Hotels With Cruise Shuttles For Every Major Port in America

Are you flying in for your cruise? Or maybe you plan on driving in and leaving your car at a park and cruise hotel? No matter how you plan to get to the port area, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and get there at least the day before your cruise departs. This way, if there are any setbacks or delays you still have plenty of time before the ship leaves.

Of course, if you are staying in a hotel then you still need to find a way to get to the port come cruise day. For this, it helps to pick the right hotel.

You can always use a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft, or take a taxi to the port. However, that can be pricey depending on where you stay. Wouldn’t it simply be more convenient if the hotel you stay offered a shuttle to the cruise port instead?

Thankfully, many hotels located near popular cruise ports go out of their way to appeal to guests taking cruises. One such way is offering “park & cruise” packages that allow you to park your car while you take your trip in return for just a one night’s stay (you can see park & cruise hotels for every major port here).

Another way they appeal to cruisers is offering shuttles between the hotel and the cruise port. In other words, if you stay the night at the hotel before your cruise, they will help you get to the ship on cruise day. Sometimes there might be a small charge for the service, but often it is free.

Below, we’ve found a number of hotels with shuttles to the cruise terminals for major ports across the country. Simply click below to see some of your options in that city.


Coming a long way from when it began welcoming cruise ships about 20 years ago, today Galveston is one of the busiest cruise ports outside of Florida. And with the nearest major airport about 45 minutes away, many people choose to stay on the island instead of rushing from the airport to the cruise port. Galveston offers a number of shuttle options to the port. See Galveston’s hotels with cruise port shuttles here.


When it comes to cruising, no port in the world tops Miami. It serves millions of passengers each year and is the jumping off point for cruises to every port in the Caribbean and Bahamas. Of course, it also has an active hotel scene that caters to cruise passengers — including shuttle services to the busy port. See Miami’s hotels with cruise port shuttles here.

New Orleans

Perhaps no other city is more inviting to stay in before a cruise than New Orleans. From history to culture to food to partying, there is something for everybody. And with the cruise port right near the main tourist areas, it’s convenient for many hotels to offer a quick shuttle as a perk. See New Orleans’ hotels with cruise port shuttles here.

Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is the closest port to Orlando and Disney World, meaning that many people arrive early (or stay after their cruise) to enjoy all the things to do in the area. However, the port is still about 45 minutes from Orlando, meaning that a hotel is a good idea for many people sailing from the area. See Port Canaveral’s hotels with cruise port shuttles here.

Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)

Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale is like a sister port to the Port of Miami. Both are major players in the South Florida cruising industry… not to mention the world. And in a tourist destination that revolves around the beach and the port you can expect hotels that cater to the needs of tourists — especially cruise passengers. That’s why a number of hotels in the area offer shuttles to the port. See Port Everglades’ hotels with cruise port shuttles here.


Seattle as a major cruise port? It seems unlikely, but the rise in popularity of Alaskan cruises has meant that the city has become a major summer cruise port. There are two major piers in Seattle — one located downtown and another just north of there. No matter which port you sail from, there are hotels will to offer a shuttle ride to get you on your ship, usually as part of a package. See Seattle’s hotels with cruise port shuttles here.


Tampa may not be the first port when you think of cruising from Florida, but it certainly punches above its weight. From Tampa you can cruise everywhere from Cozumel to Havana and points in between. Meanwhile, many cruise passengers like that they can cruise from Tampa without the headaches or traffic you see when sailing from larger ports elsewhere in the area. See Tampa’s hotels with cruise port shuttles here.

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Hotels With Cruise Shuttles For Every Major Port in America


  1. I am currently looking for a motel in Rome that has shuttle to the cruise port. Any suggestions from someone who has flown in Leonardo da Vinci airport and then left on cruise next day?

    • No way. It is at least one hour from the city. Best bet is using the train system which takes you within walking distance to the port.

  2. I am in need of a one night hotel stay with free parking and shuttle service to and from the hotel in October. I am leaving out of Norfolk, Va. This is a fairly new cruise terminal and I can’t find option on the web. Please help, Terry.

    • Hotel Maya (hilton) is right at cruise port they free shuttle to drop off. you can walk to it but dragging luggage would be pain. They also have this free shuttle outside the door takes you around town and also takes you to the shopping and restaurants across the water. The hotel has evening entertainment at the pool. Rooms are spotless won’t regret it….


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