Reviewed: Royal Caribbean VOOM Internet at Sea (Speed, Features, and More)

Royal Caribbean’s VOOM Internet service is billed as “The Fastest Internet at Sea.” That’s good news because gone are the days where having Internet service was considered a luxury. Today, it’s a necessity. And even if you want to disconnect while on a cruise (which is a good idea) there are still times where you’ll want access to hop online.

Whether it’s checking in for a flight, sending a quick email back home, or checking in with work while you are sitting on the balcony, there is no shortage of reasons you might need access. As the public becomes more dependent on Internet access, cruise lines have made real strides to offer online access to their guests.

VOOM offers two different levels of service — a cheaper “Surf” package made for general browsing and checking email, and a more expensive “Surf + Stream” that offers the ability to video chat, as well as stream movies and music.

If you’re taking a cruise, then you might be wondering exactly how the service works, how fast it really is, and how much it costs. We recently took a cruise on Royal Caribbean to give you a first-hand look at what you can expect.

Price of Royal Caribbean’s VOOM Internet Service

Price list for Royal Caribbean VOOM Internet
Prices vary depending on the service you choose, but expect to spend between $15-20 per day, per device.

First things first, if you are planning to get online during your cruise, then expect to fork over some considerable money.

While we appreciate the complexities that are involved in accessing the Internet from the middle of the ocean aboard the ship, the price of the VOOM service is still considerably more than you would pay for service on land.

While rates may vary based on your specific cruise, expect to pay $15-20 per device, per day.

If you wanted the most basic service — dubbed “Surf” — then the cost for multi-day packages is typically around $15.99 per day. The “Surf” package allows you to do basic web browsing and email, but nothing data intensive like streaming content or video chat.

If you upgraded to the “Surf+Stream” package, then you are given speeds that let you stream things like music and video (such as Netflix or YouTube), as well as video chat. The cost for the upgraded service is usually $19.99 per day if bought as part of a multi-day package.

What if you just want to hop online for a single day or just for a few minutes to check email? There are time blocks available for purchase, as well as a daily rate that is higher than the multi-day package rate. In that case, the rate we’ve seen is $29.99 to access the “Surf+Stream” service for a single day, and $22.99 for the “Surf” package.

It should be noted that these prices are only for one device. If you want to connect more than one device at a time, then you will have to pay more. 

One tip: For the biggest savings you can pre-purchase an Internet package through the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner. The cruise line usually offers a discounted rate on Internet packages if booked ahead of time.

Signing Up/ Logging In to Access the Internet

Voom sign-in page
To purchase or sign-in, first connect to the Wi-Fi access point and then go to “”.

The sign-up process for Royal Caribbean’s VOOM service is relatively simple. First, passengers enable Wi-Fi on their device and then select the ship’s service from the list of available connections.

Then, you will open up a new browser window. If you don’t see a login prompt to connect, then simply open a window and go to “”. From there, it should walk you through the steps to sign up for access, including creating a username and PIN. 

You should continue to have access to the Internet throughout the rest of the trip, but if the connection drops or you disconnect, then simply make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi network and then visit “” again to sign-in.

During our trip, it seemed to help if we accessed the login page via a new private window, which cleared out any prior cookies from our browser.

If you have trouble accessing the Internet, there is a help-desk available on the ship.

Testing the Speed of Royal Caribbean’s VOOM Service

As mentioned above, we tested the “Surf+Stream” service. This is the faster of the two services. So how did it perform?

As promised, the service did allow us to stream content (more on this below), but the speed is slower than we are used to from home Internet.

During the course of the cruise we performed several different speed tests. These tests all returned results in the 3-5 Mbps range for download speeds. For reference, many home broadband connections range between 20-50 Mbps (you can test your current connection speed here.)

Speed of Royal Caribbean VOOM service
Our “Surf+Stream” VOOM access consistently measured between 3-5 Mbps for download speeds.

In other words, there is a slowdown that can be felt in browsing compared to what you might be used to back home. Sites may take a few extra seconds to load. In our case, checking email was perfectly fine, but surfing many sites (especially multiple pages at once) caused slowdowns.

That said, considering you are in the middle of the ocean, the speed felt adequate to us.

