5 Easy Ways to Get to the Los Angeles and Long Beach Cruise Ports

Looking for transportation to the cruise ports in Los Angeles or Long Beach? We have you covered.

Taxi and Lyft sign at Los Angeles airport
Getting to the cruise ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, you have a number of options. This includes shuttles, taxi, rideshare, and more.

Whether coming from an area airport or anywhere in Southern California, you have a number of options on getting to the cruise terminals. And if you are electing to get a ride to the port — instead of driving your own car — it’s a smart move that will save you money.

That’s because parking will set you back roughly $140 for a week-long cruise (rates vary depending on which port you are sailing from). Then there is the added hassle of navigating through Los Angeles traffic to get to the cruise terminal.

Thankfully, there are a number of options available to get you back and forth from Los Angeles International (LAX), the Long Beach Airport (LGB) or other points in the area to the cruise terminals at the World Cruise Center (Port of Los Angeles) and the Port of Long Beach.

Map of Los Angeles cruise ports in relation to the airport
Los Angeles International (LAX) is about 30-40 minutes from the cruise ports. Below, we cover your transportation options on getting to the cruise terminals. Map data: Google

Transportation Options To Los Angeles or Long Beach Cruise Ports

Before we get to your options, one thing to keep in mind when planning your trip is the time it takes to get from point to point in the area. Below we’ve listed some average drive times from points of interest to the cruise ports.

Ride Times to Port of LA (World Cruise Center) | Port of Long Beach:

  • Los Angeles International (LAX): 30 min | 40 min
  • Long Beach Airport (LBG): 25 min | 20 min
  • John Wayne Airport (SNA): 45 min | 35 min
  • Downtown: 40 min | 45 min
  • Beverly Hills: 1 hour | 1 hour 15 min
  • Pasadena: 55 min | 55 min
  • Santa Monica: 60 min | 1 hour 10 min
  • Anaheim: 45 min | 40 min

Be sure to consider this time to get from point to port when planning your schedule on cruise day. (Wondering which airport to use? See our article on the best airports to fly into for your Los Angeles cruise.)

Uber/Lyft (Recommended)

When it comes to the combination of convenience and cost, it’s tough to beat Uber & Lyft in Southern California.

With just a few clicks on a smartphone app, you can call up a ride that’s usually much cheaper than a traditional taxi. The rideshare companies are everywhere in the area, meaning that you can get a ride anywhere you are.

Drop Off/Pick Up at Airports
Catching a ride from the area airports is simple. Each airport in the area now allows Uber and Lyft to operate. You’ll simply open the app, request a ride, and follow the instructions on where to be picked up.

To give you an idea of what the fare would cost, here are some estimates for Uber & Lyft from various spots in the city, including airports near the cruise terminals. Keep in mind that these prices are per car, not per person. 

Standard Uber and Lyft rides are quoted as a ride for up to four people, but consider your luggage as well. If you don’t think your entire party can fit in a small four-door sedan, then it’s best to select an “XL” ride (fits up to six adults) or take two separate cars.

List of Uber and taxi fares to the cruise ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach

For more on riding with Uber and Lyft in Los Angles to the cruise ports, visit our page dedicated to the services.


Want to take a traditional cab? If coming from an airport where there are dedicated cab stations, it’s not a bad choice as there should be cars waiting for you. If you are anywhere else in the city, expect to wait at least a few minutes for your ride. Be sure to call early.

Above, we’ve listed the estimated taxi fare from popular areas to the cruise ports. Note that these are estimates, but they are usually higher cost than taking an Uber or Lyft. If coming from the Long Beach Airport (LGB), there is a $50 flat fare to the cruise ports.

Given the estimated cost, we recommend using a rideshare service over a cab.

Cruise Line Shuttles

If you are flying into Los Angeles then you can also use transfers supplied by the cruise line to get to the port. These transfers run from the airport to the cruise port on the day of sailing, and can also give you a ride back from the cruise ship to the airport when you return.

