Galveston Cruise Parking (Where to Park): Prices, Profiles, & Map

When it comes to Galveston cruise parking, you have lots of options on where to park while you take your trip.

Sign for express parking lot in Galveston.
Galveston offers a number of choices for cruise parking, including the Express Lot right at the terminal. Below, we cover all your options with prices.

While the port offers officially sanctioned parking, there are close to a dozen other independent options that all compete for your business. The result? Galveston has the cheapest parking of any cruise port in America. Many lots charge about $15 per day for outdoor spots when you add in all taxes and fees. (Many hotels also offer free or discounted parking if you stay with them a single night before your cruise.)

With all of the options, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where you should park. Truth is, most lots are similar and located about the same distance from the port. The major differences between most lots is whether or not they offer covered/indoor parking and of course, the price you’ll pay.

One Note About Galveston Parking Prices

Since the return of cruising, parking rates in Galveston have risen sharply. Whereas Galveston used to offer one of the best deals in cruise parking for as little as $10 per day in some spots, prices today now are significantly higher. In many cases upward of $25 or more per day. If you haven’t sailed recently, be prepared for sticker shock.

Some of this price increase is simply due to higher parking rates, but taxes and fees add a considerable amount. It’s our understanding that the Port of Galveston charges outside lots an access fee for shuttles and a new city tax is tacked on due long-term parked vehicles. That’s passed on to passengers. 

Prices will also vary at times based on season, trip length, parking lot, and even which cruise line you sail. We’ve included all taxes and fees where applicable.

Galveston port parking options with prices

For all lots it’s a good idea to reserve and pay online ahead of time. Not only does this guarantee you a parking spot, but online reservations usually have a discount off the “drive-up” price. We also have a listing of coupons (up to $15 off!) here.

As well, since the Port of Galveston charges shuttles from outside parking lots an access fee to drop off at the cruise ships, there are often discounts if you park and walk instead of using the shuttle. Keep in mind that rates can change.

Galveston Cruise Parking Lot Details

Parking lot for Galveston cruise ship
The Port of Galveston offers official lots for all terminals, including the new Terminal 10 used by Royal Caribbean. Shuttles run from the economy lots to the ship.

Port of Galveston Cruise Parking Lots (Official Port Lots)
No matter which cruise terminal you sail, the Port of Galveston offers official port parking, and guarantees a space for all cruise passengers. That said, there are a number of different parking options provided by the port, which come with different prices, making things a little confusing.

Economy Lots: The port offers a number of surface lots (Lots A-B) that sit on either side of Harborside Drive, between 29th Street and 33rd Street. The lots are fenced and lit. Parking for oversize vehicles is available for an extra charge. The price is $105 (inclusive of taxes and fees) for a 7-day cruise. Five-day cruises see prices of $78. A shuttle to the ship is provided.

Express Lot & Parking Garage: In addition to the economy lots, the port also offers premium options. The first is an Express Lot that’s at the door of Cruise Terminal 28. It offers the ability to park and walk just a few steps to the terminal. As well, there is another lot at Pier 25. Then there is also a covered parking garage across the street from Harborside and a short walk to both terminals. These lots are priced at $129 for a 7-day cruise and $98 for a 5-day cruise. No shuttle is provided given the short distance.

Cruise Terminal 10 Parking: Cruise Terminal 10 is the newly built Royal Caribbean terminal, located east of the other terminals. This spot offers four parking areas: North Lot (located closest to the terminal), South Lot, Pier 14 Lot, and the Pier 14 Indoor Lot. The North Lot costs $176 for a 7-day cruise and $127 for a 5-day trip. The South Lot and Pier 14 costs $161 (7-day) and $116 (5-day). Pier 14 indoor parking is $199 for a 7-day cruise and $143 for five. Shuttles are provided.

  • Cost: Varies from $105-$199 for a 7-day trip. 
  • Distance/Shuttle: 5-7 blocks from the port (shuttle provided for free). Garage/Express Lot parking is at the cruise ships. Terminal 10 parking is at or a short distance from the terminal.
  • Website:

Discount Cruise Parking
Among the cheapest places to park, Discount Cruise Parking can offer affordable rates, along with a new location that’s much closer to the terminals than the lot used to be.

We found rates of $86 (including taxes and fees) for uncovered parking during a 7-day cruise. Rates for shorter 5-day cruises were $67 after all taxes and fees.

In addition, the parking lot offers a free shuttle that picks up and drops off at the cruise terminals every 15 minutes. 

  • Cost: $86 for a 7-day trip (prepaid)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 10 blocks (shuttle provided for free)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 877-215-7449
Cruise parking in Galveston
Cruise Park offers parking for 6-8 day Carnival cruises at one of the cheapest rates you’ll find.

