The 5 Cheapest Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Lots

Looking for the cheapest parking option for a cruise from Port Canaveral? Located about 45 minutes from Orlando (the nearest major airport and city), there are plenty of options for getting to the cruise terminal. But for many, driving is the best option.

Of course, if you plan to drive to the port, then you are going to need to park your car while you sail. Depending on where you park, that can be an expensive proposition.

Parking garage at Port Canaveral cruise terminal
Parking at the port is convenient, but it can also be pricey at $17 per day. A number of independent lots offer significantly cheaper rates to save you money.

The official parking lots at the port, while being extremely convenient, are pricey. You get to park right at the ship, but daily rates are $17, and you are charged for the day you arrive and the day you leave. So on a 7-day cruise, you can expect to pay nearly $140 just for parking your car while you are on your trip.

The good news is that a number of independent lots have seized the opportunity and sprung up offering lower parking rates. While these lots are all off of port property, some are very close and all will have a shuttle to get you back and forth between your car and your cruise terminal. In other words, parking at these other lots can be nearly as easy as parking at Port Canaveral, but cost considerably less.

How much less? Prices vary from parking lot to parking lot, but there are some that can be as little as $8 per day. That could save you about $75 off parking at the port for a week-long cruise.

To help you save the most money, we tracked down what we believe are the cheapest Port Canaveral cruise parking options for your next trip. If you find a lot that’s cheaper, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The lots below are what we believe are the cheapest, not recommendations. Be sure to do your homework (including reading reviews) before simply booking with a parking lot because it is inexpensive.

Cheapest Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Lots

Thanks to the competition between parking lots, you can find rates as low as $8 per day — less than half of what’s charged at the port.

GoPort Cruise Parking
Among the cheapest parking options is one that doesn’t even charge you by the day. The parking package from GoPort has a different spin — they officially let you park for free, but then charge for a shuttle transfer.

Here’s how it works. Instead of paying for parking by the day, you’ll simply be charged $60 total for a shuttle transfer for up to four people. That’s it. This represents the least expensive option we’ve found for parking and less than half what’s charged at the port.

The only hurdle is that at this time GoPort only offers parking for passengers sailing aboard Carnival Mardi Gras. If taking any other ship, then you’ll need to find a different spot to park. 

  • Lowest Cost Seen: $60 for a 7-day cruise
  • Distance: 5.5 miles
  • Website:
  • Phone: 321-735-8833

Cruisetime Parking and Shuttle
Cruisetime is located southwest of Port Canaveral, on Merritt Island. It’s only about 8.5 miles from the port and the ride to the terminal takes about 15 minutes. Parking rates are simple: Cruises of five days or fewer see a flat $50 charge while longer trips cost $8 each day.  Cruisetime also offers a shuttle to and from the port that’s included with your parking.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind, however. The cruise parking is charged by the day you are there, not your cruise length. (Most lots do this, including parking at Port Canaveral).

For example, if you take a 7-day cruise, you will arrive at the port on a Sunday afternoon and then get back the next Sunday morning. If you were to park at Cruisetime, you are charged for 8 total days because of both Sundays. Even if you arrive back and pick up your car early in the morning, the parking lot charges that as a full day.

Still, even paying for 8 days at $8 per day is much cheaper than paying for parking at the port.

Port Parking Space
If parking close to the cruise port — and getting a good deal — is important to you, then Port Parking Space might be the right fit. The parking lot is relatively new, but it serves as the closest lot that’s not the official port parking. The closest terminal (Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Terminal 1) is less than half a mile away.

Using a widely advertised promo code on the parking lot’s website, the rate was just $9.95 per day to park (normal rates are $11.95 per day) and includes a shuttle over the ships. With taxes and fees, the discounted total comes out to $93 for a seven-day cruise.

One thing to note is that the parking lot does not serve the Disney terminal.

Park N Cruise Port Canaveral Parking
Sitting right at the edge of Merritt Island before you cross the bridge to Port Canaveral, it’s hard to get much closer to the port than this. Still, the price won’t break the bank compared to parking at the terminal.

Rates start at $10.95 per day when booked in advance. When you include taxes and fees, the total comes to $99.73 for a week cruise during our search. That saves about $40 versus parking provided by the port.

