24+ Things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay (Including 12 FREE Things)

What is there to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay? And what can you do for free?

The better question is what can’t you do? Since Royal Caribbean renovated the island, it’s become a premier destination in The Bahamas and hugely popular among visitors (roughly 11,000 per day!).

Things to do on CocoCay
CocoCay has an amazing amount of things to do, with something for everyone. Whether you want thrills or to just relax, you’re covered.

Whether you want thrill or relaxation… whether you want to be pampered or just hang out at the pool… whether you want to eat or drink… you can do it all on the island.

Today, CocoCay features everything from wide open beaches that are free to enjoy to a world-class waterpark to exclusive cabanas and beach clubs.

Below we’ve covered two dozen things you can do on the island, including a number of free things for you to enjoy.

Free Things to Do on CocoCay

The vast majority of the area around the island is free to access and enjoy. This includes the beaches, pool, and restaurants. We’ve listed your free things to do below. Keep in mind, however, that many activities do carry a charge.

Play and Relax on the Beach(es)

CocoCay Beaches
Of course, one of the biggest draws are the beaches on the island. Chairs and umbrellas are free for guests.

If you want to have a great time on CocoCay without spending anything at all, just head to the beach. There is a ton of coastline on the island and Royal Caribbean has put in literally thousands of loungers and umbrellas that you can use for free.

Play in the water, build a sandcastle, work on your tan… it doesn’t matter. It’s all a good time when you’re doing it in a tropical paradise.

One word of advice is to follow the coast around the island until you find a less crowded spot. The areas closest to the ship seem to fill up first. South Beach on the opposite side of the island from the ship seems to be less crowded.

Get a Picture in Front of the Ship
Of all the ports we’ve been to, we think CocoCay offers one of the best photo opportunities for your ship.

As you come ashore, take a left and head toward the “Chill Island” area of CocoCay. After just a minute you will start to cross bridge. From this bridge you can look back toward the ship and see it perfectly framed.

Royal Caribbean puts photographers here if you want them to take your photo, but you can also just grab a selfie from the rail of the bridge.

Play Some Basketball or Volleyball on South Beach 
Part of the South Beach area on CocoCay, Royal Caribbean has spots to play sports at the beach. The Sports Court features a basketball court, sand volleyball, as well as other games like ping-pong.

This area is free to visitors and a great spot to relax and play during the day.

Grab a Drink at the Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package)
There are swim-up bars… and then there are swim-up bars. CocoCay has a floating bar out in the water off of South Beach that’s a popular spot and fills up fast.

It’s located on the opposite side of the island from where the ship docks, just past the Oasis Lagoon pool. The bar, located about 100 feet out into the water (don’t worry, it’s not deep), can serve you up something cold as you relax in the water or on the floating bar. During the day it can turn into a fun place to throw a few back.

Just keep in mind in our visits this bar seems to be a bit more wild than other spots around the island.

Get a Free Bite to Eat at the Snack Shack

Snack Shack on Royal Caribbean's CocoCay
Hungry? There are several free options around the island, but a favorite is the Snack Shack.

If there’s one thing that will work up an appetite, it’s a day at the beach. Luckily, CocoCay can spoil you when it comes to food.

There is the large buffet area that serves lunch for free, but during our visits we fell in love with the Snack Shack. The place serves up items like burgers, dogs, salads, and fries, but it’s all a step above what you’d find at the buffet.

We especially loved the chicken sandwich, which had a lot of flavor. There are several of these spots dotted around the island, so you are never far from one. Best thing of all is that they are absolutely free.

Play Some Outdoor Games 
The island has some fun beach games for kids to play, including a game that’s a cross between soccer and bowling and another where you play pool with soccer balls. There is also large-sized “Jenga” and ping-pong tables.

If the kids are tired of the beach, this is a fun place to spend some time. You’ll find them on the far end of the Chill Island across from Oasis Lagoon.

Swim at the Oasis Lagoon 

Oasis Lagoon
Oasis Lagoon is a massive pool that’s open to all guests at no charge. Just know that it’s not heated and can be a little cool in the winter!

The Oasis Lagoon is a huge freshwater pool that’s located in the center of CocoCay. What’s so special about it is that it’s actually the largest pool in the Caribbean.

The pool sweeps around with several coves, each with their own personality. Want to have a rowdier time? Hang out near the bar that can serve you without even getting out of the water. Have small kids? The cove with the sloping entrance (so little ones can enter at their own speed) is nice and quiet for families.

Just know that if you go in the winter, the pool isn’t heated and can be pretty chilly.

Grab a Drink at the Oasis Lagoon Swim-Up Bar (Included with Drink Package)
We mentioned the floating swim-up bar earlier, but don’t think everywhere else means you have to leave the water to get a beer or cocktail.

The Oasis Lagoon has its own swim-up bar where you can order a drink and be served without drying off. It’s actually one of the most popular spots on the island and can get a bit crowded. If you’re a people person, it’s a great place to hang out and meet new friends.

