12 Cheap Summer Cruises for 2021

Nothing says summer like hitting the beach and getting some sun and water. And what better way to get to the beach this summer than with a cruise?

With a cruise, not only can you travel in style to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but you can also sample several different places while having your room, board, and entertainment taken care of on the ship.

The best news is that the cost of a cruise can be considerably cheaper than the cost of airfare and hotel in a Caribbean resort. Meanwhile, cruises are much less of a hassle to book than having to search and put together a trip on your own.

That said, there’s no doubt that the summer is one of the more expensive times to set sail. With kids out of school, demand from families leads to higher prices. The good news is there are still deals out there — including many cruises under $300 per person.

Below, we’ve rounded up a sampling of the cheapest summer cruises for 2021. But before listings those cruises, here are some pointers on finding cheap trips of your own during this time of year.

How to Find Cheap Summer Cruises

Norwegian Sun in Port

Searching for your own deal on a cruise, in addition to what we’ve found below? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Sail Late in the Summer for the Best Fares
As you’ll see below, the cheapest summer cruises are in August, and more specifically, late August. In general, the closer you can sail to September, the less you’ll pay for your cruise. And if you can wait until early September to take your summer cruise, you’ll get the best of both worlds — the cheapest prices while still having warm weather and water nearly everywhere in North America.

Why are cruises so much cheaper later in August? The late season sees a drop-off in demand for family vacations as many people have already done their travel for the season and are looking at the start of the back-to-school season.

Keep Trips Short for Lower Fares
You’ll notice that cruises longer than five days aren’t mentioned in our list below. Don’t think this means there aren’t deals available on longer trips. In fact, just like with shorter cruises there are some great deals — especially later in the summer season.

However, if you want to pay the absolutely lowest amount for a cruise, then it makes sense to stick with shorter trips. Sailings of 3-5 days can be found for less than $300, with even more options for under $500 per person. Longer trips, which mean more nights, more food, and more entertainment, are obviously more expensive on a total basis.

It Helps to Be Flexible With Ports
There are summer cruise deals all around the country, as you’ll see below. But if you are closest to Florida, you’ll have an advantage of being able to sail from several different ports including Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, and Miami.

In a different part of the country? Most people have a port within a few hours drive, if not closer. However, if you are able to travel to other ports for better deals, then you stand the best chance of getting a cheap summer cruise.

Search Across Multiple Websites at Once
Head to the cruise line’s website and you’ll get the prices… for that cruise line. Instead, to find the best deals we like to use sites like AvoyaTravel.com. These sites search all the cruise lines at once, giving you a chance to find deals that you might not find on a cruise line’s website.

Cheap 2021 Summer Cruises

Cruise ships in port in Cozumel

Note: This article contains links to our advertising partner AvoyaTravel.com. Prices listed are for one person in an interior cabin. Keep in mind that prices will vary and may not be the same as what’s listed below when you read this article.

4-Night Mexico Cruise from Long Beach (Carnival)
Date: August 30, 2021
Price: $249 per person

As a rule of thumb, if you can find a trip for under $100 per night during the summer, then you’ve likely found a good deal. This trip costs just $62 per night if you take a late August departure. Sailing from Long Beach, the trip takes you to Mexico on a four-night journey aboard the Carnival Inspiration. There are other dates available earlier in the summer that still come in under $100 per night, but this is the cheapest date we found.

4-Night Bahamas Cruise from Miami (Carnival)
Date: August 30, 2021
Price: $199 per person

As we mentioned, sailing in late summer is key to finding low fares. Sailing from Miami is also helpful because with so many ships sailing from there, it’s easier to find deals. This trip leaves in the late summer from Miami and costs only $199 for four nights. That’s dirt-cheap. It leaves aboard the Carnival Conquest with stops in Half Moon Cay (Carnival’s island) and Nassau, before returning home. If you’re looking for one last hurrah before the fall, this is among your cheapest options.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise from Miami (Carnival)
Date: August 23, 2021
Price: $239 per person

How abundant are the deals from Miami in August? Just like above, this trip departs on the Carnival Conquest. The only difference is that it’s a little bit more expensive (still just $239), leaves a few days earlier and heads to Key West and Cozumel. The good news is that if this trip doesn’t fit your schedule, there are a number of options available.

