Galveston Cruise Parking Discounts, Coupons, and Promo Codes

Looking for a discount on cruise parking in Galveston? What about a promo code to save a few extra bucks? You’re in luck.

Galveston is by far the best port in the country when it comes to inexpensive cruise parking options. Because of the port’s location on the backside of island, there are several lots in the immediate area. The high amount of competition keeps rates low compared to other ports. Parking for a 7-day cruise can run as little as $90 — or about $12.50 per day.

But that’s before you add in any coupons. We’ve found some lots that can offer big discounts — up to $20 off a one-week cruise in some places, plus many ways to qualify for 10% off the total bill.

Common Ways to Save Money on Galveston Cruise Parking 

Galveston cruise parking shuttle

With a little effort, you can save decent chunk of change off parking. In general, you’ll find the following ways that lots around Galveston offer savings:

Park & Walk Discounts
Independent parking lots are charged by the port for access to drop off passengers. That means each shuttle to the port costs the parking lot money. If you’re willing to walk, some lots offer lower prices for your parking.

Discount/Promo Codes & Offers
Some parking lots have discounts for people like military and first responders. As well, others offer up promotional codes that can help you save $5-10 off the cost of parking.

Loyalty Programs
A few lots, including the port’s official parking, offer loyalty programs. For each dollar you spend, you earn a point. Then you can redeem 10 points for $1 off your parking. So if you earn 500 points, then that’s $50 off parking. (The port gives you 50 points just for signing up.) These programs are slower than instant discounts, but can save you a lot over time.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best ways for you to save money on Galveston cruise parking by covering the coupons and discounts available for each lot that offers something to passengers.

Official Port of Galveston Parking Lot Discounts

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Loyalty Program: The Port of Galveston offers a loyalty program that can help you save. Signing up alone gets you 50 points in credit to start, and then you get one point of credit for every dollar spent on parking. You can then redeem 10 points for $1 off the price of parking. 

Disabled Veteran/Purple Heart Discount: If you’re a disabled veteran, then the port offers a 15% discount. You will need to provide documents to prove your status. 

Discount Code: The Port of Galveston occasionally sends emails with parking discount codes that are good for a limited time. At the time of this writing, two codes “LOVE2CRUISE23” (for $10 off any reservation) and “INDOORPARKING” ($20 off garage parking at Terminal 10) were available. These codes change regularly, so you’ll want to sign up for the port’s email list to get the latest discounts.

Patriot Cruise Parking Discounts

Discount Code: Formerly Falstaff Cruise Parking, this lot is now Patriot Cruise Parking. It offers a lot that’s a little less than a mile away from the cruise terminals and has indoor and outdoor parking. We called the parking lot and were offered the promo code “TRACY” for a 10% discount. If that doesn’t work, we suggest giving a call and seeing if there is a code available.

Loyalty Program: The parking lot also offers a loyalty program. For every dollar you spend, you earn a point. These can be redeemed for $20 off parking at 200 points. As well, you get a 10% discount off parking just for signing up.

Lighthouse Parking Discounts

Discount Code: Lighthouse Parking offers discounts codes on their website that can save you money off regular rates. Recent discounts were $10 off covered parking and $5 off uncovered parking. You can view the current codes here.

Disabled Veteran Discount: If you are a disabled veteran, then Lighthouse Parking offers a $20 discount off an uncovered spot. Note that the website says this discount is only available at the gate and not reservable online ahead of time. You’ll need to show some sort of proof of your DV status as well.

Port Parking Discounts

Loyalty Program: Port Parking offers a loyalty program that can help you save money on parking over the long term. With the program, you instantly earn 10% off just for signing up.

From there, you earn one point for every dollar spent. So if you pay $100 for parking, you earn 100 points. For every 10 points earned, you can get $1 off parking. The parking lot does require 200 points to be earned before redeeming.

EZ Cruise Parking Discounts

EZ cruise parking Galveston discount

Park & Walk Discount: Many people take a shuttle from the parking lot to the cruise port. But it’s not a far walk (about five minutes), and if you choose to walk instead of get a ride, then the cost of parking is $20 less on a 7-day cruise. You just select the “Park & Walk” option when booking.

Discount Code: An easy way to save $5-$10 is to sign-up for EZ Cruise Parking’s email list. You can find the box to sign-up at the bottom of the website. Then approximately once a month you’ll be sent a newsletter with a discount code.

Loyalty Program: EZ Cruise Parking offers a loyalty program that can help you save money on parking. First, you receive a 10% discount off parking immediately for signing up.

With the program, you earn one point for every dollar spent. So if you pay $100 for parking, you earn 100 points. For every 10 points earned, you can get $1 off parking. The parking lot does require 400 points to be earned before redeeming.

Military Discount: Are you in the military? If so, then you can earn a 10% discount.  The special rate also includes veterans.

Galveston Hotels with Cruise Parking

If you are planning to stay in Galveston before or after your cruise, then see our list of hotels offering free or discounted cruise parking to save even more. These deals allow you to park at the hotel as long as you stay at least one night with them before or after your cruise. Sometimes parking is free of charge. Other times it might be a discounted rate.

Know of any other cruise parking coupons, discounts, or promo codes? Tell us about them in the comments.

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    • EZ Cruise Parking has code “September2023” available now for $10 off. I believe you can use it to reserve parking for future dates.

  1. HI –

    do any of the ports in Galveston offer a Veteran’s Discount? (this would bee for a 7 day cruise in Feb 2024

  2. Are there any coupons for a 5 day cruise on Adventure of the Seas leaving April 17-22, 2023 on the Port of Galveston Express Lot next to the terminal?? Would love a coupon on the parking closest to the terminal for my 5 day cruise!! Please let me know. thanks!!

    • Right now the port has this offer:

      “Save $5 on a reservation at ANY Port of Galveston cruise parking lot using promo code APRILSAVINGS23. Discount good through April 30 on any future reservation.”


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