Seattle Hotels with Free (or Discounted) Cruise Parking

When it comes to cruise parking, Seattle is the most expensive city we’ve ever found. It’s considerably more expensive than cruise hubs like Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Much of this is due to the port’s location. Situated near downtown in a densely populated city, land is expensive and parking is in short supply.

But one of the best deals in cruising is that some hotels will allow you to park in their lot for free (or at a discount to regular parking) if you stay with them for a night.

In Seattle, we’ve found that most of the hotels most convenient to the port don’t offer free parking during your cruise. In fact, most places near the ports charge hefty prices for parking, even on the nights you stay with them.

There are a few hotels, however, that offer free or discounted parking around town, especially those near the airport. (Keep in mind that if you park here, you will still have to pay for a ride to/from the cruise terminal.)

We’ve listed some hotels that we know to offer this perk below, but by no means should it be considered a definitive list. With hundreds of hotels around town, we simply can’t call and ask each hotel.

Instead, we suggest that if you plan to stay in Seattle before or after your cruise and have a hotel in mind, then give the hotel a call and see if they offer free or discounted parking. If the hotel is at least a few miles from the port and has a decent-sized parking lot, it’s a good chance they will allow you to leave your car there as an incentive for your business.

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The Warwick Seattle Hotel

The Warwick is the only hotel we found downtown that offers cruise parking, and the offer is not on their website. We had to call directly to get access to the special. At only a 10-minute walk to Pier 66 (or a 10-minute ride to Pier 91), this is your best option if you want somewhere to park your car and also a convenient location to explore downtown Seattle. Read reviews here.

Hotel Nexus

While not shown on their website, we called Hotel Nexus to ask about a cruise parking package. They do in fact offer one that runs $259 (prices will vary), with parking for up to 8 days, a shuttle to the airport, and free breakfast. Given that parking at the cruise terminal costs a minimum of $20 per day ($140 a week), that means your hotel room/breakfast/shuttle is only about $120. Read reviews here.

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport

As with many of the hotels offering cruise parking, this place is located near the airport. That makes it especially convenient if you are flying into Seattle for your cruise. The DoubleTree is a nicer hotel, so expect to pay a little more to stay here. Read reviews here.

Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center 

Like its DoubleTree cousin, this hotel is a little nicer and a perfect stop-off for those flying into Seattle. Rooms run about $200 a night for the parking package, but keep in mind you will have to find your own transportation to the Seattle cruise terminal. Read reviews here.

Best Western Airport Executel

A cheaper option to stay near the airport, this hotel provides a room and up to 7 days parking for about $140. Normal rates are $95, so you are essentially paying $45 to park. Read reviews here.

Sutton Suites and Extended Stay

At first glance, Sutton Suites’ cruise deal doesn’t seem to be the greatest. While a normal hotel room runs about $70 a night, the parking package is about $180. So you are paying $110 to park. However, this deal also offers a trip back and forth from the port, which would cost up to $120 if you took a taxi. Good option for budget cruisers. Read reviews here.

Have you stayed in a hotel in the Seattle area with free cruise parking? Let us know in the comments below!

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