Using Uber & Lyft to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Sailing from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal? If you’re looking for a way to get to the port, you could always take the traditional taxi, but these days Uber and Lyft are growing in popularity among cruise passengers.

The rise in their popularity is easy to understand. Taxi cabs have a reputation for being expensive, dirty, and having rude drivers. We’re not saying whether or not that’s warranted, but there’s no doubt that the stereotype has helped push people toward ride-share services such as Uber/Lyft.

These companies also offer affordable rates and are extremely convenient. With just a click on their app, you can request a ride on your smartphone and have a car within minutes. There is no having to call or hail down a cab. And as you’ll see below, the cost to get around town is often cheaper than a cab.

Best of all, the service area spreads the entire New York/New Jersey metro area. So no matter which hotel you stay or airport you fly into, you’ll be able to catch a ride through Uber or Lyft’s apps.

(As of July 2016, Uber/Lyft are currently available to pick-up from Newark, John F. Kennedy, and Laguardia airports.)

Here are maps of the service area. As you can see, the entire metro area is covered:

Uber & Lyft service area in New York

Note: Uber/Lyft are available in much of the New Jersey area. The region shown above is just what they consider their “New York” service area. The service is available everywhere from Newark to Paterson, Elizabeth, and New Brunswick, including points further from the city. Basically if you consider yourself to be in the New York area, then you can catch a ride.

Estimated Fares to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

If you are staying in New York, then as we mentioned, Uber and Lyft can offer some affordable rates, especially compared to the daily parking rate for a cruise. A trip from Central Park to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal would be around $35 for Lyft, but is estimated at nearly $50 for a taxi. For comparison, parking at the terminal costs $20 per day.

To give you a better idea of what you might pay, we’ve rounded up estimates for Uber, Lyft, and taxis from various pickup spots around the area.

Uber & Lyft prices to the Brooklyn cruise port

For those unfamiliar, here is a breakdown of the different options shown above:

UberX – Base service, carrying up to four passengers in a typical sedan
UberXL – Upgraded service, carrying up to six passengers in an SUV
Lyft – Base service, carrying up to four passengers in a typical sedan
Lyft Plus – Service carrying up to six passengers

If you are not already and Uber or Lyft user, you can sign up in minutes by downloading the app to your smartphone.

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