Dropping Off Passengers at Seattle Cruise Ports (Pier 66 & 91)

If you’re dropping passengers off for their cruise, first of all, give yourself a pat on the back. Parking at the pier is expensive (upwards of $150 for a week), so right not only are you helping out by dropping someone off, but you’re also saving them a lot of money!

Pier 66

Pier 66 is located on Seattle’s waterfront, just north of the Seattle Aquarium and south of the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Because of the port’s location, it’s most convenient to approach coming from the north. This will allow you to pull over and drop passengers right in front of the terminal on Alaskan Way, without having to later cross traffic or have passengers have to cross the street.

Cruise days can get pretty busy, so the less navigation you have to do right around the port, the less stressful it is.

In fact, you will likely find it easier to drop passengers off at the intersection of Bell Street and Elliott Avenue, allowing them to take the pedestrian bridge over to the terminal.

Dropping Off at Pier 66 in Seattle

Pier 91

Navigating to Pier 91 can be a bit difficult, even if you’re an old-time local. Especially on cruise days, when there are masses of taxis, busses, and people around the port, things can get hectic. Don’t worry, if you get lost or turned around, you won’t be the first person nor the last.

The easiest way to get to the drop off point is to drive into the port area on Elliott Avenue W (if coming from the south) or 15th Avenue W (if coming from the north). Here, you’ll drive until to reach an “S” shaped ramp with no name. It’s on the right just past the Magnolia Bridge if you’re coming for the north. (See the map below for a better description).

After turning off of Elliott/15th, you’ll stay to your right and follow the signs to the cruise port. You’ll do a couple of loops to reach the port, but just follow the signs to passenger drop off.

Dropping off at Pier 91 in Seattle

Photo: Michael Gray

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