Using Uber or Lyft to Port of Miami and Port Everglades

If you’re cruising from Miami or Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades), there’s a good chance you will use a taxi to get to the port. Now there is an alternative to using a cab that can be cheaper and more convenient.

You’ve likely heard about Uber and Lyft, but most people haven’t used them before. These companies are known as ride-sharing services. Essentially, they allow anyone to drive their own car as if it were a cab. Drivers sign up, undergo a background check, and then can earn money providing rides around town.

For passengers (in this case people going to the cruise port), the entire process is run through an app you download on your smartphone. The app will tell you where the nearest available ride is, keeps track of the fare, and is even linked to your credit card for payment.

You simply download, enter your payment information, and request a ride when you’re ready to go.

Why would people prefer to use a service like Uber or Lyft instead of a taxi? For one, these services can be cheaper than using a cab. Furthermore, since drivers are rated by passengers after each ride (and can be booted out if their reviews are too low), the service received is often more pleasant.

Most importantly, it’s convenient. A ride is never far away and can be summoned with the click of a button. According to the Miami Herald, Uber has 10,000 drivers in Miami-Dade County.

Availability of Uber and Lyft in South Florida

Uber and Lyft are now available everywhere in South Florida.

Back in May 2016, the Miami-Dade County Commission voted to legalize ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft.

In late 2015, Broward County (where Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is located) saw Uber and Lyft return to the area. The companies had left due to rules and regulations it felt were too tight. However, strong public demand hounded county commissioners, according to After loosening the rules, the ride-share companies returned.

The map below shows where you can be picked up by either Uber or Lyft. You can be dropped off anywhere you like.

Map of Uber/Lyft in South Florida

Uber and Lyft to the Port of Miami

If you are sailing out of the Port of Miami, you can use a ride-share service to get you there cheaply and quickly. This includes if you are flying into Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Below we have a breakdown of the rates you can expect to pay for each service to get to the Miami cruise port. Keep in mind that your cost is per ride, not per passenger. As well, both companies have different levels of premium services. The prices shown below are for the most basic offering and the “XL” offerings of both. The “XL” feature offers larger vehicles for more passengers for a slightly higher cost.

Uber and Lyft Prices to the Port of Miami

Cruise passengers will likely be most interested that a ride from the Miami airport to the cruise port costs about $20, compared to a $27 flat fee for a taxi.

If you plan on staying in the area, you can also look for a hotel with a shuttle to the Miami cruise port.

Uber and Lyft to Port Everglades

You’ll find the prices for getting to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale below. Just like getting to the Port of Miami, the prices below are for the most basic service and the larger “XL” service that can carry more passengers. Rates are for the entire ride, which is the same regardless of the number of passengers.

Port Everglades Uber and Lyft prices

As you can see, it is a relatively inexpensive ride from the Fort Lauderdale airport to Port Everglades. A ride from the Miami airport would cost around $40 and take roughly an hour. For comparison, a taxi from the Miami airport to Port Everglades would run approximately $75.

If you plan on staying in the area, you can also see our article on hotels with a shuttle to the Port Everglades cruise port.

Where to Catch Uber & Lyft at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale Airports

While you can pick up a ride anywhere in the South Florida area, many people will come from the airports. If you aren’t familiar with the airports, it can be somewhat confusing on where to catch your ride.

Miami International Airport
Once your flight arrives, you’ll want to follow the signs to ground transportation and baggage pickup on Level 1 of the terminal. Exit the doors across from the baggage claim, you’ll see the line of taxis.

From there, you’ll want to cross the taxi lanes to the next median. Here you should see a sign for “Ride App Pickup.” 

Miami airport rideshare pickup area
Cross the taxi lanes to the area to catch your ride at the Miami airport.

Check the app on your phone and it will show your location, as well as the driver’s location and their car. Use this to meet up with your driver.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale, then you’ll exit the airport by following the signs for ground transportation.

Once outside, look for the signage for your ride options, including Off-Airport Parking, Tri-Rail, and Ride Sharing. There are multiple ride share pickup areas, and they are located in between terminals. Depending on where you arrive, it can be a long walk. The Uber or Lyft app will show you exactly where to go to catch your ride.

Rideshare pickup area at Fort Lauderdale Airport
These signs designate the area to catch your Lyft or Uber at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

You might notice several cars waiting for passengers when you arrive at the area. You’ll want to wait until your car shown on the app arrives. Drivers can’t give rides to different passengers than they are matched with on the app.

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  1. Do you pick up at hotels? We will be staying at the Plaza Hotel Fort Lauderdale and needing to go to the Celebrity Cruise terminal (Oct 2021). Trying to plan now. Also, do we need to make reservations or is it first come first serve? We’ve never used uber or lyft before.

    • We are not Uber/Lyft. You’ll need to just download their app to your phone, set up an account, and then you request a car when you’re ready. No need to reserve.

  2. Hi,
    We are going via the Tri-Rail to the Ft Lauderdale Airport Tri-Rail Station (500 Gulf Stream Way).
    Can we pick an Uber/Lyft from this Tri-Rail station and get to the Port Everglades?

    We have a cruise from Port Everglades this Friday (13th March).

  3. Hi Can I get a Uber or Lyft from Miami airport to a hotel in Wyndham Fort Lauderdale for two people and two suitcases please we arrive around 1650 hrs in Miami
    Also how can we order Uber or Lyft and what would be the cost

    • Yes, they offer service there. Just download the app and you can create an account. We’d estimate the cost would be about $30-40.

  4. Please advise an estimated cost for 4 adults with total six luggage bags for Uber and/or taxi from Bahia Delray to Port Everglades on Sunday 19 Jan. Thanks!

  5. Traveling from FFL Airport to the FFL cruise port, can the Uber make a stop at a Walgreens before the cruise ship? How much is for a stop or waiting time?

    • Yes, you can enter a stop. It shouldn’t be that much more of a fare for a quick stop like this. Just be sure to put it in the app and let your driver know.

    • As far as we know you’ll need a U.S. based phone. You can get a SIM card when you arrive. Or just use a taxi at the airport.

  6. Please let us know what it would cost two seniors to be taken from Naples, Fl. to the Port of Miami and returned 10 days later?

    • Uber and Lyft aren’t really designed for long trips like that. It’s more like a taxi where it takes you around town. We’d suggest contacting a local transportation company to see if they can give you a ride.


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