Overnight Stays at CocoCay? Here’s Why They Don’t Happen…

Perfect Day at CocoCay is one of the most popular cruise port destinations on the planet. The private island from Royal Caribbean has been transformed in recent years from a sleepy destination with beautiful beaches to a full-fledged must-see destination.

Royal Caribbean's CocoCay with ships docked
There’s lots to do on CocoCay… so why don’t ships dock overnight? 

The island has an amazing number of things to do. If you still just want to hang out at the beach, sip on a drink and watch the waves lap the shore, you can do that.

But there is also one of the largest swimming pools in the Caribbean… a complete waterpark with North America’s tallest slide… multiple restaurants… cabanas… an exclusive beach club… beach bars… a floating balloon to ride… beach sports… and more.

It’s quite possible that you could spend an entire day visiting CocoCay and not do everything that you wanted to do. Or you could spend an entire day and still want to do the exact same thing the next day.

That’s why some people love that Royal Caribbean does offer some cruises featuring two stops at the island. That gives passengers plenty of time to get out and experience CocoCay without having to try and pack everything into one day.

These calls involve stopping at the island, leaving in the evening, and then returning later on in the cruise.

But what about overnighting at CocoCay? If some ships make multiple stops at the island and it’s also a popular destination for passengers, why not just dock the ship overnight and let passengers enjoy the extended stop?

Of course there are logistical issues, including figuring out how to staff the island during the night. But according to a recent comment from a Royal Caribbean executive, guests actually prefer to visit on two separate days versus an overnight stay.

Balloon and bar on CocoCay
A Royal Caribbean executive said people seem to prefer to head back to the ship in the evening on CocoCay. So two separate stops are preferred versus one overnight stay.

During a recent “Coffee Talk” session with travel advisors, Senior Vice President of Sales and Trade Support & Service Vicki Freed fielded a question asking if overnight stays at the island are in the future.

“We have tested it from time to time. A lot of our guests, what they would prefer is really a two-day visit to Perfect Day at CocoCay,” Freed responded. “So where we go maybe on a Tuesday and then we go back on a Thursday versus just overnighting because they like to get back on the ship to have dinner and to see our fantastic entertainment and to enjoy all the things that there are onboard.”

“So they don’t see right now wanting to stay off the ship, although we’ve done fireworks and things like that. I think they’d just rather have a two-day visit versus just an overnight.”

And why not just have an overnight stay anyway and just allow passengers two days in port? In that case, it appears having a ship leave after one day allows easier scheduling.

“Now I’m sure you’re saying, but if they had an overnight, it could be a two-day, but we kind of like to space it out a bit so that other ships can come in the next day and enjoy Perfect Day at CocoCay,” said Freed.

Of course, just because there aren’t regular overnight stays currently doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility in the future. As for right now, however, it doesn’t appear overnighting at the popular island is set to happen.

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