Easy Ways to Get to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale for a Cruise (Port Transportation)

Whether you are driving to the port or flying into Fort Lauderdale, you need to get to the cruise terminal before you can start your vacation! We’ve sailed from Port Everglades several times and can tell you about all your options (including our favorite) for getting to the cruise port.

Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale is easy to get to from the airport and surrounding area. You have a number of transportation options to get to your cruise.

Sitting north of Miami, Port Everglades may not get the same amount of attention as its sister port, but it is one of the busiest departure ports in America, with millions of passengers sailing each year.

Thankfully, given the location its relatively simple to get there. Below, we have provided directions to the port and your best options for reaching the port.

Location of Port Everglades Cruise Port

First things first, despite the name, Port Everglades is actually located in Fort Lauderdale, right on the Atlantic coast. (You’ll often hear Port Everglades and Fort Lauderdale used interchangeably when talking about the port.)

The cruise terminal is just about three miles from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and about 25 miles north of the Miami International Airport.

Here is a map showing the cruise port in relation to the airport:

Map data: Google
Port Everglades is just minutes for the Fort Lauderdale airport, but about 45 minutes from the Miami airport. Map data: Google

The port’s official address is 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 if you wish to map your route using GPS.

However, if you are sailing out of terminals 2 or 4 (which are located on the north side of the port), we recommend using 1801 SE 20th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 as the address. This will put you entering the port closer to your terminal. 

If you are driving to the port, click here for parking information.

Getting From the Fort Lauderdale Airport to Port Everglades

Given the short distance, it’s easy to transport back and forth from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood airport to Port Everglades. Unfortunately, there is not free shuttle that runs between the two points. That means you’ll need to arrange transportation. 

Ride sharing sign
Uber/Lyft is what we personally use to get from the Fort Lauderdale airport to Port Everglades. A ride will cost about $15-$20.

Uber/Lyft (Recommended) 
You can use Uber or Lyft to get to the port from the airport easily (see our guide here). Rates will actually be a little lower than a taxi, and most people prefer to use these rideshare services due to their lower cost and higher convenience.

Rates for Uber/Lyft from the Fort Lauderdale airport to Port Everglades are about $15-20 per car.

One thing to note is that for that rate up to four people can ride in a car. With luggage, you might need a larger vehicle or take two cars if you are traveling with more than three people.

If you are unfamiliar with companies like Uber and Lyft, here’s how they work. First, you download the app to your smartphone, setting up an account and payment information. When you are ready for a ride, you simply open the app and select where you want to go.

A nearby driver will confirm your pick up and arrive shortly. After the ride, you’ll rate the driver through the app and also confirm payment through your credit card. No money changes hands, it’s all through the phone app.

At the Fort Lauderdale airport the pickup stops for these services are located in between terminals. You can follow the signage to get to the correct spot to then call your ride.

We will say that this area can get busy. We’d recommend having some patience as it can take 10-15 minutes before your car arrives. Other times, we’ve arrived and had no wait at all.

Given the price and convenience, we recommend taking Uber or Lyft, and it’s what we personally use to get to the port.

  • Cost: ~$15-$20 one-way per car

Taxis (Recommended) 
If catching a cab, the ride is short (only about three miles or 10 minutes). Fares will run you about $18-21 each way. Remember that the fare is per car, not per person. Split the fare between four passengers and you pay only a few bucks each for a ride directly to the port (or any other location you desire). You can head to ground transportation at the airport and get a cab immediately whenever your plan arrives.

The upside of a taxi is that there should be no wait in order to get a ride. You simply arrive, and head to the taxi stand to be on your way. If you see a long line at the rideshare station, consider just using a cab.

  • Cost: ~$20 one-way per car

Hotel Shuttles to the Port
One option that many people don’t think about are hotel shuttles. Because Fort Lauderdale is such a hub for cruising, a number of hotels offer perks to attract cruise passengers.

One such perk is a shuttle to the cruise port. Since the airport and cruise port are close to each other, many hotels will have a free (or low-cost) shuttle to/from the airport and then will also give you a ride to the cruise port if you stay with them for a night.

So if you’re staying the night in port, these hotels can be ideal to save some money on transportation.

We have a full list of hotel options with shuttles here. Below are several that offer both an airport and cruise port shuttle:

Other Ways of Getting to the Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port From the Airport
Given the ease and cost of a taxi and Uber/Lyft from the Fort Lauderdale airport, there really isn’t a reason for alternate ways to get there.

For instance, cruise lines offer shuttles from the airport to the cruise port. However, these are typically expensive compared to catching a cab or rideshare and charged on a per-person basis. In this case, a ride might be $15-20 per person, each way. At that price, you could get a ride for up to four people in an Uber or taxi.

