Port Canaveral Cruise Parking Discounts, Coupons, & Deals

There’s good news and then better news for people parking at Port Canaveral.

First, the good news is that compared to the vast majority of ports, parking at Port Canaveral is a deal. For instance, while the Port of Miami charges $22 per day for most cruise parking (and up to $28 for some Royal Caribbean cruises), Port Canaveral charges just $17 per day. And independent lots that are just a short distance from the port can offer parking for as little as $10 per day.

Port Canaveral has many parking options, including several with discount codes and offers that make your stay even less expensive.

The better news? Many lots in the area offer discounts or coupons that can make that price even cheaper. These deals mean that the price of your cruise parking can be cut dramatically, leaving you with more money to spend on your cruise.

Not every lot offers a discount, but those that do can be significantly cheaper.

Port Canaveral Parking Discounts (Official Port Lots)

If you park at the official port lots, then it’s a trade-off. It’s by far the most convenient as you can park right at your ship and just walk to the terminal. But it’s also the most expensive option. However, there is a way you can save.

Disabled Parking Discount: If you operate a vehicle with special equipment for a disabled person (ramps, lifts, controls, etc.) then the parking fees are waived. This also applied to those with a Florida Toll Exemption Permit.

Florida Disabled Veteran Discount: Port Canaveral allows those with a Florida disabled veteran license plate to park for free.

Port Parking Space Discounts

Discount Code: Port Parking Space is the closest “off-site” parking lot for the port. At the time of this writing, it offers a discount code of “CRUISE23” on its website. This code gets you parking for just $9.95 per day on some ships and $10.75 per day on others, compared to the normal $11.95.

Military Discount: Military members (both past and present) can verify their service with the parking lot to receive a code for 15% off of parking. You will need to show a military ID at check in to qualify.

Park Port Canaveral Discounts

Discount Code: Park Port Canaveral is one of the most popular cruise parking lots in the area, and offers a discount code to help you save. At the time of this writing, the promo code “SPRING23” offers parking for as low as $9.98 per day (plus taxes and fees).

Park N Cruise Discounts

Military/Public Service Worker Discount: If you’re part of the military or a public service worker (though the term isn’t defined) then you are eligible for a 10% discount. Use the code “veteran” or “pserv” when making your reservation online.

AAA Discount: If you’re a member of the auto club “AAA” then you can use that as the discount code when making a reservation to receive 5% off.

Disabled Discount: While it’s not clear what qualifies as a handicap, the parking lot offers a 5% discount for those with disabilities. Use code “hcap” when booking.

Port Canaveral Parking Discounts

Flash Sale: During our visit to the parking lot’s website, a banner touting a “Flash Sale” appeared offering 15% off of cruise parking. The offer said to use the coupon code “FLASH15” when booking. This would save you about $2 a day off the regular $11.95 rate.

Hotels With Cruise Parking

In addition to traditional parking lots, a number of hotels in the Port Canaveral area cater to cruise guests with parking offers. In return for a night’s stay, you can park your car while you cruise for free or at a sharp discount to the port’s fee.

To be sure, if you don’t plan to stay at a hotel anyway, then the cost of the room won’t be worth the savings on parking. But if you want to stay in the area the night before, it’s an easy way to save on parking.

You can see our list of Port Canaveral hotels with park and cruise packages here.

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