3-Night Bahamas Cruise from Miami (Royal Caribbean)
Date: August 27, 2021
Price: $330 per person

Not every cheap cruise is on Carnival, but they do dominate our list. Still, other cruise lines offer deals as well. This three-night trip aboard Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas takes you from Miami to Royal Caribbean’s private island — CocoCay — and Nassau before returning home. It’s short and simple but also fairly inexpensive if you’re looking for a quick getaway before heading back to school or work.

4-Night Bahamas Cruise from Jacksonville (Carnival)
Date: August 19, 2021
Price: $319 per person

Jacksonville doesn’t get near the headlines for cruises as ports farther south, but you can still find deals. This trip departs August 19 aboard the Carnival Ecstasy and costs less than $320 for a four-night cruise. It features two stops in the Bahamas — Freeport and Nassau — before returning home. One nice thing is the it leaves on a Thursday and arrives back in port on Monday morning. Sailing over the weekend, you don’t have to take as much time off of work to accommodate your schedule.

5-Night Caribbean Cruise from Mobile (Carnival)
Date: August 21, 2021
Price: $299 per person

Mobile didn’t even have a cruise ship operating from the port a few years ago, and now it’s a great place to find deals. This trip is five nights aboard the Carnival Fantasy with stops in Costa Maya and Cozumel. At just $299 for five nights, it comes out to just $60 per night — an extremely cheap price for sailing during the summer.

Valor docked in Progreso

5-Night Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans (Carnival)
Date: August 23, 2021
Price: $294 per person

So far, the bulk of the cruises we have covered have all been three and four-night trips. This cruise is a five-night departure from New Orleans aboard the Carnival Valor for just $294 per night. You’ll have stops in Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico before heading back to the New Orleans. If you can’t sail on August 23, the trip runs regularly throughout the summer, although you should expect to pay a little more for taking your cruise during the height of the summer season.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise from Galveston (Royal Caribbean)
Date: August 16, 2021
Price: $279 per person

You don’t have to sail from Florida to find cheap summer cruises. This trip aboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas leaves in late August and costs less than $300 per person. For that price you set sail for four nights, headed to Cozumel. On each side of the port day you’ll have a day at sea to hang out by the pool and enjoy the warm weather. If you can’t make this trip, there are many more throughout the season, but just know they will be more expensive.

3-Night Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral (Carnival)
Date: August 13, 2021
Price: $274 per person

Port Canaveral — located about 45 minutes from Orlando — has quietly become one of the busiest cruise ports in America. Sail from there in mid-August on this cruise and you’ll pay just $274 per person. It’s a three-night trip aboard the Carnival Liberty, headed over to Nassau, along with a day at sea. Best of all, the price is only $274 in August and you’ll find similar prices throughout the summer.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise from Tampa (Carnival)
Date: August 5, 2021
Price: $389 per person

Compared with the major ports like Miami and Port Canaveral, Tampa doesn’t get the notoriety. However, if you want a port with a number of options between cruise lines and itineraries without the large hustle and bustle of busier ports, then Tampa is ideal. We found this cruise in early August for $389 for four nights. It sails to Cozumel on a quick getaway and then back home to Tampa aboard the Carnival Paradise.

7-Night Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans (Carnival)
Date: August 22, 2021
Price: $479 per person

It shouldn’t be a surprise that classic one-week cruises don’t make many appearances on our list. That’s because the shorter the cruise, typically the lower the price. Still, we found this deal for a departure the last week of August. Set sail from New Orleans aboard the Carnival Glory for just $479. During the 7-night trip, you’ll head to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel — all for less than $70 a night per person.

7-Night Caribbean Cruise from Miami (MSC)
Date: August 28, 2021
Price: $399 per person

The final cruise on our cheap summer cruise list is a 7-night trip aboard the MSC Meraviglia. This trip departs Miami during late August, headed to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and a final stop at MSC’s private island — Ocean Cay — before returning home. At just $399 per person, it’s among the cheapest week-long cruises that you’ll find.

Where to Find More Summer Cruise Deals

As we said, most of the best deals for cruising are in late summer. If sailing in August doesn’t match your schedule, you can still find plenty of trips available.

We suggest visiting a site like AvoyaTravel.com that allows you to search across all cruise lines and schedules to find the cruise that matches your budget and schedule. Search cruises on AvoyaTravel.com now.

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    • So you want to cruise with college students? We’d look for short trips on the major cruise lines (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian). June and July should be good months for more college students to sail.


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