Cruise Park Galveston
This small lot is one of the closest to the port, but it is also among the cheapest with prices around $90 for a week. 

The parking cost for a six-night cruise is $76 after taxes and fees. Seven-night cruises are $88. Eight-night trips will run $101. Parking for shorter cruises isn’t available.

The outdoor lot is fenced. It is also easy to find (you can’t miss the big “Cruise Park” sign on Harborside Drive).

Note that this lot only serves Carnival ships at the moment. This lot won’t work if sailing another line. If your cruise isn’t with Carnival, then you’ll have to find another lot. There is also no shuttle to the port.

  • Cost: $88 for a 7-day trip
  • Distance/Shuttle: 3 blocks (no shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 409-354-8787

Falstaff Cruise Parking
One of the newer lots in town, Falstaff offers indoor parking at rates that are even cheaper than most outdoor lots. Part of that low price is that the lot is a little farther than most lots from the port, but still a quick free shuttle ride to the port.

In our search we found parking for $126 for indoor parking for a week cruise after taxes and fees with the shuttle. There is also outdoor parking for $102 for a week with taxes/fees.

Sailing on a five-day cruise? We found rates of $110 per car for indoor parking and $85 for outdoor. 

  • Cost: $102 for a 7-day trip (prepaid outdoor; indoor is $126)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 12 blocks (shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 877-365-7275
Lighthouse cruise parking in Galveston
Lighthouse Cruise Parking offers both covered an uncovered parking. Check their website for discount coupons if you plan to park here.

Lighthouse Parking
Lighthouse Parking is located right next to the Port of Galveston’s “official” lots. Lighthouse offers covered parking for $133 a 7-day trip or uncovered parking for $103 after all taxes and fees (rates can vary slightly). Prices for a five-day cruise are $101/$81 for covered and uncovered. Before you book, be sure to check their coupon page for discounts.

Reservations are suggested. Your rate includes a shuttle to and from the port, located 5-7 blocks away. Also, if you are worried about storms while you are away, know that Lighthouse Parking offers an elevated lot. Oversize vehicles are also welcomed.

  • Cost: $103 for a 7-day trip (prepaid outdoor; covered is $133)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 5 blocks from the port (shuttle provided for free)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 409-454-4849

Park 2 Cruise Galveston
You may notice that several lots only serve Terminal 25 and 28. Cruise Terminal 10, which is home to Royal Caribbean, sits farther east than he other terminals Due to the distance, many lots don’t offer parking for the cruise line.

Park 2 Cruise Galveston, however, is a new lot that’s directly the street and serves only Royal Caribbean. Fenced and lit, it offers outdoor parking. 

Rates are $115 for a 7-day cruise. Five-day cruises have a parking fee of $70. Note there is no shuttle, but the walk is short.

  • Cost: $115 for a 7-day trip (prepaid; outdoor parking)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 1 block (no shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 409-373-0399
EZ Cruise Parking in Galveston, Texas
EZ cruise Parking offers an elevated lot that’s gated and secured. It’s not far from the Carnival terminals, and you can save by walking instead of using the shuttle.

EZ Cruise Parking
EZ Cruise Parking offers elevated lots with high fencing and lighting to keep your car safe. While it doesn’t offer covered parking, the company does rent car covers if you are worried about the sun or salt air. Oversize vehicles aren’t allowed.

While the lot is within walking distance of the cruise terminal, it does offer shuttle service. There is a discount for walking to the port instead of taking the shuttle. Reservations are recommended as the lot often sells out.

Prices runs $138 for a 7-day cruise with shuttle, after taxes/fees (prices are higher for Royal Caribbean cruises). Skip the shuttle and the price is $117. Five-day cruises see prices of $115 with taxes if you take the shuttle or $94 with no shuttle.

  • Cost: $117 for a 7-day trip (prepaid, if not taking a shuttle)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 3-4 blocks from the port (shuttle provided, discount for walking)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 888-841-0841
Galveston Park N Cruise lot
One of the closest parking lots to Terminal 28, you can park at Galveston Park N Cruise and be at the ship within minutes.

Galveston Park N Cruise
It doesn’t get much closer to the port than with this parking lot. It is among the closet independent lots to the port (Terminals 25/28), located just across Harborside Drive. The entire lot is fenced and lit. Most parking is outdoors, but there is also indoor parking for an additional fee. 

Because the lot if relatively tight, no RVs or oversize vehicles can park here. Given the proximity to the port, it’s a great option for those who want to be able to walk to the ship and not have to wait on a shuttle. Parking is not available for Royal Caribbean cruises.

Prices are $156 for a week of indoor parking after taxes/fees and $134 for a week of outdoor parking. Prices for five days are $114 for indoor parking after taxes/fees and $100 for outdoor.

