Dropping Off & Picking Up Passengers at the Port of Charleston (With Pictures)

Headed to the Charleston cruise port to drop off or pick up passengers? First things first — pat yourself on the back. With parking costing $17 per day at the port, you’re saving your guests some serious cash for their cruise. That to say nothing of saving them the hassle and time of dealing with parking.

To help you navigate your port, we’ve provided all the details and pictures to help you get to the cruise ship and let your passengers get started on their trip.

For those unfamiliar, the Charleston cruise port is located on the southeast side of the Charleston peninsula, just south of the South Carolina aquarium. It has two entrances, one for regular cars and one for taxis and buses.

Charleston entrance gates

If you are not a taxi or car for hire, then you will want to take your passengers to Gate #2 of the Union Pier Cruise Terminal (this includes Uber/Lyft drivers). This gate is located at the intersections of Laurens and Concord streets. If you are using GPS, use the address 280 Concord Street to take you to the correct location.

Charleston port gate #2
Gate #2, where cars dropping off will enter the port.

Once arriving, you will need to show your passenger’s cruise documents to the port staff members. Once you let them know that you are there for drop-off and not parking, they will direct you to skip the parking line and go directly to luggage drop-off.

Here are the official instructions provided by the port:

“Enter via Gate 2 at the intersection of Laurens and Concord Streets. You will bypass the parking lane and proceed directly to the luggage tent. Cruise passengers will then proceed to the check-in location and the ship.”

Taxi Drop Off at the Port

If you are in a taxi, then you will go to a different location for dropping off passengers. Taxis and buses enter the port at the main gate.

Port of Charleston taxi entrance
Main gate, for taxis and buses

After entering, you’ll be directed to the luggage drop-off area to check any bags that passengers will be taking on the ship.


Picking Up at the Port of Charleston

If you are picking up guests after their trip, the process is a bit easier. You can simply pick them up in the parking lots in front of the cruise terminal, located at 196 Market Street.

If traffic is heavy, we’d recommend just waiting a couple of blocks away and letting the passengers walk to you. This will also make it easier to get out of the port area faster.

Taking a taxi? They will be located in the same area. If you are calling a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, we’d suggest meeting them a few block away if possible, to avoid traffic.

Map of where to pickup cruise passengers in Charleston


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