Complete List of Cozumel Taxi Rates From the Cruise Port

If you’re cruising from just about any port to the western Caribbean, then it’s almost certain that your trip will include a stop in Cozumel.

You’ll find taxis easily available everywhere around Cozumel. They are clearly marked, with a distinctive red stripe.

In this part of the Caribbean, it’s by far the most common port of call, with literally millions of tourists stopping on trips during the course of the year. And on a day-to-day basis, the number of cruise passengers in port can measure in the tens of thousands.

Of course, many of those people visiting Cozumel are looking to go somewhere to shop, enjoy the beach, or eat in restaurants. And while there are some things to do and see in the port area, most of the popular spots (including areas like the main town, beach clubs, and more) are located several miles from the cruise ports.

That means you’ll need transportation. In Cozumel, there’s no public transportation system for cruise passengers. And apart from the shops and restaurants catering to tourists right at the port, most things aren’t within walking distance. So if you want to get around town, then you’ll need a taxi.

Cozumel is roughly 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, although much of it is uninhabited. Still, it’s large enough and the areas are far enough apart that a taxi is a necessity to get around.

And in a town that caters to tourism, taxis are everywhere. When you arrive at a cruise port, you’ll see dozens there waiting for passengers and seemingly hundreds more out and about the island.

Taxis Are Abundant in Cozumel and Have Set Rates

Cozumel taxis are organized, with a union (Sindicato de Choferes Taxistas) that help provide a consistent experience for tourists. The cars, while differing in style, will all be white with a bright red stripe along the side. As well, the prices are set and presented on a sign near the taxi stand in the port.

In many ways this is good news. Instead of wondering how much a ride will be (and potentially having to haggle with a taxi driver in a foreign country), you have the price laid out for you ahead of time. Just about every destination you can think of is listed, including the cost of hiring a cab for a full tour of the island.

When you get to the pier, as you walk toward the exit you’ll see the line for grabbing a taxi, which is likely to have a number of people waiting. With so many cabs, the line does move fast. Here is where you’ll find the rates posted. And even though rates are set, we suggest grabbing a quick picture just in case there is any discrepancy.

Cozumel Taxi Fares From Puerta Maya Cruise Pier

Rates are set for three groups: 1-4 passengers, 5 passengers, and 6-8 passengers. So if you are traveling with two people, you will pay the 1-4 passenger rate shown below. — NOT double the rate.

Note that rates are in U.S. dollars, but pesos are also accepted. A small tip (10-15%) is considered polite. Credit cards are not accepted. You’ll need to bring cash.

Sign with taxi fares in Cozumel
These taxi rates are from the Puerta Maya pier (where Carnival docks). The rates from the International Pier, which is located right next to Puerta Maya, will be the same or very close.

While it is nice to have set rates so you know exactly what you’ll pay, our opinion is that the rates shown are still too high. For instance, a ride to Chankanaab takes roughly five minutes, but costs $12 for 1-4 passengers, one way. That’s simply the price you pay for being a tourist.

Obviously given the way that rates are organized, traveling with three or four people will give you the best rate on a per-person basis. If traveling solo or as a couple, see if there is another passenger going go the same place as you to save on taxi fare.

Feature photo: Jill Carlson

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Complete List of Cozumel Taxi Rates From the Cruise Port


  1. Hi me and my family of 12 people 9 adults & 3 children we will be traveling to Mr.Sancho’s how much should we expect to be paying? I also wondered is the price set is that to travel there and back at $17 or $23 or $34 or do we have to add them 2 times then have to pay double for back and forth and end up paying $34 or $46 or $68?

  2. I have been stiffed so many times by taxi drivers. Last time charged $31 dollars from port to Paradise. It was posted $21. Got on cab with others and we both got charged same base gate that was posted. I don’t know how to get out of paying the erroneous charges!

  3. When we were in Cozumel in January, we took a taxi from the Mega store in downtown to a restaurant (Pescaderia San Carlos) and I’m fairly sure that we were only charged $4 for the ride. So if you can get outside of the pier, you will probably pay less. Not sure how well that will work at the International Pier. We were docked at the Punta Langosta pier so we walked to downtown.

  4. Yep – and here’s what we ran into: we, and another couple got into the cab. We all went to Paradise Beach Resort. Cabbie could see we didn’t know each other, and charged us EACH the $12 dollar 1-4 passenger rate. He got $24 for that 5 minute trip. SO – make nice with the people your standing in line with. Chances are you’ll get into the same cab and if you’re “old friends” going to the same place, the 4 of you will split that $12 rate, and not be charged double.

    • Thanks for the comment. It definitely helps to share a cab and we also highly recommend taking your own picture of the fares to be able to show that the rate is $12 for 1-4 passengers.


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