Exclusive: Construction Update of Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral (Photos)

Are you one of the many excited about the construction of the new Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral?

The new terminal is built as the home to Carnival Cruise Line’s largest ship — Mardi Gras — when it arrives to Port Canaveral in 2020. The ship will hold 6,500 passengers, considerably more than any other vessel from the cruise line. And with that new size comes the need for an entirely new terminal.

All told the new terminal will cost $150 million (including other improvements to roads and access), making it the most expensive project in Port Canaveral’s history. The terminal isn’t slated for completion until June 2020 but we recently sailed right near it, providing a first-hand look at what the construction looks like at the moment.

The current progress isn’t much to look at right now, but you can see the walls of the new terminal put in place, as well as work going on to improve the waterfront.

Port Canaveral Terminal 3 construction

When completed the terminal will measure a massive 185,000 square feet, and have a parking garage to handle up to 1,800 cars. You can see renderings of what the terminal should look like below…

The one year until the terminal is completed should fly by.

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