Port Parking
The port’s parking lot is a surface lot right next to the terminal, meaning it’s only a short walk to the ship. Rates run $25 a day, with a day being anything over four hours. So on a week’s cruise, expect to pay $200 for parking.

Given that expense, it’s ideal to find alternate transportation to the cruise port if you can. If you do park here, no reservations are needed and SUVs are welcome without an additional charge. Cash and major credit cards are accepted.

Cost: $25 per day (day is more than 4 hours)
Distance: At terminal

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