Take the Kids to Splashaway Bay

Splashaway Bay on CocoCay
Splashaway Bay on CocoCay is a great way for smaller kids to get soaked.

Royal Caribbean is known for Splashaway Bay on many of its ships. The area has a ton of water features that allow kids to get wet and is a lot more fun and more interactive than just swimming in a pool.

CocoCay has its own version of Splashaway Bay, and it’s completely free. The area has plenty of spots for smaller kids to get wet and wild. It’s located right near Thrill Waterpark.

Takeover Captain Jill’s Galleon 
Another fun spot for smaller kids that want to enjoy the water, Captain Jill’s Galleon is right outside the entrance of Thrill Waterpark and is the first thing you’ll see as you come onto the island. It’s completely free to enjoy.

The ship has all sorts of water features, including cannons that can shoot water and all sorts of things to have a soaking time. Between this and Splashaway Bay, smaller kids won’t even think about the waterpark.

Have a Drink on the Bar Swings at Captain Jack’s (Included with Drink Package)
There’s not much that’s better than having a drink on a tropical island… unless you are sitting in a swing while you do it.

While there are a number of spots to get a cool beverage around the island, Captain Jack’s is a huge covered bar and restaurant. They have a full bar, music, and food for purchase.

What we thought was cool were the swings that line the bar so that you can sip that margarita while rocking back and forth, instead of just sitting on a barstool.

To be sure if you don’t have the drink package, then you’ll be charged for your beverage. However, the packages extend to the island, making your drinks included if you have it.

Take the Tram Around the Island
If you just want to see everything that CocoCay has to offer, then check out the free tram that runs a circuit around the entire island. You can hop-on and hop-off when you want, and it’s completely free to ride.

Not only is it an easy way to get from spot to spot instead of walking, but it’s also fun just to see the island the other passengers go by while you relax.

Things to Do on CocoCay for a Charge

While many of the spots around the island are free to enjoy, most activities incur a charge. We’ve mentioned pricing for several things below, but keep in mind that Royal Caribbean using dynamic pricing. What you pay will depend on your specific trip.

Ride North America’s Tallest Waterslide (Thrill Waterpark)

Daredevil's Peak on CocoCay

The first thing you will see of CocoCay is Daredevil’s Tower. The tower soars above the rest of the island with tons of slides looping around it.

The highest of those slides is Daredevil’s Peak. At 135 feet, it’s the tallest waterslide in North America. The ride down takes about 15 seconds as you circle the tower, picking up speed. It’s a high-energy adrenaline rush that’s unlike any other slide we’ve seen.

Keep in mind that to ride Daredevil’s Peak you will need to pay for admission to Thrill Waterpark, which usually runs $80-100 per person… though we have seen prices that are considerably more.

Race on the Dueling Demons Waterslide (Thrill Waterpark)
Is the world’s tallest waterslide not enough for you? What about two slides featuring a floor that drops out from under your feet, sending you screaming down the tube?

Dueling Demons is just that. Lay back in the nearly vertical starting chamber and then wait for the countdown before you plunge down the slide. The ride is over quickly, but it might take a few minutes for your heart rate to subside. You’ll find it in the waterpark, which features an admission fee.

Play in the Wave Pool (Thrill Waterpark)
Thrill Waterpark doesn’t just have slides, it also has a large wave pool. You can lounge in the dozens of chairs that surround the entrance of the pool, but the real fun is in the water.

Starting at a gentle slope, the water is relatively calm with some gently lapping waves. But as you head into the deeper parts of the pool (up to about six feet deep) the waves and water get rougher.

In fact, at the deepest part of the pool it’s just like being in the open ocean on a choppy day. The waves here aren’t just perfect rows. Instead, they bounce off walls and push and pull you in seemingly every direction.

Test Your Balance at Adventure Pool (Thrill Waterpark)
If you are traveling with kids to the Thrill Waterpark, then they can make a stop at the Adventure Pool, which is part of the facility.

The Adventure Pool is basically an obstacle course over the water. There are pads that kids can try to walk across, climbing walls over the water, and even a rope swing to launch into the pool.

While the wave pool and waterslides are great for adults and teenagers, the Adventure Pool is more popular with kids that are slightly younger.

Fly Across CocoCay on the Zipline 

A zipline course crosses the island, sending you flying roughly 1,600 feet altogether.

If you want an adrenaline rush, then a great way to do it is on the zipline course that criss-crosses over Thrill Waterpark and the cove on CocoCay. Measuring 1,600 feet among the different segments, you’ll get to experience flying through the air (while still safely strapped in).

You’ll see people riding the zipline as you enter the island, but the start of the course is to the right as you enter CocoCay, right near the Thrill Waterpark entrance. Prices vary, but we saw about $100 per person.

Relax in Style On Your Own Private Daybed 
Want to hang out in a lounge chair with an umbrella? There are literally thousands of them available all around CocoCay, and they are free to use.