Reliability of the Internet Connection

It can be frustrating to try to access the web, only to have issues with the Internet connection. Unfortunately, we did have some issues with the reliability of VOOM at times.

During the first day of our trip the weather was bad, which has an impact on the connection. We had issues accessing websites and the service seemed to come and go. In fact, we had a similar issue during a morning storm later on in the cruise. There were also other times here and there that the connection seemed to be hit or miss for short spurts. Often it was resolved by logging out and logging back in.

Outside of these times, however, the connection was strong, offering plenty of speed and reliable uptime.

Bottom line: Don’t be surprised if the connection has some issues occasionally (you are at sea, after all), especially if you run into bad weather. For the most part, we found the service reliable.

Can I Stream With VOOM?

These days, streaming is a major part of everyone’s lives. The good news is that yes, you can stream with the “Surf+Stream” package.

We tested Netflix on the VOOM connection. According to Netflix, the absolute minimum required speed to access the service is 0.5 Mbps, with 3 Mbps recommended for standard definition streaming, and 5 Mbps recommended for HD streaming.

Streaming Netflix on a Royal Caribbean cruise
We had no trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube.

In our test, Netflix shows worked well. We were able to watch in HD. While loading took a little time, it wasn’t anything too long. We also had success with YouTube videos and streaming Hulu. In general, the picture showed up clear and crisp. 

In other words, yes, streaming will work on VOOM. In our tests it worked quite well. 

More Questions and Answers About VOOM

Can I Use One Account for Multiple Devices?
One of the big drawbacks of the service is that for a considerable price, you only get the ability to connect one device. So if you want to hook up with your laptop and your traveling partner wants to connect their phone at the same time, then you need to pay for two devices.

As a workaround, if you don’t need full-time access you can simply use multiple devices, with only one connected at a time. So you can login on your laptop and browse. When you are done, your spouse can then sign-in on their phone using the same account.

It will inform you the device limit has been reached and ask if you want to connect the new device. If you do, then the new device will login and knock the other device offline.

What About Video Chat Services Like Facetime?
Want to get in touch back home? During our cruise we were able to use Facetime on our iPhone. The call quality did depend on the Internet connection. Some calls were choppy here and there, while others were crystal clear. Overall, it was easy to talk to people back on land using the service.

Can I Use VOOM to Message and Make Calls on my Phone via Wi-Fi?
Yes. While connected, we used WhatsApp to both message and make calls through the app. It worked flawlessly, and the voice calls were crystal clear. Other messaging apps or wi-fi calling should work as well. 

While connected, Royal Caribbean says you should still your phone in airplane mode to avoid any potential roaming charges. While in airplane mode, you might have issues sending regular text messages. On our iPhone we could make iMessage texts to other people with iPhones, but could not send regular text messages to Android users. Messaging apps, however, worked fine.

Have more questions about the specifics of using the VOOM service? Let us know in the comments below.

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Reviewed: Royal Caribbean VOOM Internet at Sea (Speed, Features, and More)


  1. hi there we are going to Alaska on Quantum of the Seas and My teen needs internet for school work. How well does it work going thru Alaska?

    • Haven’t personally tested it in that region. But in general, it’s much slower than at home. If they are connecting via video chat, then it might be pixelated/laggy… or it could be clear (it varies in our experience). If it’s getting to websites to submit assignments, then it should be fine.

  2. I just experienced the worst possible internet service on R.C.’s Grandeur of the Seas. Speed measured in Kbytes instead of Mbytes, ping never less than 600 and even the end of cruise ‘deal’ cost $50 for 3 days of service. I did complain and was treated as if I were a computer novice, which I am not. They informed me that maximum speed was rated at 4 Mybtes but wifi service would be somewhat slower. Yes, 90% slower.

  3. We have AT&T mobiles, and see that they have cruise packages in conjunction with the cruise lines. So if we purchase their $100 unlimited package for each phone, does that mean we use it on board, and don’t have to purchase VOOM? And we use our phones as usual? Adventure of the Seas on December 15.

  4. I am booked on Liberty if the Seas and purchased a 4 device package. There are 4 of us going. Does that mean we all 4 can log on at the same time or do I need to have a package for each?

