Transportation Options to the New Orleans Cruise Port

Are you flying into New Orleans for your cruise? Or maybe you simply don’t want to worry about driving and parking in the Big Easy.

No matter your reason, there are plenty of ways to get to the cruise terminal without driving your own car.

To get started, the cruise terminal is located near the center of the city, near downtown and the French Quarter. It is about 15 miles from the airport — a 25-minute ride.

Here is a map showing the cruise terminal in relation to the airport to give you an idea of the location:

Map of New Orleans and the cruise port

With a city that caters to tourists like New Orleans, you’d expect plenty of ways to get to your destination. That’s exactly the case, however, some ways are better than others.

Uber & Lyft

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are approved in New Orleans, offering a great alternative to taxis. We have a full write-up on the services here. Uber and Lyft are wonderful options for convenience and low prices.

That said, there are some rules around airports that can create some confusion. While both companies offer rides around the city, only Uber serves the airport. Lyft doesn’t offer service there yet.

UberX (the basic Uber service) has a minimum fare of $33 to or from the New Orleans airport. That rate should get you to the French Quarter, downtown, or the cruise port unless there is surge pricing in effect.

Keep in mind that this is a rate that doesn’t increase for up to four people, unlike taxi fares. Taxis have a flat rate of $36 for up to two people, or $15 per person for more three or more passengers. Thus, a family of four would expect to pay $33 using Uber to get to the port from the airport, versus $60 for a cab.

If you are already in the area (not the airport) and want a ride, you can use either Uber or Lyft. We’ve rounded up some estimated costs depending on where you are in the city.

Uber, Lyft, and taxi fares for New Orleans

Note: If you are a new Lyft rider, you can use this sign-up link to receive FREE ride credit for your first rides.

The bottom line is that depending on your level of service and the number of passengers, these services can be cheaper than taking a cab. Read more about Uber/Lyft here.


If you’re looking for simplicity, a taxi is a good bet. You don’t have to reserve ahead — just hop in and go. And given their reasonable flat rates from the airport, we think taxis are fairly economical if traveling with two or fewer people.

Taxi rates are $3.50 plus $2 per mile ($0.25 per one-eighth mile) thereafter. There is also an additional charge of $1 per passenger after the first passenger. However, taxis charge a flat fee to get to most places in the city from the airport (and vice versa). If catching a cab from there, expect to pay $36 to get to the cruise terminal for one or two people. If more than two people ride, the fare is then $15 per person. So for a family of four, expect to pay around $60 one way.

For this reason, we’d recommend sticking with Uber or Lyft to get to the New Orleans cruise port.

Cruise Line Shuttles

The cruise lines do offer shuttles from the airport to the cruise ship. However, the must be booked in advance. While some people opt for this service, we find it expensive and cumbersome. Instead of going when you’re ready (and at any time), the shuttles will wait for passengers and are shared vehicles.

Unless you are traveling solo, expect to pay more for a cruise line shuttle than a taxi. For example, Carnival charges $23.50 one-way ($47 round-trip) per person. So a family of four would pay $94 one-way to the cruise port.

If you’re still interested in learning more about cruise shuttles, simply click on your cruise line below:

Carnival | Norwegian

Independent Shuttles

There is a shuttle service that specializes in runs from the airport to the cruise terminal. Airport Shuttle New Orleans serves as the official ground transportation for the airport and can get you to any hotspot around the city. The shuttle charges a flat fee of $24 one-way to just about any destination and $44 for a round-trip ride.

While that is cheaper than the cruise line shuttle, it is still more expensive than a taxi. A family of four would pay $96 one-way.

Hotel Shuttles

If you are staying at a hotel in New Orleans, give them a call and see if they offer a shuttle to the port. Many hotels in the area cater to cruisers and offer free transportation as a perk. Your best bet is to try the hotels that offer cruise parking packages as these packages typically include transportation.

Reminder: If you are a new Lyft rider, you can use this sign-up link to receive FREE ride credit for your first rides.

Disclaimer: We receive a small commission from Lyft for new riders referred through the links above.

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  1. Do you have any suggestions on what to do with luggage if your airport arrival is 6 hours before cruise departure and you would like to explore the city?

    • We don’t know of any places specific to just holding bags for cruise passengers. However, there are tons of hotels. If you ask them they may be willing to store it at their bell desk for a small fee.


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