Port Canaveral Cruise Parking (Where to Park) Options, Prices, and Map

Looking for Port Canaveral parking during your cruise? The good news is that you’ll have plenty of choice across all price ranges.

Parking Garage 3 at Port Canaveral
Port Canaveral offers a number of parking options, whether you want the convenience of parking right at the port, or the savings of an independent lot.

These days, Port Canaveral has turned into one of the busiest — and most popular — ports in the entire nation. Millions of passengers each year take cruises from the terminals near Orlando.

Of course, that means millions of people each year have to make their way to the port and many drive their vehicle. And since there is such a large market for a place to park, a number of lots have sprung up to offer you a spot while you enjoy your cruise.

One thing you should know — the port sits in a large complex on its own, meaning space for third-party parking lots right next to the port is sparse. However, the port does offer parking of its own at your ship, but it can be expensive.

There are other options that are more affordable, as long as you don’t mind a shuttle ride to the terminal. Most shuttles are quick trips (less than 10 minutes) and can drop you off right at the ship. Parking lots include these rides for free in their rates.

Below, we cover your parking lot options, along with details of each lot to help you find the right spot for you.

Port Canaveral Parking Options for a Cruise

Note: Most lots in the area charge parking fees for both the day you arrive and the day you leave. So if you take a 7-day cruise (e.g., departing Sunday afternoon and returning back the following Sunday morning), you will be charged for eight days of parking.

Rates below are estimated (including taxes/fees) and are subject to change. Want to save money? See our page on Port Canaveral parking discounts and coupons

Parking options for a Port Canaveral cruise

Port Canaveral Official Parking
Parking at the port is by far the most convenient. Parking lots and garages are next to each cruise terminal, making for a very short walk to check-in. For that convenience, however, you will pay a higher price — $17 per day, including both the day of arrival and departure. 

Parking is payable via credit card. Disabled parking is free of charge, if your vehicle has special equipment such as ramps or foot/hand controls, have a Florida Toll Exemption Permit, or have a Florida Disabled Veteran license plate. More details are here.

Given the proximity of the lots to the cruise terminal, we wouldn’t blame anyone for paying the higher prices. However, cheaper options are available if you’re looking to save.

Port Parking Space
The newest lot to offer cruise parking is also the closest off-port option. It’s located adjacent to port property, meaning you can be at your ship within minutes. The lot offers 24/7 on-site monitoring, included shuttle to your cruise ship, and parking that’s a sharp discount to what you’d pay at the port.

According to the lot, parking runs $12.95 per day — about 25% cheaper than parking at the port. However, they also offer discounts that can get that rate down even further to $11.66 per day (10% off). There are also military and travel agent discounts available. A handful of electric vehicle chargers are also offered at the parking lot. Note that parking for Disney ships is not offered.

Sign for Park Port Canaveral
Park Port Canaveral offers a spot to keep your car for considerably less than the port’s official parking.

Park Port Canaveral
Located about three miles (5-minute drive) from the cruise terminals, Park Port Canaveral is one of your many options for off-site cruise parking. We found a daily rate of $12.85 plus tax for an advance reservation, but there are discounts available (including 15% off for signing up for their mailing list). In additional, there are additional taxes and fees you’ll have to pay, but the rate is still considerably less than parking at the port.

The lot offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the port, which is just a few minutes away. Like other lots, Park Port Canaveral charges both for the day of arrival and the day of departure.

Park N Cruise Port Canaveral
Park N Cruise is located right before you cross the water to the port and it’s only a few miles from the terminals. The rate is $12.99 per day for most cars. Keep in mind that as with most lots you will need to pay for the day you arrive and the day you leave. All told, with taxes and fees the rate runs about $120 for a week cruise.

Looking for a discount? There are a number of specials with discounts of 5-10% for veterans, public service workers, AAA members, and AARP members.

The parking package from GoPort has a different spin — they don’t charge for parking but offer it free. Instead, you pay for the shuttle to the cruise port. They also currently only offer service for Carnival Mardi Gras. If you are sailing any other ship, you’ll need to find an alternative lot to park.

Rates start at $60 for up to four passengers for a weeklong Mardi Gras cruise. That comes out to $7.50 per day, or less than half what the official Port Canaveral lots charge. In other words, you save about $80 over the course of your cruise by parking here.

Port Canaveral Parking
Port Canaveral Parking is located on Merritt Island, just about 10 minutes from the cruise ships. It charges rates of $12.95 per day for parking, which is roughly $4 cheaper versus parking at the cruise terminals (like other lots, discounts are common, including a recent ‘flash sale’ for 24% off).

