8 Top Cozumel Hotels & Beaches With Day Passes for Cruise Passengers

Without a doubt, Cozumel is among the busiest cruise ports in the Caribbean. If you’re going on a cruise — no matter if you depart anywhere from Florida to Texas — the chances are high that you’re going to make a stop at the Mexican port. Each year millions of cruise passengers visit.

Cozumel beach clubs like Anemona de Mar give you a spot to enjoy the beach during your cruise while also offering up comforts like loungers and umbrellas, food, drinks, and activities.

There’s good reason that Cozumel is such a popular port. From shopping to clear blue water to fantastic restaurants to white sand beaches, it has something for everyone.

In fact, there are so many things available to enjoy that you might be wondering what you should do while in port. While there is tons to experience on the island, one of the most popular activities is a simple day pass to one of the hotels or resorts on Cozumel.

These day passes give you access to the facilities, meaning manicured beaches, lounge chairs, pools, showers, and more. In addition, they usually come with food and drinks included.

Many people love day passes because it gives you a chance to relax, sip an umbrella drink, and hang out in a tropical paradise while having someone cater to your every whim. What’s not to like?

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular Cozumel hotels and resorts with day passes, including details like price, what’s included, and more.

One tip: If you plan to visit, it’s a good idea to book ahead of time. Some spots fill up, especially if there are multiple ships in port during your visit.

El Cid La Ceiba Beach

If you want a resort close to the cruise pier, it doesn’t get any closer than this. The spot sit just north of the International cruise terminal, where Royal Caribbean ships most commonly dock. In fact, from the beach the cruise ships seemingly cast a shadow over the resort.

With the day pass you have access to all the facilities, including lounge chairs, pool, towels, wi-fi, and even snorkel equipment. In addition, unlimited meals and beverages are included.

One thing to keep in mind is that in this area of the island, the shoreline is rocky, but there is water access.  

Allegro Cozumel

Allegro Cozumel is a resort located about eight miles south of the cruise pier, so you’ll need to catch a cab. What’s nice is that it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the port, so things are a lot quieter and calmer, and there is a beautiful stretch of beach with white sand to enjoy.

The day pass at Allegro includes open bar as well as buffet, snacks and other drinks. You can also enjoy the pool, beach, sun chairs, showers, restrooms, and non-motorized sports like kayaking and sail boats. Allegro also has a small water park for kids.

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

When it comes to Cozumel’s most popular day pass resorts, Mr. Sanchos takes top billing among cruise passengers. In fact, you’ll likely see a number of people from your ship at the club. It’s located on the southwest side of the island, where there are long stretches (1,500 feet) of white beaches.

The resort features everything — nice beaches, all you can eat food and drink (some alcohol included), lounge chairs, pools, lockers, and shaded hammocks. Other activities like an inflatable aquatic park, parasailing and jet-skiing are available for an extra charge. There are also massages you can book.

Playa Mia Beach & Water Park

Located just north of Mr. Sanchos, Playa Mia is another beach resort taking advantage of the beautiful beaches on this part of the island. It is a little different from other resorts with day passes in that they offer a lot of options from a bare-bones ticket that doesn’t include food/drink to a full experience with all-you-can-drink, eat, and port transportation.

The park features a beautiful beach, lounge chairs, pools, a full kid’s waterpark, waterslides, a floating waterpark, snorkeling, volleyball, and more.

Upgrade your ticket and you can access things like the buffet and bar. Add-on rentals like parasailing and jet-skis are also available.

Whether you are wanting to just enjoy some quiet family time together, or have tons of things to do, Playa Mia has it all. It’s especially good for families with kids.

Paradise Beach Club Cozumel

Another popular beach spot for cruise passengers visiting Cozumel, Paradise Beach offers anything you could want for a day on the island. It features a large heated pool, an inflatable water park that kids will love, beachy bar with swings, and plenty of food and drink.

Of course, the highlight is the wide beach that slopes gently to the electric blue water, where you should have no trouble finding a lounger. It’s just down from the San Francisco Beach Club mentioned below, but offers significantly more (although for a higher price).

San Francisco Beach Club

Looking for the least expensive option on our list? That would be the San Francisco Beach Club, located about 10 minutes south of the cruise piers. The charge is $20 per person, and that includes umbrellas, lounger, pool access, wi-fi, snorkel gear and more. There are also showers and bathrooms for you to use.

If you’re hungry or thirsty, food and drink isn’t included in the price, but there is bar and restaurant options available. You can also book a ticket that includes these items. There are also other add-ons like snorkel tours and jet skis.

Playa Palancar

This spot is a little different than most of the other spots on our list. First, it’s a bit more secluded from the rest of the spots, sitting in its own little area of the beach. Given it’s a distance from other hotels and beach clubs, everyone here is visiting Playa Palancar.

Second, there’s not a day pass here. Instead, entrance is free and there is a charge for other amenities. Expect to pay $10 for chairs with umbrellas, and then you’ll also pay out of pocket for food and drink. Everything from massages to towel rental are also available, as well as snorkeling, jet skis and more.

Nachi Cocom

Nachi Cocom is one that you’ll need to book ahead of time if you plan to go. According to its website, the spot is limited to just 130 guests per day. That means it fills up fast and if you’re wanting a place with loud music and lots of partying, this isn’t it.

With its all-inclusive packages, you can get not just food and drink provided, but also beach access with chairs and palapas, swimming pool, hot tub, beach bar, hammocks, showers, wi-fi, and more.

In all, it’s a more quiet and secluded experience than what you might find at other beach clubs on the list. 

Anemona de Mar

What about a beach club inside of an ecological park? That’s exactly what you’ll find with Anemona de Mar Beach Club. It’s about 40 minutes from the cruise terminals on the southern part of Cozumel, sitting inside the bounds of Punta Sur, a protected park.

As you’d expect given the location, it’s a bit quieter and more laid back. So if you’re wanting a party, that’s not the case here. Instead, picture a more relaxing vibe. You’ll likely spend a lot of time on a daybed under an umbrella. There’s also a restaurant, facilities, massages, and more. 

To visit you’ll want a day pass, which includes access to the beach club and park, as well as guacamole, tequila tasting, and snorkel equipment. There is also restaurant/bar where you can order something to eat or drink.

Don’t Forget Taxi Fare/Transportation!

If you do book one of these day pass options, one thing you’ll want to be sure to include in your budget is the taxi fare. Taxis are everywhere around Cozumel and can take you to any of the beach clubs on the island… but it can get pricey. 

Rates are listed by destination at the port (see the current fares here) and run around $15-20 each way for 1-4 people. There are extra charges for more passengers. This can add an additional $40 or more to your day.

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