Worth It? Complete Guide to Coco Beach Club on CocoCay

Looking for something a little more “exclusive” on your next vacation? What about your own beach paradise, complete with high-end dining, a private beach, infinity pool, and even over-the-water cabanas?

Coco Beach Club sign
Coco Beach Club sign, as seen at the entrance of the lush tropical path that takes you to the entrance.

That’s precisely what you’ll find with the Coco Beach Club on Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay. While most parts of the island are completely open to visiting guests, Coco Beach Club is a private hideaway. Here, you’ll find smaller crowds and personal service, allowing you the opportunity to unwind in a more sophisticated atmosphere than elsewhere on CocoCay.

Of course, that exclusivity comes with a price tag — and a hefty one at that. So is the Coco Beach Club worth the money? Here are details on what to expect, what you get with admission, and our opinion on if it’s worth it.

What Is the Coco Beach Club?

Coco Beach Club restaurant
The Coco Beach Club is a private spot with a restaurant (shown above), pool, private beach, and cabanas.

Think of the club as a resort within a resort. On CocoCay, you have an entire island to enjoy. You can lounge by the pool, head to the beach, play in the waterpark, or grab a bite to eat.

But you are also sharing that space with literally thousands of other people. Paradise? Yes, but it can be a crowded paradise.

For those that want a little more elbow room, Royal Caribbean built the Coco Beach Club. Behind a winding path through lush tropical vegetation, you’ll find this part of the island that’s completely separate from the rest of CocoCay.

Inside the club there are a number of amenities, including…

Coco Beach Club Restaurant: There is an open-air restaurant serving up higher-end fare like filet mignon and grilled lobster.

Infinity Pool: Want to take a dip? No beach club would be complete without a pool. Here, there is a sweeping infinity pool for guests to enjoy.

Private Beach: CocoCay is known for beaches, but the spot here takes it up a notch. There are tons of loungers with umbrellas on a beach that’s only for guests of the club.

Poolside Bar: Of course, there is a bar at the club, sitting between the restaurant and the pool. If you have the drink package on the ship, it will extend to the island.

Cabanas: One of the big attractions to the club are the cabanas. There are two types — ones on the beach and ones that float out over the water.

How Much Does Admission Cost to Coco Beach Club?

As with many things Royal Caribbean, expect the cost of entering the Coco Beach Club to differ based on your specific trip. The cruise line uses dynamic pricing, meaning prices aren’t set, and can vary from trip to trip.

That said, we can share prices from a recent cruise to give you an idea. Just keep in mind that the price you see may be different.

In our case, prices for admission to the club were $199 per adult and $179 per child. There was a discount for booking early, which dropped the price down to $178.99/$160.99.

Keep in mind that this price is per person. So a couple who wanted to visit would need to pay $398 for admission for both people.

Note: There are occasional sales on the cost of admission. During Black Friday, we saw the rate cut by 50% for a limited time, from $199 on the ship to $98.99. 

What’s Included in the Entrance Fee?

Coco Beach Club pool
Entrance to the Coco Beach Club gets you access to a private pool, beach, and lunch.

So what do you get for your money? Your entry includes the run of the entire beach club — except access to cabanas and beverages.

You’ll have full access to the pool, included meals from the restaurant, and access to the private beach, with chairs and umbrellas provided.

As mentioned, cabanas are an extra charge and come with some more perks. In addition, the bar is still a charge, however, you can use your drink package from the ship if you have one.

Can I Go In and Out of the Club?

Yes. Ships come early in the morning and leave in the evening — giving passengers a chance to enjoy CocoCay all day. There’s also a lot to see and do around the island. It would be a shame if you had to spend the entire day in one area.

The good news is that with your wristband, you’re given “in and out” access to the club. Have kids that want to go visit the waterpark? They can go have their fun and then come back for lunch. Likewise, you can go explore without being denied re-entry when you come back.

What’s on the Restaurant Menu?

While the food around CocoCay is pretty standard beach fare — burgers, dogs, chicken sandwiches, etc. — the food at Coco Beach Club is considerably better.

We’ve included a picture of the menu below. Highlights include the herb-marinated filet mignon and the grilled Bahamian lobster. And don’t forget the appetizers or dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed the hummus, which was light and fresh — perfect for a warm day at the beach.

There is also a kid’s menu that includes burgers, chicken strips, and mac and cheese.

Menu for Coco Beach Club on CocoCay
Steak? Lobster? It’s all included on the menu at the restaurant.

Are Cabanas Included? How Much Do They Cost? 

Floating cabana on CocoCay
The floating cabanas at the club feature loungers, a sectional, your own stereo system, shower, personal attendant, and a slide into the ocean.

While the Coco Beach Club is hidden away from the rest of the island, there is one spot that’s visible — the over-the-water cabanas.

The club actually has two different types of cabanas — over-the-water, and those that sit on the beach. Each cabana is your own little private spot in an already private area. Unfortunately, they aren’t included with entrance to the beach club. In fact, you can shell out a lot of money for these coveted spots.

Over-the-water cabanas saw pricing of $1,899 during a recent cruise. For that price you get your own floating cabana and admission to the club for up to eight people. So you can enjoy the cabana, pool, restaurant, and beach during your day.

Each cabana has loungers and a sectional couch, towels, shower area, unlimited Evian, and its own stereo system. You also have a personal cabana attendant who can bring you whatever you need, including your meal from the restaurant.

Beach cabanas saw pricing of $1,499 during a recent cruise. For that price, you get essentially the same perks and experience as the over-the-water spots, except you obviously can’t just dive right into the water from the porch! These cabanas also include admission to the club for up to eight people, along with loungers, umbrellas, towels, a sectional, and your own cabin attendant.

One thing to consider is that at $199 per person, the admission for eight people to the club (which is included with cabana rental) is $1,592. So if you have a large group traveling together, it may actually be cheaper to get a beach cabana versus just paying individual admission into the club.

Is Coco Beach Club Worth the Money?

Coco Beach Club cabana
Entrance to the club doesn’t include cabanas, but if you rent a cabana, then your admission is included.

It’s always difficult to say if spending the money on something is worth it or not. After all, we all have different views on spending — especially on vacation.

From our personal view, we’d be hard-pressed to pay nearly $200 per person for admission to the beach club. Don’t get us wrong — the experience is top notch. The food is excellent and better than anything else on the island. And if you are wanting a quiet, relaxing time without the crowds, then it doesn’t get any better than the Coco Beach Club.

Our view is that we’d be happy to pay about half that much. The same sort of meal at any restaurant on land would run $40-50 per person. Add in another $50 to spend the day in a more private setting, and we think $100 per person would be a fair price.

Of course, many people pony up the admission price, including those that opt for the pricey cabanas. And in fact, that high price may be a tool used by the cruise line to limit the crowd size in the beach club. So if you like to let loose and pay up for a better experience, you aren’t alone.

If it is your first time visiting CocoCay, we think you’d be smart to spend your day exploring and enjoying the rest of the island, which has tons to offer. If you’ve visited before — or you simply know you want to have a private, quiet spot to spend your day — then the Coco Beach Club may be an ideal way to spend your day.

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