There is also covered parking available, costing an extra $20 for your stay. A shuttle is provided to the cruise port until 1:15 p.m.

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle
Cruisetime is located southwest of Port Canaveral, on Merritt Island. It’s only about 8.5 miles from the port and the ride to the terminal takes about 15 minutes. Parking rates are simple — $10 per day, but that includes the day of your arrival and departure. Cruises of four days or less are a flat $50.

So it is $80 for a 7-day cruise and $50 for a four-day trip. Cruisetime also offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the port that’s included with your parking.

Beachline Shuttle
Similar to what’s offered by GoPort, Beachline Shuttle offers “no charge” parking, but you pay for the ride over to the port. Unlike GoPort, the lot offers parking for all the cruise lines meaning you can save considerably over parking at the port no matter who you sail.

Prices vary only on how many passengers are sailing. If you need a shuttle to the port for two passengers, it’s $60. Prices are $70 for three riders and $80 for four. Contact the lot if needing space for five or more passengers.

Individual Hotels 
In addition to cruise parking lots, another option is parking at a hotel. Port Canaveral has lots of hotels near the port and many also offer free or discounted parking if you stay the night before your cruise. As well, they will often have a shuttle to the port on cruise day.

Note that some hotels require you to book a package to receive parking. Due to the health crisis, some packages may be paused temporarily until cruises return in full.

If you are staying in the Port Canaveral area, see our list of hotels that will allow you to park your car for the length of your cruise.

Frequently Asked Parking Questions

Is there free Port Canaveral parking?
Yes, if you are disabled, then you might receive free parking at the port. For ports in Florida, cars for disabled passengers that have special equipment (like ramps, lifts, or special controls) can get free parking for their cruise.

As well, Port Canaveral’s official lots offer free parking for disabled veterans with a Florida license plate with that designation.

Where should I park?
If you are driving in, your parking decision rests mainly on if you want to save money or want convenience. For those looking to save, we suggest parking at an off-site parking lot. Their rates are considerably less and you can still take the shuttle right to the cruise ship. The downside is that you have to wait for the shuttle going to and from the ship.

If you want the most convenience, check out parking at the actual port. Yes, it’s more expensive, but you can walk right to the ship. It also makes it easier to get back home when you return from your trip.

Why am I being charged for 8 days for a 7-day cruise?
One thing we’ve noticed is that parking lots in the area charge an extra day for your cruise. Say you have a 7-day cruise that leaves Sunday afternoon and returns the following Sunday morning. In total, you were gone for seven full days. However, by the clock, your car was on the lot for eight different calendar days counting both the day you arrived at the parking lot and the day you depart. Even if you pick your car up first thing on Sunday morning, the parking lots charge for an additional day.

Can I park at a hotel for cheaper?
Yes. As a perk to entice cruise passengers many hotels in the area have parking packages. Simply stay a night and the hotel will allow you to park your car and provide a shuttle to the port. It’s an easy way to save if you plan to stay in the area beforehand. See our list of Port Canaveral park and cruise hotels here.

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Port Canaveral Cruise Parking (Where to Park) Options, Prices, and Map


  1. I just found out that GoPort is working only with Carnival Mardi Gras indefinitely so you might want to remove them from your list.

  2. You listed Canaveral cruise parking at 6.95 a day 3 miles south of the port. Where or what site do I go go to find this company. I have tried searching to no avail

  3. Are you able to park a transport truck with flatbed trailer at any lots near port. My husband is meeting me and my kids there while he is taking a break from work and will have his truck.

    • A five-day cruise is also five nights (cruise lines don’t count the day you arrive back in port). So a 5-day/night cruise would depart Monday (1), Tuesday (2), Wednesday (3), Thursday (4), Friday (5), arrive back in port Saturday morning.

      Parking lots here charge for the day you arrive and the day you leave. The parking lot would charge you for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So a five-day/night cruise is charged for six days of parking. $17*6 = $102.

    • We are not a cruise parking lot; we’ve instead written an article about your options. The cruise terminal offers RV parking. If you need more details, you can call them at (321) 783-7831.

  4. Have you heard of Port Canaveral VIP Valet? Operated by AutoCare Concierge. They offer a $99 flat rate with drop off service (your car).

    • Not that we have ever heard of. If it were to happen (highly unlikely) there are the off-site parking lots as well.


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