Carnival Reveals Name of Newest Ship: Celebration

These days good news regarding cruising seems a little harder to come by. But Carnival just gave us something to look forward to with a special announcement.

This morning the cruise line announced the name of its newest ship. The Excel-class ship is a sister to the upcoming Carnival Mardi Gras and will be named Carnival Celebration.

That name has lots of history in the Carnival fleet and also ties in with the cruise line’s upcoming 50th birthday year in 2022.

“The name Carnival Celebration couldn’t be more perfect for a ship that will be a key component of our 50th Birthday festivities,” said Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line. “Many thanks to our celebrity partners who helped us officially ‘unbox the fun’ and reveal the name of a ship that promises to be a spectacular addition to our fleet. Carnival Celebration is our 50th Birthday present to our guests!”

The cruise line plans a number of special sailings for its birthday festivities, with the arrival of the Carnival Celebration in November 2022 being the highlight.

If the name Celebration seems familiar, it’s because the cruise line used to have another ship with the same name in its fleet.

Mardi Gras rendering
Rendering of the Carnival Mardi Gras, courtesy of Carnival Cruise Lines.

Similar to the name Mardi Gras, Carnival is looking to its past with this new name. The original Carnival Celebration sailed for the cruise line starting in the late 1980s up to 2008. Today the ship is known as the Grand Celebration and is part of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines.

Apart from the name, however, there are going to be very few similarities between the old Celebration and the new ships. The new Carnival Celebration will match its Excel-class sister ship at a gross tonnage of nearly 184,000.

For comparison, the Carnival Panorama, Carnival’s newest ship that’s already in the fleet, is about 134,000 gross tons. In other words, this new class of ship will be much larger.

It is also planned to have the latest amenities, including a shipboard roller coaster, lots of new restaurants, and completely redesigned staterooms.

Carnival Celebration is slated to join the fleet in November 2022, and will be homeported in Miami. Cruises for the ship are not yet available for booking.

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