Tampa Cruise Parking Options, Prices, and Maps (Where to Park)

Headed on a cruise from Tampa Bay? If you are driving into the area for your trip, then of course you need somewhere to park your car.

Port of Tampa cruise parking

The good news is that you have plenty of parking options. Whether you want to park right at your ship and pay a little more — or save some serious cash by parking a little further away (and taking a free shuttle) — you’re covered.

And if you plan to stay in the area before your cruise, many Tampa hotels also offer cruise parking packages. These deals allow you to park your car at the hotel while you cruise, in exchange for a night’s stay.

Given the number of options, you might be wondering which parking is right for you. We cover all the details below to help you find the perfect spot to park for your cruise.

Tampa Cruise Parking Options & Prices

Chart of Tampa parking lots with prices

Port of Tampa Official Parking
The port offers plenty of parking right at the cruise terminals. You have your choice of plenty of spots, two-thirds of which are covered garage parking. (Terminals 2 & 3 are serviced by a garage across the street. Terminal 6 offers an open-air lot at the ship.)

Just as with any other port, you will pay for the convenience of parking right next to the cruise ship. Parking is $15 per day. That runs $105 for a 7-day cruise.

The port also offers valet parking, which is a good idea for those who have issue walking or simply don’t want to deal with parking themselves. The rate is the same $15 per day, but there is also a $20 convenience fee for a total of $125 for a 7-day cruise.

Parking for oversized vehicles (RVs, etc.) is $30 per day. The port offers online pre-pay for its lots, which we suggest as it gives you one less thing to worry about once you reach the port. However, if you want to pay at the port, they accept cash, as well as major credit cards (including American Express).

241 Car Services
This parking lot is almost as close as the official Port of Tampa parking, but at just a fraction of the cost. Rates run just $8 per day. In addition, there are some small fees associated with booking.

The main parking lot is lighted, fenced, and offers overnight security. And even though the lot is very close to the port, a shuttle is offered. We do recommend booking online ahead of time due to the lot’s small size.

  • Cost: $8 per day (plus $7 processing/port fees)
  • Distance: 6 blocks (free shuttle provided)
  • Website: 241Parking.com

Park 4 Cruise
With plenty of competition between parking lots, that’s been good for consumers. Case in point is this company, which now features two lots that can let you park for as little as $6 per day, despite being close to the terminals.

The Orange Lot is right across from Terminal 6 and offers you cruise parking for just $7 a day — considerably less than the $15 you’ll pay just down the road at the official port lots. There is also the Purple Lot (which can accommodate larger vehicles) for only $6 per day. It’s just slightly farther away, but still just a minute or two via the shuttle to the port. Park 4 Cruise is gated and lit, offers 24-hour security, and a shuttle to your terminal.

If you want to park here, it’s a good idea to reserve a spot ahead of time online as it offers a considerable savings off the drive-up rate.

  • Cost: $6-7 per day (8.5% sales tax + $4 processing fee)
  • Distance: 4-6 blocks (free shuttle provided)
  • Website: http://park4cruise.com

717 Parking 
717 offers the absolute cheapest rate we’ve seen for Tampa port parking. The company has several lots, including three different garages. The cheapest lot is called Union Station, located about a mile from the terminals. It offers a rate of just $4 per day (no shuttle is provided, however). A second lot located near Terminal 6 (with shuttle provided) is still an inexpensive $7 per day. 

There are also parking garages — the SkyHouse garage, Hampton Inn garage, and Pierhouse garage — located within blocks of the port. The rates here run $9, $9, and $10, respectively.

Parkway Parking
Within a short walk to Terminals 2 & 3, Parkway offers a lot that’s right next to the parking garage offered by the Port of Tampa Bay. The lot is gated, fenced, and offers shuttle to the ships if you don’t want to walk.

Rates show as $11 per day if you book online and $13 per day for drive-up. However in our search, additional taxes and fees actually made the price higher than simply parking at the port’s official lots.

Individual Hotels (Tampa Park and Cruise) 
If you are staying in the Fort Lauderdale area, contact your hotel to see if they will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise. Many hotels cater to cruisers and have special daily parking rates or offer parking packages. Essentially, if you stay there the night before you cruise, you can then leave your car while you sail.

Some example hotels include:

You can see our full list of Tampa hotels with cruise parking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park for my cruise from Tampa?
The good news is that with so many parking lots right near the port, you can find affordable parking and save a bundle of money. The bad news is that so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. So where should you park?

If you simply worry about convenience, you can’t beat the official port parking. Right next to the terminals, you can simply walk to the ship and then walk back when it’s time to go home. If you want to save money, we’d suggest one of the lots along Channelside Drive, right near the port. 

What’s the cheapest cruise parking lot?
While prices may change, the cheapest lots we found were Park 4 Cruise (Purple Lot) and 717 Parking’s Union Station lot. In all, you’d spend about $50 to park for a week at these lots.

Is there free parking anywhere?
Traditional free parking isn’t available near the port. However, many hotels in the area offer cruise parking specials as a way to attract customers. You simply stay a night and you can get free or discounted parking in addition to the room. For a list of Tampa park and cruise hotels, see our article here.

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