For example, Carnival provides transportation between Los Angeles International or Long Beach Airport to the Port of Long Beach. The cost is $35 per person each way from LAX and $32 per person each way from Long Beach Airport.

Other cruise lines will offer similar service at similar rates. 

If you’re interested in one of the cruise lines transfers, you’ll need to contact your cruise line directly (you can often book through your online account as well). However, for a couple of reasons, we usually suggest going with another option than a cruise shuttle transfer.

First, it is expensive. The rates shown above are per person. So a family of four is paying $35 each ($140) just to get from LAX to a Carnival cruise. Other options like Uber and taxis price based on the car, not the number of occupants. If sailing solo, these services can make sense. With more than one passenger, it usually ends up more expensive than a rideshare option.

Second, cruise transfers are extremely limited. In this case, they run only from the airports to the cruise port and only on the day of sailing. So if you come in early, are flying into an airport other than LAX/Long Beach, or are staying at a hotel in the area, then the cruise line transfer isn’t a viable option.

Independent Shuttles/Car Services

Sign for shuttle to the airport from cruise ship

If you are traveling with a larger group to port, or you simply want to travel in style, then your best bet is likely to look for an independent shuttle or private car service.

These providers can offer private service to the port, sometimes for less per person than a taxi or other service, assuming you have five or more passengers.

To be frank, the number of shuttles and car services in the Los Angeles area is extremely high. That means we can’t list them all here. Instead, we’ve rounded up a sample list of area companies to give you a good start to go from. (Note: We have not personally used these services, so be sure to research before you book.)

The prices quoted by these companies can vary widely depending on what sort of service you need and exactly where you are coming from. However, as a general rule expect it to be a better value the larger a group you need to transport. Be sure to shop around before selecting a service as it can save you considerable money.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the prices you are quoted won’t include gratuity, which can add on another 15-20% to your fare.

Hotel Shuttles

If you are staying in a nearby hotel before your cruise, ask if they have a shuttle. Many hotels, especially those that offer parking packages, usually have shuttles that can take you to nearby ports. Best of all, they are usually free to guests, but there could be a small charge.

Hotels in the area with shuttles include:

We suggest calling the hotel directly before booking to get the latest details on their shuttle service.

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  1. We did it with Lyft from the LA cruise terminal to the San Diego cruise terminal. I had checked the prices each week for a month, it varied from $155 to $165 to higher depending on the level of service. We scheduled a ride 2 days before at $155. It took about 2 hours (on Sat.) It will clearly depend on traffic. It was the least hassle with our luggage (4 pieces)

    • That’s a considerable drive. There might be a bus that makes the route. You could do Uber/Lyft, but that will be pricey.

  2. Im flying in to LAX and taking the Carnival Cruise, whats the best way to get there? I have heard of many horror stories about UBER/Lyft not being able to come to the airport or refusing pick ups. I didnt realize all the headache before I booked our flight on the same day we leave for the cruise so I am freaking out if we will have enough time to get there.

    • Haven’t heard those stories and have used Lyft several times between the cruise port and airport with no issue. The only thing is that at LAX you have to go to a designated spot to catch your ride. It’s a specific lot near Terminal 1. There’s a shuttle bus that will take you there.

  3. Just got off a cruise.
    Flew into LAX, spent the night at the Marriott LAX, then took a Lyft to the port, good price and time.

    To return to LAX, we used the shuttle provided by Royal Caribbean. It was more expensive, be we were afraid getting a Lyft at the port might be difficult, with so many people (~2850) getting off in about 2 hours. The shuttle worked fine.

  4. I am sailing two cruises in a row but on different ships from different ports. I need to get from World Cruise Port to Long Beach port on a Saturday morning. Being less than 20 miles apart I am concerned that a taxi or Uber won’t take the the trip because it is so short for them (they are looking for longer airport passengers). Will this be an issue for me?

    • No, it won’t be an issue at all. Uber/Lyft drivers don’t know the destination until they have accepted the fare and picked you up.

  5. Can you suggest a way to get from the Port at San Pedro to the Burbank Airport? My understanding is Princess Cruises does not offer a transfer to that airport. Thank you.


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