Why You Should Never Go Nude On Your Cruise Balcony

The cruise balcony. It’s your own private paradise with a million dollar view. And while it’s usually only about 20 square feet of space, we’ve heard of people that refuse to cruise unless they are sailing in a cabin with a balcony.

There’s a feeling of freedom that comes from a cruise balcony. Just knowing that at any time you have your own little quiet space to sit and watch the waves go by is calming — especially when most other places on the cruise ship have people all around you day or night.

And with seemingly no one else around, some cruise passengers get risque in the “privacy” of a balcony. In a recent survey, nearly 10% of passengers admitted to having public sex on a cruise ship, which explicitly included the cabin balcony.

If you’ve thought of getting down outside your cabin or simply wanted to get a little sun on those parts that normally don’t see daylight, there’s one thing you should know: that quiet balcony isn’t as private as you think.

Step out of your cabin onto the balcony and it looks at first glance like no one would be able to see you unless they were out in the water. A closer looks shows that’s not the case.

The partitions between balconies actually have a ton of room for prying eyes. The bottoms of the partitions are raised off the ground to allow for any water to flow through.

divider between cruise ship balconies
The balcony partition leaves plenty of room at the top and bottom.

Meanwhile, the top of the partitions are relatively short — less than six feet tall — to allow wind to pass over them.

That’s not all. Space between the ship and the partitions allow any prying eyes a clear view into your balcony from next door. We don’t know of anyone that would purposely look to try to catch a peek, but if you are walking in and out of the cabin, there is a small period of time where you can see straight into the other balcony, similar to a stall door in a restroom.

Close up of divider on cruise balcony
The bottom and sides of the partition allow for peeping eyes.

But there is one more way to see into adjacent balconies that you wouldn’t normally think of — the reflection.

If you have a balcony with a glass railing then the reflection gives you a perfect view of the adjacent balconies whether you want to see them or not. If you aren’t careful you can catch an eyeful… or someone can catch an eyeful of you.

Balcony reflection
The glass railing creates a reflection that allows you to see into other balconies, even if not trying.

Don’t get us wrong. We understand why some people would want to be a little risque on their cruise balcony. But going nude — or more — isn’t as private as you might think.

Have you ever accidentally seen something on a cruise balcony? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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Why You Should Never Go Nude On Your Cruise Balcony


  1. I am a photographer and was taking a picture with a high distance lens of another cruise ship off into the distance while at sea. When I got home and put the pictures on my laptop to edit them, there is was. A butt naked woman standing on her balcony. Lol

  2. I have been on 13 cruises, going on 14 in April. About half of the cruises we have had a balcony and every time we go nude and have occasional sex on the balcony. If the neighbors feel the need to be peeping then they shouldnt be surprised at what they see. That being said we do try to be discreet while having sex on the balcony and its usually later in the evening while the moon is out and nobody can see anyway. Have fun and enjoy life.

    • No doubt that it takes some effort to see into the other balconies (except for the reflection). However, it’s a risk that passengers should know about!

  3. I love going on cruises. I’m 30 years old and I have been on close to a dozen cruises. Some of them were the short 3 day trips others 7-10 trips and I must admit that I have has sex each time on the balcony and I have seen and heard other travelers having sex on their balconies. Who cares no-ones getting hurt and it is natural and no-one really cares. Just make sure you don’t do something like that is you have kids on the balcony next to you.

    • Right! It is those with prying eyes that are at issue. I get naked ALL the time on my balcony. If someone wants to look? Enjoy! Everybody stop being such prudes! If freaking 2018!! Party Naked. 🙂


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