Galveston hotel with cruise parking

20 Convenient Galveston Park & Cruise Hotels (Free Parking)

One of the best things about cruising from Galveston? A lot of competition for parking means it has the lowest parking rates of any...


Thanksgiving turkey

Carnival Releases Its Thanksgiving Day Menu For Holiday Cruises

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Ship docked

12 Cheap 2019 Alaskan Cruises (Starting at Just $459)

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MSC Seaside docked in Costa Maya

12 Cheap Spring Break Cruises for 2019 (Starting at $234)

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Soda cans

Bringing Water or Soda on the Ship (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Norwegian)

Most people look forward to a cruise's adult libations -- an umbrella drink in one hand can mysteriously put anyone in a better mood. But...


Cruise gratuity calculator and tip amounts

Gratuity Calculator & Tipping Amounts for Major Cruise Lines in 2019

No subject in cruising causes more conversation (ok, disagreement) than tipping. Gone are the days where you were expected to give a tip to the...