  • Cost: $134 for a 7-day trip (prepaid outdoor; indoor is $156)
  • Distance/Shuttle: Less than 1 block (no shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 866-479-7275

Port Parking
Situated close to the official Port of Galveston parking, this facility offers both indoor and outdoor parking in its 24-hour secured lots. 

A 7-day cruise will cost you $158 after taxes/fees if you choose the indoor option and a shuttle to the cruise port ($203 if sailing from the Royal Caribbean terminal). You’ll pay $138 after taxes for outdoor parking.

A 5-day trip runs $146 after taxes with indoor parking and a shuttle. Outdoor parking with a shuttle is $121 after taxes.

  • Cost: $138 for a 7-day trip (prepaid outdoor with shuttle; indoor is $158)
  • Distance/Shuttle: 10 blocks from the port (shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 855-435-7678
VIP Cruise Parking in Galveston, Texas
This is the closest lot to the Carnival terminals but only offers indoor parking.

Galveston VIP Cruise Parking
This lot boasts the absolute closest location to the cruise terminal from a non-port lot — literally just across the street from Terminals 25 & 28. No need to catch a shuttle. You can simply walk to the cruise port. Parking is not available for Royal Caribbean cruises.

All spots are indoor parking. Keep in mind that because of the building, they can’t offer parking for oversize vehicles. Given the prime location and small size of the lot, it’s a good idea to reserve your spot ahead of time as it will fill up. 

Rates are $179 for seven days after taxes/fees. Five-day cruisers pay $137 after taxes and fees.

  • Cost: $179 for a 7-day trip (prepaid; indoor parking)
  • Distance/Shuttle: Less than 1 block (no shuttle provided)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 409-765-7300

Cheapest Galveston Cruise Parking

Who has the cheapest parking for a Galveston cruise? Among the least expensive options are Discount Cruise Parking and Cruise Park Galveston. Both charge around $90 for parking during a seven-day cruise.

Be sure to check our page on Galveston parking coupons to save more money. As well, see if the lots offer an option to walk to the port instead of taking a shuttle and potentially save money.

Map of Galveston Cruise Parking Lots

As you can see, most lots are right near the port. The lone exception is Discount Cruise Parking. However, it offers a shuttle right to the port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which parking is best or the highest-reviewed?
Many people ask if there is a particular lot they should use. Truth is that these companies put a lot of effort into giving you a good experience at a fair price, or else they wouldn’t be in business. We have personally parked at both EZ Cruise Parking and Galveston Park N Cruise. Both lots were great for us.

Is there free parking anywhere?
While Galveston cruise parking is cheap, it’s not free. If you are a disabled veteran or have a Purple Heart, the official Port of Galveston lots will give you a 15% discount off parking. You can see the form to register here.

As well, you can park at several hotels in Galveston that offer free parking during your cruise in exchange for one night’s stay.

Are there cruise parking coupons or promo codes?
Yes, with so much competition, there are a number of lots that have coupons that give you further discounts. We’ve covered them in detail on this page. As well, be sure to book your parking online ahead of time. It often provides a discount off the drive-up rate for most parking lots.

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Galveston Cruise Parking (Where to Park): Prices, Profiles, & Map


  1. Port of Galveston says they no longer offer free parking for Disabled Veterans. You only receive a 15% discount

    • Port of Galveston calls it Cruise Terminal 10:

      Our Mobility Department is devising ways to move cruise-related traffic to its final destinations most efficiently. All customers who park at Cruise Terminal 10 will benefit from expedited entrance and exit at parking facilities with new license plate recognition technology.

  2. Discount Cruise Parking has moved much closer to the terminal and is at 433 33rd Street, Galveston TX 77550. They were still the cheapest from those available when I searched. (I had a four-day cruise during the week and half the parking lots were not even open.) I will know next week if the service is still good.

    • Jim how was the parking at Discount Cruise Parking? I am trying to decide if I want to use this lot for my upcoming cruise for this December.

  3. I am a disabled veteran 100 percent I am visiting a friend in Arkansas and are Carnival Cruise leaves on March 21 to the 26th will be driving from Arkansas to Galveston and leaving on the dream but the car we’re bringing down is my friend’s car but I did bring my packer plate from my car in Pennsylvania would that work to get the free parking the car is registered in her name not mine…

    • Purple Heart recipients can park for free at the official Galveston port lots. According to their website:

      “To qualify for complimentary parking space you will need the following: State vehicle registration receipt with Disabled Veteran or Purple Heart Recipient designation along with driver’s license or state-issued ID to match vehicle registration information.”

      “In addition, the Disabled American Veteran or Purple Heart Recipient MUST be present at time of check in along with the vehicle that has the DV/PH license plate.”

      You don’t have to reserve ahead of time. Just show up and let the attendant know. They will direct you on how to park for free.


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