Park & Cruise Hotels for Every Major Port in America

Planning to drive to the port for you cruise? If so, then you’ll have to decide where you will park your car for the trip. Every cruise port has parking that’s operated by the port itself. In addition, many ports have nearby independent parking that’s usually cheaper, but not as convenient.

A park and cruise hotel in Florida
Hotels with cruise parking can be a great deal for your trip. Often they let you park for free or for a discounted rate compared to the port, in exchange for a night’s stay.

No matter where you decide to park, however, it’s going to cost you. It’s common for major ports to charge around $20-$25 per day. For a week-long cruise that means you’re hundreds just to park your car — before you have even stepped foot on the ship.

But there’s good news…

In an effort to cater to cruise passengers coming into town, many hotels in port cities offer a valuable perk to their guests — free (or discounted) cruise parking. These park and cruise packages can save you a ton of money.

Here’s how these “Park & Cruise” hotels work: Just stay a night before your cruise and the hotel will let you park for free or for a discount. Sometimes they also offer transportation to and from the port. If the hotel has a parking package (instead of just allowing you to leave your car), you’ll want to book that rate. It’s best to give the hotel a call just to confirm everything as they do change their policies from time to time.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up the listings of hotels with cruise parking for every major port below. Simply click the link to be taken to that specific city.


While you would never confuse cruising from Baltimore with sailing from Miami, the city does have some popular routes perfect for those living in the mid-Atlantic. As well, the city offers several park and cruise hotels perfect for those coming into town before their cruise. See Baltimore’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

Cape Liberty

The port in New Jersey continues to grow, and with that, the options for cruise passengers. Currently many hotels near the cruise port offer park and cruise deals. See Cape Liberty’s Park & Cruise hotels here.


Charleston is a tourist mecca, and its cruise industry is growing fast. With a ton of hotels in town for tourists, there is plenty of competition for your dollars. That makes the port a prime spot to find good deals on parking for your cruise. See Charleston’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

Fort Lauderdale

South Florida is the world’s epicenter of cruising. It attracts literally millions of passengers each year and is busier than any other region on earth with it comes to the number of passengers. The good news is that there are plenty of hotels in the area that love to cater to passengers with free or discounted parking. See Fort Lauderdale’s Park & Cruise hotels here.


Less than two decades ago there were no cruises from Galveston. Today it’s the busiest port outside of Florida. If you’re headed to the island to sail away, inquire at one of the more than 20 hotels offering cruise parking packages. Many also have transportation to the port. See Galveston’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

Los Angeles/Long Beach

Between them, Los Angeles and Long Beach offer plenty of sailings. And they also offer plenty of options for cruise parking packages. You can take your pick to find the deal that offers you the best value to park your car and avoid paying at the port. See Los Angeles’ Park & Cruise hotels here.


Miami is the undisputed busiest cruise port in the United States. The bad news is that it’s one of the most expensive cities to park. The good news is that a number of hotels in the region will offer you to park your car if you stay with them for a single night. See Miami’s Park & Cruise hotels here.


Mobile is one of the youngest ports in the nation when it comes to cruising, and hotels are eager to cater to the fledgling cruise industry. All over the region you’ll find affordable places to stay that will up cruise parking as a perk. See Mobile’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

New Orleans

Who wouldn’t want to stay an extra night or two in New Orleans before their cruise? If you need a hotel, select one that has a parking package. That way you don’t have to pay the expensive fees to park at the port. See New Orleans’ Park & Cruise hotels here.

Port Canaveral

With Port Canaveral’s location about 45 minutes from Orlando, many people choose to drive to the port to take their cruise. Meanwhile, cruise parking at the port costs a minimum of $18 per day, making it worthwhile to look for a parking package. See Port Canaveral’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

San Diego

As one of the most beautiful cities in America, San Diego is a destination in of itself — even without taking a cruise from there. It makes sense that many people would want to extend their trip and stay a day or two in town before their cruise. If that’s what you plan to do, try one of the hotels with cruise parking to save some cash. See San Diego’s Park & Cruise hotels here.


If you are going on an Alaskan cruise, then Seattle is your port. It’s an expensive place to park your car during your trip, so if you plan on getting a hotel then you should definitely book one with cruise parking. Luckily, you have a number of options. See Seattle’s Park & Cruise hotels here.


Tampa is the lone cruise port on Florida’s west coast, but is the perfect jumping off point for trips to the Caribbean. As well, it offers a number of cruises and cruise lines, without the business of cruising from more popular ports like Miami. There are also a number of cruise hotels with parking for you to choose from. See Tampa’s Park & Cruise hotels here.

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Park & Cruise Hotels for Every Major Port in America


  1. What about Jacksonville Florida hotels? We are taking our first cruise this Christmas on Carnival Elation. We will be driving from Tennessee to Jacksonville.


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