Norwegian Cruise Line Raising Daily Service Charges (Gratuities)

The price of taking a cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line is getting a little more expensive. The cost of the daily service charge on the ship is increasing to as much as $20 per person, per day.

We noticed the change on Norwegian’s website, laying out the new charges. For bookings made starting April 1, 2022, passengers will see the higher service fee.

While not specifically outlined, if you already have a booking on the cruise line — and you have already prepaid your service charges — then you are likely grandfathered in at the lower rate.

The new rates are a relatively small bump, but mark the first increase we’ve noticed from a cruise line since they returned to sailing last year. Norwegian Cruise Line has a history of regularly bumping up these charges, including in 2019 and 2020 before the pause in sailing.

So how much is the increase?

The new rates starting April 1, 2022 are now:

  • $20 per person, per day for The Haven and Suites (previously $18.50)
  • $18 per person, per day for Club Balcony Suites (no change)
  • $16 per person, per day for all other cabins. (previously $15.50)

This represents a $1.50 daily increase for The Haven and Suites, no change for Club Balcony Suites, and $0.50 per day for other cabins:

The new service charge rates, as seen on

So a couple taking a one-week cruise in a typical balcony room would now pay $224 in service charges ($16 times 7 days times 2 people). Under the old rates, that charge would have been $217, so the increase is around 3%.

Sailing in The Haven? Then you’ll see a charge of $280 for gratuities for a couple, versus a previous $259. That comes out to an 8% increase.

Service charges — or gratuities as they are more often known — are a fact of life on cruise ships. The charge can be prepaid or added on to your bill at the end of the cruise. The money is collected and then doled out to staff members such as your cabin steward and dining staff who provide service during the cruise.

Norwegian applies the charge to all guests sailing that are at least three years or older.

If you have an upcoming trip that’s already booked and departs after April 1, then you’ll likely want to call the cruise line or your travel agent to see about prepaying the service charge. Doing so should mean you’re able to get the older, lower rate locked in before the price increases. Bookings starting April 1 will see the new rate.

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