The Top 11 Shore Excursions From Cozumel

Cozumel is by far one of the most popular destinations in cruising. Not only does it offer two large piers that can accommodate multiple cruise ships each day, but passengers also seem to love the port, according to our recent survey results.

And what’s not to love about a tropical island set right in the middle of turquoise-blue water? Plus, whether you want to eat great food, relax on the beach, or experience adventure sports like diving, fishing, or off-roading, Cozumel has you covered.

In fact, there are so many thing you can do on the island that it can be downright overwhelming. It’s not unusual to have 50-60 options in the shore excursions offered by your cruise line. That said, there are definitely some tours that are better than others.

To help narrow down the list, we’ve rounded up what we think are some of the most interesting excursions you can take in Cozumel. These represents just a fraction of the things you can do during your trip, but definitely highlight some great options.

We’ve also included links to book your trip with Viator, part of the well-known family. This way, no matter which cruise line you sail you can book through Viator and go on the excursion, even if your cruise line doesn’t offer it. (Note: You can also check your specific cruise line to see what excursions they offer in Cozumel.

Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Cozumel Atlantis sub

Great for those people who want to see the beauty of Cozumel’s water and aquatic life without having to get wet. This submarine gives you an underwater view (up to 100 feet deep) of the island’s protected wildlife park Chankanaab. The excursion takes about two hours, including a 40-minute sub ride. One reviewer raved, “Wow…..all we can say was this was definitely worth the money to take this tour. If you are not a diver, taking this submarine down to the reef was just an amazing way to see the ocean life down below.”

$105 per person | Click here for more information

Dive & Drive Cozumel Adventure

Always wanted to dive but you aren’t certified? Here’s your chance. This unique tour is great for first-time divers as it includes initial dive training, followed by a shallow water dive alongside a pro dive instructor. But this tour is way more than just diving. It also includes an island tour in your own four-seater VW Beetle convertible. There is no more unique way to explore the island on a tour than driving one of these classics. Tour takes about five hours, so it fits in perfectly with the cruise schedule, allowing you some time afterward to shop or relax on the beach.

$109 per person | Click here for more information

Cozumel Food Tour

Cozumel food tour

If you are into food, then take advantage of Cozumel’s great restaurant offerings. This three-hour tour will take you to five different restaurants on the island. We like that they also hit home-cooked food in a concina economica, a traditional family-run restaurant. And with only only eight people allowed on a tour, you aren’t going to be shuffling along with some massive group. You’ll get a chance to really experience the best of what the island has to offer.

$80 per person | Click here for more information

ATV Jungle and Snorkel Combo

Cozumel ATV tour

When you see Cozumel, you may not realize that much of the island is still covered in mysterious jungle. This tour will give you the best way to explore that jungle — you own four-wheel ATV. During your jungle ride you will be taken to Mayan ruins on the island, followed by a swim in a natural cenote. Finally, you’ll finish the day at the Dzul Ha Beach Club where you can hang out on the beach, swim, snorkel, and eat some lunch before heading back to town after your four-hour tour.

$80 per person | Click here for more information

Cozumel Snorkeling Tour

Snorkeling is a major reason to visit Cozumel and if you want to hit the best spots in one day, then this tour is for you. Over the span of about four hours you will hit for different reefs around the island, including the Palancar, Columbia and El Cielo reefs. And because the reefs are active with wildlife, expect to see colorful fish, rays, and even turtles. After your tour, you’ll have access to a beach club to relax before you head back to the ship.

$55 per person | Click here for more information

Personal Sub Dive Tour

Personal submarines

Imagine flying around underwater in your own personal submarine. This isn’t science fiction. These personal submarines glide along under the waves, giving you the experience of a free dive while having plenty of air and freedom of movement. While the tour only last about an hour, you’ll be talking about it for years.

$80 per person | Click here for more information

Tulum Tour

Apart from Chichen Itza, no Mayan ruins are more famous than Tulum’s cliffside city. This six-hour tour will take you from Cozumel to the mainland, then head south to the ruins. Once there, you’ll have a fully guided tour with ample time to explore this “lost” city and take plenty of photos. Tour includes lunch and the ferry back and forth from Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. For $75 per person, we consider this one of the best values for excursions.

$75 per person | Click here for more information

Extreme Off-Road Adventure


There’s taking a trip down a well-worn path… and then there is blazing down that path in an all-terrain buggy like you will on this excursion. Drive your own Xrail car, making your way through the jungle. Expect to get muddy! This tour takes you to Jade Caverns where you can explore some of the local geological scenery, as well as take a dip in the (fresh) water. As one tourist put it, “We had a fun ride, got absolutely covered in mud, held alligators, checked out an old Mayan cave, swam in a freshwater cavern, and swam in a bat cave.” Count us in.

$80 per person | Click here for more information

Amazing Race Tour

Are you a fan of the Amazing Race television show, where contestants have to explore a foreign place, solve puzzles, and embrace the local culture in challenges? Cozumel has it’s own version, where you and your team will not only compete, but also get a chance to see some of the island’s best sights. The race takes about 4.5 hours and gives a prize to the winner.

$79 per person | Click here for more information

Self-Drive Buggy Tour

Road buggy

Want to drive, but don’t want to go off-road? Check out this self-driving buggy tour. Drive your own personal buggy around the island, check out Mayan ruins, go snorkeling, and swim in a resort pool — all on a single tour. This five-hour tour is the perfect way to spend your day in port, allowing you to pack a lot of fun into a short window of time. Just keep in mind that your buggy is a manual, so be prepared to shift some gears!

$85 per person | Click here for more information

Jose Cuervo Tequila & Chocolate Tasting

What trip to Mexico is complete without a little tequila? Enjoy this tequila tasting, learn how to make the perfect margarita, sample area chocolate and even make your own chocolate bar. This is a great option who want to enjoy the culture of the Yucatan without heading into the water or going on adventure excursions.

$85 per person | Click here for more information

Note: The links above are affiliate links to Viator. If you decide to book your excursion though one of these links, we receive a small commission.

Have a favorite excursion you’ve taken in Cozumel? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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