The Cheapest Way to Get From the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

If you are flying into Orlando for your cruise, one of your biggest questions is usually how to get to the port.

Your options are nearly unlimited. It goes without saying that tourism is big business in Florida. If there is a need by even a handful of people, a business will pop-up to cater to them. To get from the airport to the cruise port you can take a cab, Uber, Lyft, cruise line shuttle, rent a car, and more.

That said, we’ve found the cheapest way to get to and from the port is an independent shuttle. Despite the ride being about an hour each way, the volume of people traveling to Port Canaveral from Orlando can make things cheap on a per-person basis.

Here are three shuttle companies that offer rides from the Orlando airport to Port Canaveral for the cheapest price we’ve seen — $40 roundtrip:

Cortrans Shuttle Service
Cortrans offers four trips a day between the airport and cruise port. You can ride one-way for $20 or go round-trip for $40. Of the 250+ reviews on TripAdvisor, Cortrans is rated 5 stars.

Phone: 407-446-3896

Travel Orlando Transportation
This shuttle service offers the same $40 rate for a round-trip ride to your cruise ship. The company offers up to 8 rides a day from the airport, so you won’t have to wait long. Travel Orlando Transportation doesn’t have any reviews on TripAdvisor, but of 7 reviews on Yelp, it has a rating of only 1.5 stars.

Phone: 1-888-320-8497

Port Canaveral Shuttle Connection
Port Canaveral Shuttle Connection has five departures a day from the Orlando airport and three departures from the cruise port back to Orlando. Round-trip fares run $40, in line with the two options listed above. We’ve searched for reviews of the service and found none on either TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Phone: 1-877-800-2248

For more options on getting to Port Canaveral, see our port transportation page here.

Know of a cheaper way to get to the port? Tell us about it in the comments below!


  1. As you say Travel Orlando on Yelp does have low star reviews, disturbing that a rep. from the company does not respond.

    The lowest priced one at $14 (which may be the only way that can get customers based on their reviews) Port Canaveral Cruise Shuttle now has reviews and yes, there are a couple of five star ones on Yelp (that are two-three years old), which brought their ratings up but the bad ones (latest 2017) are REALLY bad and there is no rebuttal by the company, bad enough their shuttles are late, cancelled with no explanation and no refund, luggage (on a vehicle???) not being there when arriving but someone caught the driver rifling through the luggage!! Maybe they’ HAVE improved because of these complaints (as often happens) hope somebody (not me) takes a chance on them and if they have improved writes a good review!!!

    That company should not be confused with another company which is only .95 more $14.95 OW and $28 RT (and that may be worth your piece of mind) with a similar name that Kurt already mentioned and has mostly five star reviews on Yelp, that had the star rating brought down with some lower star reviews but the complaints are addressed by a rep. from the company that states that they take the complaints seriously and have changed things so it would not happen again, but the problems could stem from the fact that they contract out to a third party to provide the transportation and this company is They had one negative review on Cruise Critic but written 5 years ago.

    Called Cortrans and their good service may be due the fact that they own their vehicles and drivers directly work for THEM.


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