Using Uber & Lyft to the Cape Liberty Cruise Port

When you think of New York, one of the most iconic images is of a person waiting on the side of a busy street hailing a yellow taxi. While that’s still the case, transportation network companies — more well known as the likes of Uber and Lyft — have made getting around the area cheaper, faster, and less of a hassle.

In fact, while many people still use taxis to get from the airport or their hotel to the cruise port, Uber and Lyft are becoming a widely used option. The appeal is understandable. Using the services you can pick up a ride from your phone on demand, usually in a nicer, newer car than your typical taxi.

Best of all, the cost for using Uber or Lyft can often be lower than a similar taxi ride. (Note that the price comparison depends heavily on where you are coming from and going to.)

Currently, the services cover the entire New York City area, including airports and cities in New Jersey. That means no matter which airport you fly into or which hotel you stay, you are likely in the service area and can get a ride.

Here are maps of the service area. As you can see, the entire metro area is covered:

Uber and Lyft New York service area

Note: Uber/Lyft are available in much of the New Jersey area.

The region shown above is just what they consider their “New York” service area. The service is available everywhere from Newark to Paterson, Elizabeth, and New Brunswick, including points further from the city. Basically if you consider yourself to be in the New York area, then you can catch a ride.

While generally cheaper, unlike most places across the country, rates for Uber/Lyft in New York/New Jersey are roughly in line with their taxi counterparts. However, it does depend on where you are coming from and where you are going.

For example, if you are flying (or staying) in New York State and sailing from Cape Liberty, then you’ll be charged extra for your car going from New York to New Jersey. Uber and Lyft charge $20 per ride for going between the two states. This increase the rates somewhat and can make taking a taxi more affordable in comparison.

Estimated Fares to Cape Liberty

To give you an idea of how much Uber or Lyft would cost, we’ve rounded up some estimated fares between popular pickup locations and the Cape Liberty Cruise Port. We’ve also compared the fares to the estimated cost of a taxi.

Cape Liberty Uber, Lyft, and taxi fares chart

As you can see, the rate from the Newark airport in New Jersey to the cruise port (also in New Jersey) is drastically cheaper than a taxi to Cape Liberty. But when your ride originates in New York, then cabs can be a lot cheaper.

If you are not already and Uber or Lyft user, you can sign up in minutes by downloading the app to your smartphone. The entire process run through the app. You’ll request a ride from the app and pay via your credit card information stored in the service. This means you don’t have to carry cash and no money is exchanged directly with your driver.

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