There is a shuttle that runs every thirty minutes to get you over to the ship, so you don’t have to worry about how to get to the terminal on cruise day.

Port Canaveral Parking
Port Canaveral Parking is located on Merritt Island, just about 10 minutes from the cruise ships. It charges rates of $11.95 per day for parking, which is roughly $5 a day cheaper versus parking at the cruise terminals (the lot does offer special discounts at times). There is also covered parking available.

Like other lots in the area, you are charged for both the day you arrive and the day you leave, meaning that you pay for an extra day on your cruise. As well, taxes and fees aren’t included in the headline price. During our search, we found $109.78 after all taxes and fees for a week-long cruise.

Want more parking options? See our full list of Port Canaveral parking lots for your cruise. If you plan to stay in a hotel, you can also see Port Canaveral hotels with cruise parking to save money.

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The 5 Cheapest Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Lots


  1. I’m looking for the best rate for a five day four night cruise parking, offsite that will transfer us back-and-forth to the Royal Caribbean cruise ship ?

  2. Good Morning,

    Need some advise as to where to park in Port Canaveral, My wife and I are driving from Miami for our upcoming December cruise with MSC. Not familiar with the port options, so any adive will be greatly appreciated. I understand there are quite a few options, but would like to hear any feedback!!!

  3. Thank you for the information! We used to park offsite each time, but I think we’ll just go onsite this time around.

    When the rates at the port were like $15 and the off site places were like $5, it made sense. Especially for a three night cruise, it now makes no sense to park offsite just to save some change. The port is $68, off site is $48ish. But then, they charge tax, some charge fees, the port does not, and they want you to tip both ways on the shuttle, which a few won’t take the entire family for the same rate. That closes that $20 gap quite a bit. I think the $10 or so (possibly less) is worth parking at the port and shaving off the time. No waiting on shuttles. No added layers.

    I think it might still make more sense for a seven night cruise, but not really for anything shorter. For me, for a shorter cruise, the gap is just not worth the extra time and energy compared to the port for the very limited savings.

    • I tend to agree with you. It’s also really nice to walk off the ship right to your car and be on your way home.

  4. It’s 2022 – time for updated info, peeps! First of all, the rates have changed. Cruisetime Parking is now $9 a day, up from $8, and GoPort (at least as of 1/4/22) has a whole new pricing structure: $80 flat rate for any length, which includes one shuttle rider; two shuttle riders and you’re looking at $85. But at least both of these are total prices, which brings in the ‘sticker’ price vs. ‘total’ price dimension. Park n Cruise is now generally up to $12 a day, which includes up to 4 pax, but they charge additional port entry fee (sneaky!) as well as taxes on top, which brings the daily charge to $13.50 per day for a 7-day cruise – not much of a saving off of the on-premise option! It would also be prudent in these Covid times to be in the know about cancellation policy. GoPort doesn’t even give you travel credit if it’s within 3 days, and Park N Cruise it’s 24 hours, no refund (by comparison, Cruisetime says you can cancel up to noon, day of). The most important ‘lesson’ in all this? Things change: you should use sources like this only as a guide; for the most updated information, you need to do your own search, and do thinks like make your own phone-calls.

    • Thanks for the update. We’ll look to update this page ASAP. Love the “lesson” too! Things are changing so quickly right now. That’s why we provide all the contact information.

      • Appreciate the quick updates to the page – HATE businesses that, say, post their menus on their website, and then when you visit, the selections have changed, and the prices have changed. You updated your info very quickly – good job!

  5. We are looking for advice. We are a family of 10 taking a 4 day cruise in January. We are flying into Orlando and are trying to figure out our best option for getting to Cape Canaveral. We arrive at 8:00 and will need to grab a bite to eat before heading to the cruise terminal. On the way back, our flight is at 3:50, so we are trying to see if there is something do to besides sit at the airport.

    • You can head to the beach at Cocoa (where Port Canaveral is located). It’s a nice beach and even in January you might get some warm weather. There is also the Kennedy Space Center nearby. For food, there are a number of restaurants at the port such as Fishlips and Grills.


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