    • If you booked the four device package, that means you can log on all at once. If you book the one device package, you can all four use it, but only one person at a time.

  5. I sailed on Ovation of the Sea 7/5 – 7/12/2019. I purchased Voom for one device. It worked when it felt like working. I visited the Voom desk multiple times and was told that the area we were sailing in just had bad service. I paid nearly $100 for the week and did not get my money’s worth. They advertise that they are the fastest and best at sea. That is not true. It sometimes took me 30 minutes to log on. Very frustrating. I can’t even find someone to talk to about getting some kind of a refund.

  6. If I purchase the Voom, will I be able to use a fire stick on the Vision of the Seas? How is the internet connection on The Vision of the Seas?

    On the Independence of the Seas the internet is horrendous. Not worth the price. RC has fixed the TVs so you cannot use a fire stick even if the internet was faster.

    • We’d highly doubt it. The connection isn’t always great and the input ports on the TV are usually disabled.

  7. Currently on the Voyager of the Seas, off the coast of Vietnam.

    The service is much better than what we’ve had on Holland America in the last couple years.

    However it’s hardly “streaming” capable. I would guess that the massive use of handheld devices is causing the systems to collapse under the load. All of these devices are constantly making updates to Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc and the cruise companies are still not equipped to deal with it.

  8. Royal Caribbean Rhapsody INTERNET SUX! Connectivity was extremely poor and at times nonfunctional. It consistently dropped connections requiring one to constantly re-sign in. Speed tests showed under 2Mbps consistently tested over the course of 6 days in several areas of the ship which made streaming or uploading photos to social media simply impossible, never mind video calls. This indicated a switch not outputting enough POE to supply enough power to WAPS or simply not enough WAPS aboard for consistent coverage. Very disappointed that it was touted “the fastest internet at sea”. Completely useless and unmanageable. Seeking a refund.

  9. So if I paid for 2 devices, I assume I’m just given 2 codes? We have 2 rooms and hoped each room could use 1 device. (Even though one person bought the 2-device package?)

    • It’s not codes, it’s just that you login to use the Internet. With two devices paid for you will be able to login with both at the same time. If you only paid for one, you would be booted off the other device when a new one logs in.

  10. I prepaid for Voom on my upcoming cruise because they offered a discount precruise. So when I go to sign in, will they know that? I want to make sure I don’t get charged.

    • The system should recognize that you’ve already paid. Don’t worry though, there are staff members on the ship who are there to help people get online. If you have questions you can just talk to them to get everything sorted out.

  11. I´m currently in Mariner of the Seas, and have been doing several speed test fom my phone (iPhone10) and my laptop (Lenovo Yoga); I´m using the “Voom Surf + Stream” service, and the speeds have have been: Ping at 628ms, Download at 0.78 Mbps and Upload at 0.65 Mbps.
    Video chat is not possible. Video streaming is very very slow and poor quality.

  12. I tried to stream my DirecTV on my tablet while in port in Canada, and it did not work. I also tried to watch via Bravo’s website, and I got an error message that I could not use the service due to my location. I called DirecTV and they informed me that I cannot access content from my account outside of the US. Will I be able to connect while using Voom on a Caribbean cruise? I’d like the ability to stream live TV or view on demand shows during down time.

    • We aren’t sure, but would guess that you would not given that you will be outside the U.S. If you have Netflix, you can download some shows to watch offline. Maybe DirecTV has the same feature?

        • We’d love to know! We did you Youtube and Netflix and didn’t seem to have any issues with being out of the country. Not sure if other programs like DirecTV might raise an issue.

  13. Hi,
    I’m going on Anthem of the Seas in 2 weeks. I teach English to kids in China over the internet live each day. I had planned on teaching from the ship. Now, I’m worried. I’ve paid for Voom streaming but 3mbs won’t work. I need at least and a ping no higher than 100 at the most. Is there any service anywhere I can buy? Help!

    • That’s a tough one. I would guess that you can likely connect via Skype or a similar service, but the video will likely be a bit grainy through VOOM. You could connect to faster wi-fi when you are in port. Many restaurants and shops in ports offer wi-fi as a service to their customers.

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