12 Cheap 2022 Alaskan Cruises (Starting at Just $339)

During the past few years, interest in sailing to Alaska has soared. It’s not hard to see why.

Alaska is known at the last frontier, and like any frontier, it can be difficult to traverse. With a limited amount of roads and other transportation, the easiest way to get around the picturesque coastline is via boat or plane. Luckily, that’s also the best way to view the natural scenery.

And as word spreads about the beauty of taking an Alaskan cruise — and as the cruise industry grows in general — more and more people are considering taking a trip.

The good news is that with increased interest in cruises to the region, cruise lines are sailing more ships to Alaska. Today, there is a staggering amount of Alaskan cruises to choose from across every budget, cruise line, and itinerary.

If you’re looking for cheap Alaskan cruises, however, then you need to be prepared to shop around. Trips to this area are seasonal — sailing from May through September. Since there is only a limited window of time to cruise, prices are considerably higher than similar Caribbean cruises you might be familiar with. As well, prices change frequently.

Below, we highlight some of the cheapest 2022 Alaskan cruises. The prices for these trips start at just $339 per person. But before we get too far, here are some tips on how to find the most affordable trips to this region…

How to Find the Cheapest Alaskan Cruise Deals (Best Deals Below)

Sail Early in the Season
The Alaskan cruising season is short — usually only five months long. Running from May through September, your opportunities to sail are limited, although there are a number of ships sailing at any given time.

If you want to save the most, look for cruises that sail in May. These trips early in the season are before the busier summer travel season. That means the pool of available passengers is smaller. In order to fill the ships, cruise lines slash prices. A cruise departing in May can be hundreds of dollars less than the same trip leaving in July.

Sail Late in the Season
Didn’t we just say to sail early in the season to save? Well, the same logic applies to sailing late. If you can wait until September, cruise fares to Alaska are much cheaper. With school back in session, the summer season largely over, and the bulk of the sailing season already past, you can find deals that are hundreds of dollars less than sailing just a few weeks earlier.

Sail One-Way or from Different Ports
Most cruises sail round-trip, departing ports like Vancouver or Seattle. But if you look around, you can find one-way trips or that that depart from one port and let passengers off in another (such as departing Vancouver and returning to Seattle). Since these cruises are less convenient for most passengers, they tend to be cheaper.

Search an Aggregator Website
It only makes sense that if you go to a specific cruise line’s website to search for cruises, they will only show you their sailings. But every major cruise line sails Alaska. That’s why we suggest going to a site that searches across all cruise lines to search for deals.

Sites like AvoyaTravel.com or Orbitz allow you to search by cruise lines, destination, dates, and more to find the trip that matches your schedule and budget.

With all of these tips in mind, here are the cheapest Alaskan cruises for 2022. Note that prices may change depending on when you book.

Cheap 2022 Alaskan Cruises (One-Way/Alternate Ports)

Ship docked

As we mentioned above, cruises that are one-way journeys mean you will need to find transportation back from the endpoint of the cruise (usually with a return cruise). Still, you can save a ton. Below, we’ve listed some of the cheapest one-way Alaskan cruises we’ve found.

4-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver to Seattle aboard Discovery Princess
Date: May 4, 2022
Price: $339 per person

If you simply want to sail as cheap as possible, it’s tough to beat this cruise. In fact, it was the least expensive trip that we found. For one, it’s shorter than usual at just four nights. It also departs early in the season and sails from Vancouver but ends in Seattle.

During the trip aboard the Princess ship, you’ll sail to just one port — Ketchikan, Alaska — before making your way to Seattle. Still, if budget or having a shorter cruise is a big factor to you, then this trip at just $339 per person may be the ticket.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver to Seward aboard Radiance of the Seas
Date: May 6, 2022
Price: $498 per person

This seven-night Alaskan cruise cruise for just $498 is a steal. It’s not unusual to find prices that are double the amount for a trip like this. One reason it is so cheap is that it is a one-way trip that begins in Vancouver and sails one way to Seward, Alaska. Since it doesn’t return, this gives you more time to enjoy the sights and more days in port.

You can choose your own way back, but the return trip on this ship departing Seward and returning to Vancouver is available for $464 per person.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver to Seward aboard Celebrity Millennium
Date: September 2, 2022
Price: $569 per person

Another one-way trip from Vancouver to Alaska, this trip costs $569 and leaves in early September. The cruise is aboard Celebrity Millennium, making it ideal for those wanting a more luxurious experience. It’s among the cheapest trips to Alaska you’ll find, and stops in Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, and more. The return trip starts at $569 per person as well. Combined, that’s about $1,200 in cruise fare for a two-week Alaskan trip. That’s not bad at all.

Cheap 2022 Alaskan Cruises (Round Trip)

Alaskan cruise ship

While one-way cruises will offer the cheaper fares in most cases, they can get pricey when you consider that you also need to figure out different transportation arrangements. The following cruises are all round trip from a single port.

5-Night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle aboard Norwegian Spirit
Date: July 13, 2022
Price: $531 per person

Traditionally, Alaskan cruises are pricier than their Caribbean counterparts. Some of that is because it’s hard to sail to Alaska and back in less than a week, meaning that shorter (and less expensive) cruises usually aren’t available. This cruise bucks that trend.