If you want something a bit more stylish, then check out the daybeds that you can rent for the day. Large and comfy, they sit on the beach looking out over the water. Rent one (they run about $200 per day) and you also get a stocked water cooler and floating beach mats.

Rent a Cabana 

Cabana on CocoCay
If you want something a little more private, cabanas (holding up to 8 people) are available. Both beach and over-the-water options are available, but just know they can be expensive!

Is a daybed not quite enough? Why not upgrade to a cabana?

CocoCay offers cabanas in several spots around the island, including Thrill Waterpark, Chill Island, Oasis Lagoon (the pool), and the Coco Beach Club. Prices vary, but start around $1,000 for the day and head up to $1,500+.

For that price you get a private space for up to eight people (six at the Thrill Waterpark). The cabanas open-air, but are covered so you get some shade, complete with chaise lounges and a sofa. You also get your own waiter that can bring you food and drinks so you don’t even have to get up if you want to.

One tip: The cabanas in the Thrill Waterpark and Coco Beach Club include admission to those areas. If you plan on visiting the waterpark or the club and getting a cabana, you can save a bundle by choosing this location.

Rent a Kayak
Want to get out on the water? There are kayaks available to rent on CocoCay. Head out to get a view of the island from the sea and get away from some of the crowds.

You’ll find the kayaks on the Chill Island, the area to your left as you enter the island. Expect to spend about $40 per kayak.

Get a Dramatic View of the Island From a Balloon 

CocoCay balloon in flight
Those wanting a thrill (and a great view) can ride Up, Up, and Away if the weather permits.

One of the most unique things to do on CocoCay is what’s called Up, Up, and Away. It’s a ride on a massive balloon that takes you 450 feet in the air.

From there you can see for miles around the Bahamas, including all of CocoCay, surrounding islands, and of course the electric blue water.

The ride takes about 10 minutes and can hold about 30 people at a time. We’ve seen rates around $75 for adults and $45 for kids. If you’re worried about safety, the ride is attached to the ground, and it doesn’t operate on windy days.

Hop on a Jet Ski Tour
Ever seen someone frown while riding a jet ski? Neither have we. On CocoCay you can head out on a jet ski tour, driving your own vehicle. If you’ve never driven a jet ski before, don’t worry. They will show you the ropes.

Hop on and you’ll get to explore the island and the surrounding area with a guide for an hour. One thing to note is that the minimum age to drive is 16. The minimum age to ride along was recently seen at 10 years old.

Expect to spend about $100 if you are the jet ski driver. Passengers are around $40.

Do a Little Souvenir Shopping
What’s a vacation without bringing back a souvenir? On CocoCay there is a small straw market where you can buy something to remember your trip to the island. There are also small items like hats and sunglasses in case you forgot yours at home.

Be sure to bring cash if you want to do some souvenir shopping. While the rest of the island uses your room keycard, you need cash for shopping.

Indulge at the Coco Beach Club
One of newest areas of CocoCay is the Coco Beach Club. While most of the beach on the island is completely free, the Coco Beach Club is a private area where there is an admission fee.

In return for the admission fee (recently seen at about $160 per person), you get exclusive access to the club that features an infinity pool, a waitstaff to serve you during the day, a complimentary restaurant that serves lobster and steak, as well as simply a more luxurious experience compared to the rest of the island. (See our guide to the Coco Beach Club here.)

Be the Envy of the Island With Your Own Floating Cabana 
We’ve mentioned the cabanas before, but the opening of the Coco Beach Club takes things up a notch.

In this area there are over-the-water floating cabanas, similar to what you might see in Fiji or Tahiti. The luxury is pricey — we’ve seen prices as much as $1,800 for the day. For that amount, you get access to a private floating cabana for eight people (including the admission to the club, which runs about $160 per person).

Each of these cabanas comes with lounge chairs, a sofa, a dining area and even a slide into the water. As well, you’ll get your own concierge to get you whatever you need and full access to the Coco Beach Club.

Other Things to Know About Activities on CocoCay

CocoCay is one of the most fun private islands we’ve ever visited. Before you visit, however, there are a few more things to know…

Drink Packages – Obviously one of the most popular activities is to have a drink while you enjoy the beach. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that drink packages you bought on the ship also work on CocoCay. So you can have your fill without having to worry about the bill.

Thrill Waterpark – If you want the most bang for your buck, then we’d suggest the Thrill Waterpark. It’s a complete waterpark that charges admission. It’s easy to get 3-4 hours worth of fun out of a visit, but know that prices have seemingly risen sharply since it first opened.

More Things to Know – If you’re headed to CocoCay, be sure to see our 21+ tips and things to know about visiting. It will tell you everything you need to know before you even step foot on the island.

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24+ Things to do at Perfect Day at CocoCay (Including 12 FREE Things)


    • The pool has a sloping edge, there are beach wheelchairs, and the Coco Beach Club is available… just about anything is available outside of Thrill Waterpark.

    • Wherever you like. We will say that for the most part the waters have a sandy bottom, so there might not be much to see.

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