Seattle Cruise Parking (Where to Park): Prices, Profiles, & Map

If you’re taking a cruise from Seattle, the best option is to have someone drop you off at the port. It’s faster, cheaper, and more convenient than having to park. We know, however, that’s not an option for everyone and thousands of people drive to the port every week.

That means you’ll need a place to park your car. With the cruise ports located near downtown Seattle, there aren’t many parking options for you to choose from. (Seattle park & cruise hotels do offer more choices.)

The lack of competition combined with expensive real estate mean that parking prices are some of the highest in the country. For example, you can spend $26 per day for Seattle cruise parking. That’s more expensive than popular ports like Miami, Port Canaveral, and others.

Still you do have some options to choose from, including traditional lots located near the port, Seattle hotels with free parking, and airport parking.

Map of Seattle Parking Lots

The map below shows the traditional parking lots near cruise terminal. Below, we have more details on each option.

Official Port Parking

Republic Parking Northwest
This is the main parking service for the port and the one linked to by the port’s official website. Republic Parking Northwest offers two different parking areas. It has a large lot across the Magnolia Bridge from Pier 91 and a parking garage across Alaskan Way from Pier 66.

Parking costs $23 per day at Pier 66 for regular cars & trucks under 6’6″. Oversized vehicles cost $27 per day, but will have to park at the Pier 91 parking lot. RV parking costs $40 per day and is also at Pier 91.

Seattle cruise parking lots

Parking costs $27 per day for regular cars/trucks at Pier 91. We’re not sure why there is a such a price difference, but it is considerable. There is no extra charge for oversized vehicles.

Both lots offer 24/7 patrolling security and free shuttle service for you and your bags to the port. Prepay online to earn a $1 per day discount on your parking.

Cost: $23 | $27 per day (Pier 66 | Pier 91)

Independent Lots

Seattle CruisePark
This lot is located just slightly north of Pier 91, within the confines of a National Guard armory base. Despite its location near this cruise terminal, it serves as parking for both Pier 91 and Pier 66. It’s located about two miles from Pier 66.

Parking costs about $22.50 per day ($157 for a 7-day cruise). This makes it convenient in having one price no matter which cruise port you will sail from. There is also free shuttle that will drop you and your luggage off at the port of your choice. Space can be limited, so it’s suggested you make reservations online ahead of time.

If headed on a 14-day Alaskan cruise, this is one of your best options. The lot charges $200 for two weeks, or only about $14 per day. That’s a significant discount to parking at the port.

Cost: ~$22.50 per day

Airport Parking Lots for a Cruise

If you’re like us, you might be surprised at the extra expense of parking your car while you cruise, especially when airport parking is considerably cheaper. We’ve found several airport lots that charge as little as $6-8 per day.

It’s tempting to consider these lots as a way to save some cash, but keep in mind the distance between the airport and the cruise port. Any money saved on parking will likely be eaten up by the cost of commuting to your ship. For reference, a Lyft ride from the airport to the cruise port runs about $40 each way or $80 roundtrip.

Hotels with Cruise Parking

If you are staying in the area, contact your hotel to see if they will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise. Sometimes you can stay only a single night and be allowed to park for free — or at a discount — for the length of your trip. Fortunately, there are a number of hotels with parking packages, located both near the airport and near the cruise ports.

We have a full list of Seattle hotels with cruise parking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anywhere to park for free for my cruise?
Seattle is one of the hottest real estate markets and the ports also sit in a highly developed area. That means available space for parking is at a premium. The only way we know to find free parking is to stay at a hotel that will allow you to leave your car during your cruise. There are a number of hotels with cruise parking, but keep in mind that many will at least charge a small fee to park during your stay.

Are there parking discounts for disabled or veteran cruise passengers?
Ports in Florida and Texas often offer discounts to disabled passengers or veterans. Unfortunately, we have not seen this sort of discount offered in Seattle. It may come in the future but isn’t available now.

Is my car going to be secure? 
While there’s always risk in leaving your car unattended anywhere, the lots mentioned above have secured parking with security and/or fencing. We have not heard of passengers having issues with leaving their during their trips.

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