Sailing round trip from Seattle, this five-night sailing goes to Ketchikan, Alaska and Victoria, Canada before returning home. At just $531 per person, it’s an inexpensive way to experience Alaska. What’s even more special is that this cruise departs in the middle of July, which is normally the most expensive time to sail.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver aboard Serenade of the Seas
Date: September 11, 2022
Price: $499 per person

For round trips aboard Royal Caribbean, this was the cheapest offer we found. And at less than $500 for a cruise to Alaska, it’s a great deal. Just know that taxes, port fees, and gratuities will add considerably to your total. 

This cruise is aboard Serenade of the Seas, departing late in the season. You’ll sail from Vancouver through the Inside Passage, to Icy Strait Point, Juneau, and more before returning back to home. It’s a complete Alaskan cruise experience for hundreds less than you’ll pay during peak seas.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle aboard Celebrity Solstice
Date: May 6, 2022
Price: $719 per person

Celebrity is known for its higher-end experience, which commonly means more expensive cruises. So while we wouldn’t call this $719 cruise “cheap,” it is a pretty good deal.  

You’ll sail from Seattle to Ketchikan, Endicott Arm, Juneau, and Skagway before heading back to Vancouver and then returning home. Considering that Alaska is commonly a “bucket list” trip for many people, crossing it off your list on a higher-end line like Celebrity would likely add to the experience. 

16-Night Alaska/Japan/Russia Cruise from Seattle aboard Norwegian Sun
Date: October 11, 2022
Price: $1,511 per person

During the height of the Alaskan cruise season, it’s not unusual to find trips that run for a week and start at a cost more than $1,000. Instead, for just a little more you can literally get a trip of a lifetime.

This cruise is definitely unusual. It sails from Seattle to Ketchikan, Juneau, and Seward, Alaska. From there, instead of turning around and coming home, it heads to Petropavlovsk, Russia; Hakodate, Japan; and Tokyo. In all, the trip takes 16 nights and takes you to places most people only dream about visiting. Just keep in mind that while you get a great deal on the cruise, you will have to figure out a flight home from Tokyo.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle aboard Quantum of the Seas
Date: September 12, 2022
Price: $564 per person

This trip aboard Quantum of the Seas emphasizes just how much a difference the timing of your cruise can make to what you pay. The trip departing in mid-September comes in at just $564 per person for an interior cabin. If instead you sailed in mid-June, the exact same trip costs $964. So you save literally hundreds by sailing a little later in the year.

As for the specifics, this trip departs Seattle, heading to Sitka, Skagway, Juneau, and Victoria, British Columbia before returning back to the United States. It’s also aboard one of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class vessels, giving you the latest and greatest features onboard.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle aboard Quantum of the Seas
Date: August 29, 2022
Price: $614 per person

Didn’t we just list an Alaskan cruise aboard Quantum of the Seas? And for even less money? Here’s why this trip is special. 

Prices for Alaskan sailings jump in June, July and August. If you want to sail during these months, expect to pay more. Still, you don’t have spend a fortune. This trip aboard Quantum of the Seas runs $624 per person for an interior cabin. That makes it among the cheapest 7-day round trip Alaskan cruise we could find during the peak summer months.

On the cruise you’ll sail from Seattle to Ketchikan, Sitka, Dawes Glacier, and Juneau, before having a quick stop in Victoria, BC. It’s a classic itinerary, but under $650 at a time when many trips are hundreds per person more.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Vancouver aboard Noordam
Date: May 8, 2022
Price: $649 per person

For years, Holland America has been a big player in Alaskan cruises. The cruise line has several ships that sail each year, with routes offered from both Seattle and Vancouver.

This trip aboard the Noordam is just $649 for an early May departure. Depart Vancouver and you’ll take the Inside Passage up to Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan before returning. It’s a classic Alaskan cruise on a luxury line for those that are looking for something more high-end in their vacation.

7-Night Alaskan Cruise from Seattle aboard Carnival Freedom
Date: September 13, 2022
Price: $649 per person

Carnival is one of the most beloved lines in America, and also is known for offering budget cruises. It does sail Alaska, from both Seattle and San Francisco.

This sailing aboard the Freedom is the least expensive we found on Carnival to Alaska. For just $649 per person, you’ll get what you love from the cruise line (including Guy’s Burger Joint) as you sail Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan and other ports.

If you’re a Carnival fan, this is among your best deals for a trip on the line the northern frontier.

10-Night Alaskan Cruise from San Francisco aboard Carnival Miracle
Date: September 5, 2022
Price: $949 per person

One of the unique things about Carnival is that instead of just the traditional 7-day cruise to Alaska from Seattle, they also have 10-day cruises from San Francisco. To be sure, that’s a long time for most people to be able to sail, but also gives you more time on vacation.

This cruise will run less than $100 per person, per day in cruise fare. It stops in Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, and Victoria, along with several days at sea to enjoy the ship. 

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  1. Been on 6 Cruises on board the USS Nimitz and almost a Dozen Cruises with the Family.
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    • We’re not sure of every ship, but if you search you will find some. For example, Norwegian Joy sails from Seattle on October 6, debarks in Los Angeles on October 11, and then sails on a 16-day trip from LA to Miami. For more, look at the ships sailing from Alaska and see what their schedules are in September and October (when the Alaskan season ends and the ships move on).


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