Galveston hotel with cruise parking

20 Convenient Galveston Park & Cruise Hotels (Free Parking)

One of the best things about cruising from Galveston? A lot of competition for parking means it has the lowest parking rates of any...


Carnival Panorama

10 Exciting Things We Know About the New Carnival Panorama

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Virgin cruise terminal with ship

Virgin Voyages Opens for Bookings February 14, Plus Will Build a New Terminal

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Rendering of Carnival float in Rose Parade

Carnival Panorama Float Coming to the Rose Parade

Don't try to adjust your antenna if you see a massive cruise ship floating down the middle of the street on New Year's Day. That's...
Feature image for Carnival Hub app

The Complete Guide to Carnival’s Hub App

These days, it seems like everyone has an app. From weather to sports scores to stock trading -- you can seemingly get any information...


Drink package calculator

Cruise Line Drink Package Calculator

There's not much that's more popular on a cruise ship than drinking. Bars are everywhere and the party atmosphere mixed with the relaxation of...