Complete List of Cozumel Taxi Rates

Sailing to Cozumel on your cruise? Chances are that you’ll be using a taxi at one point or another. While the main cruise piers are near the main city, it’s still too far to walk unless you’re in pretty good shape.

And if you want to go to many of the attractions or resorts on the island like Mr. Sanchos, Chankanaab, or Nachi Cocom, then you’re definitely going to need a cab. They are too far to walk.

To make things easy on cruise passengers unfamiliar with the area, Cozumel offers set rates from the cruise pier to the tourist areas on the island. This makes it simple to know how much you should pay and keeps you from getting fleeced by a taxi driver. You can find rate tables displayed near the taxi pickup area as you leave the port.

Rates are set for three groups: 1-4 passengers, 5 passengers, and 6-8 passengers. So if you are traveling with two people, you will pay the 1-4 passenger rate shown below. — NOT double the rate.

That said, our opinion is that the rates shown are still too high. For instance, a ride to Chankanaab takes roughly five minutes, but costs $12 for 1-4 passengers. That’s simply the price you pay for being a tourist.

Cozumel Taxi Fares From Cruise Pier

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Taxi fares from the cruise terminal in Cozumel, Mexico

Note that rates are in U.S. dollars. A small tip (10-15%) is considered polite. Credit cards are not accepted. You’ll need to bring cash.

Feature photo: Jill Carlson

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