Similarly, independent shuttle services will likely end up being just as much — if not more — than a private ride. You’ll also have to wait on all the passengers heading to the port before you can leave.

Getting from the Miami Airport to Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)

If flying into Miami and headed to Port Everglades, we recommend an Uber/Lyft. The ride will cost around $50 each way and take about 45 minutes.

One of the benefits of sailing from South Florida is that you have two major airports to fly into for your cruise — Fort Lauderdale and Miami. This way, if Miami has a better schedule or is cheaper, you can fly there and then head to Port Everglades.

Fortunately, there are transportation options to get you from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to catch the ship. Expect the ride to take at least 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic.

Uber/Lyft (Recommended) 
You can use Uber or Lyft to get from Miami to Port Everglades easily. Rates are significantly cheaper than using a taxi. For example, Lyft estimates a ride from the Miami airport to Port Everglades would be $50-55 one-way for up to four people. (Note that during busy times we have seen this price jump to $100 each way.)

That’s about $20-30 less than the rate of a taxi cab, making rideshare services like Uber and Lyft our preferred method of reaching the port.

What’s also a plus is that you can catch an Uber or Lyft from the airport and head anywhere you want (including hotels or points of interest). You don’t have to just head right to the port.

  • Cost: ~$50-$55 one-way per car

For our purposes, we’re assuming that you are flying into Miami for a Port Everglades cruise. Miami-based cabs are an estimated $100 from the Miami airport to Port Everglades. That price could vary based on traffic.

That seems expensive, but remember that is the fee for the entire car. Most shuttles, on the other hand, charge per person, which can make them more expensive for an entire group.

  • Cost: ~$100 one-way per car

Cruise Line Transfers
Cruise lines offer transfer service from the Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports to the cruise terminals.

Royal Caribbean, for example, offers a shuttle between Miami and Fort Lauderdale for $37 per person, each way.

Cruise line transfers offer convenience, but we also find they can be expensive and restrictive. Many are only available on the day you cruise and the day you depart and only go from the airport to the cruise ship. If you’re flying in the day before, then a transfer from the cruise line won’t work.

As well, prices are per person. A family of four taking a $37 transfer each way from the Miami airport to Port Everglades would pay $296 to get back and forth! That’s why we suggest finding alternate ways to the port.

If you are still interested in cruise transfers, you can call your cruise line for more information about their shuttles.

  • Cost: ~$35-$40 one-way per person

Miami to Fort Lauderdale Shuttles
In addition to the cruise line shuttles, there are independent shuttles that can get you to and from Port Everglades and the Miami airport. They can be cheaper than the cruise line transfers, but if traveling with more than one person, a rideshare still comes out on top.

In general, expect to see prices starting around $25 per person each way to get from Miami to Port Everglades. Keep in mind these prices can vary.

Shuttle Companies: GO Airport Shuttle | Metro Shuttle Service | South Florida Elite Shuttle |

  • Cost: ~$25 one-way per person (varies)

Hotel Shuttles
While many hotels in Miami offer shuttles to the Miami port and many Fort Lauderdale hotels offer shuttles to Port Everglades, we don’t know of any Miami hotels offering shuttles to Fort Lauderdale.

If you plan to stay a night in the area, you can take an Uber or taxi to Fort Lauderdale and select a hotel that offers a shuttle to the port.

See our list of Fort Lauderdale hotels with cruise port shuttles here.

Private Cars/Limos
It’s easy to go in style in south Florida. There are plenty of companies that will pick you up in a private car or even a limo. In fact, many of the same companies that provide shared shuttle service also have private car service too.

Of course, this service is typically a little pricier. However, if splitting the cost between four or more passengers, it can be surprisingly affordable.

We don’t recommend or discourage any of the following car services (we’ve never used them), but provide them as a starting point for you to see what’s available.

Private Car/Limo Companies: Family Car & Limo Service | A1 Luxury Limousine | Elite Limo | Ft Lauderdale Limo | Quality Limo Service

  • Cost: Varies

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  1. You totally missed another option… rental car shuttle. Many rental car companies don’t upcharge for one-way rentals in state, thus someone from Orlando may find that one-way rentals would be cheaper or comparable in price to long-term parking. I noticed that parking options are in another article.

  2. When staying at a nearby precruise hotel on 17th terminals 1,2 and 4 are within walking distance however you CANNOT easily walk into terminal 4 due to the security fence and check point. It’s doable but not advised with luggage. Might be ok for B2B shore walk though.


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