10 Affordable Miami Spring Break Hotels & Hostels for 2019

If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in South Beach during Spring Break, then know that your search is going to be tough. As one of the most popular places on the planet for sun and sand during the spring, prices can be high in Miami during the height of the season.

That said, there is no doubt that some places offer lower prices and cheaper rates than others for your vacation. The trick is finding these hotels. Miami is one of the biggest tourist destinations on the planet, with hundreds — if not thousands of hotels. Searching through them all can take days and even weeks to find the perfect hotel for your trip.

The good news is that you don’t have to do all of that work. Miami is the biggest hub in the world for cruising, which means we’ve spent time in the area and countless hours searching hotels. When it comes to finding the top affordable Spring Break hotels in South Beach, we know what to look for.

Below we’ve listed our top picks for Miami Spring Break hotels, based on the following criteria:

Of course, when it comes to affordable hotels, price is the main factor. Below, these hotels may not seem cheap based on the total amounts. However, given the location and atmosphere — and the time of year — we can tell you that these are some of the best values for your dollar.

One thing to keep in mind is that just about every hotel in South Beach has a resort fee. This fee, usually between $20-40 per day is in addition to the room rate and usually buys you things like wi-fi access, bottled water, and beach umbrellas. To see a list of hotels without resort fees in Miami, read our article here.

Sure a hotel can have a cheap price for Spring Break, but if it’s a crummy hotel right near the airport, or a stuffy luxury hotel that discourages hanging out with your friends by the pool, what’s the point? All of the Miami hotels listed here have an atmosphere of fun for Spring Break (although don’t get too wild). That means you can have a good time without worrying about bothering the staff or other guests.

Want the cheapest hotel? Stay at a chain just off a major interstate. But that’s not great for your beach vacation. That’s why we put special emphasis on the location of the hotels on the list. All the spots below are in famous South Beach part of Miami, and all located right near the beach itself.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect and to find the right hotel for you, we’ve also included links to reviews on TripAdvisor.

Note: This article contains affiliate links to TripAdvisor. We earn a commission for clicks made on their website, at no charge to you.

Affordable & Fun South Beach Miami Hotels for Spring Break

Clevelander Hotel in South Beach at dusk

The Clevelander (Top Suggestion)
When it comes to South Beach hotels with parties, The Clevelander should be the start of your list. The hotel sits right on Ocean Drive, across the street from Lummus Park and the beach. The hotel wraps around a pool and bar, music is always bumping, and the hotel gets lit up beautifully at night. In other words, Spring Break doesn’t get much better than at this hotel. We’ve personally stayed here before and can attest that it’s the place to be if you want to have the classic South Beach experience. Prices will vary during the month of March, but we found rates in the mid-$200s.

Miami Beach International Hostel (Top Suggestion)
If you think of a hostel, you might think of huge barracks with rows of beds and not much else. That’s not the case here. The rooms are stylish and clean and there’s even a pool (with pool parties) for your use. As an added bonus, you’ll be surrounded by other travelers looking to have a good time at the hotel, meaning you can make friends in practically minutes. Rates start at $44 during Spring Break for a single bed, and it even comes with free breakfast and dinner.

Beacon hotel facade

Beacon Hotel
If you’ve seen pictures of the iconic South Beach art deco hotels lit up in neon, then you’ve likely seen the Beacon Hotel. It’s one of the most photographed hotels in the area. And while we wouldn’t necessarily call the Beacon a “party hotel,” there is no doubt that the hotel is in the heart of the action of South Beach. It also doesn’t hurt that you receive two complimentary mojitos if you stay during a weekday. Right across the street from the beach, rates run in the mid-$200s during Spring Break.

Best Western Plus Atlantic Beach Resort
When you think of Miami, you likely don’t think of Best Western. But this beach hotel is on par with others in the area, for an affordable price. In fact, we found rates for right about $200 for the middle of March.

What’s especially compelling is that this hotel is right near the Fontainebleu — the most famous hotel in the area and a huge hotspot for nightlife and parties. If you were to stay there, the rate would be twice as much as the Best Western. This way you can visit the Fontainebleu while also saving some cash.

Colony Hotel
Almost next door to the Beacon Hotel mentioned above, the Colony is another classic Miami stay. The restaurant at the front of the hotel (perfect for people watching) has tons of 2-for-1 drink specials at happy hour, including margaritas practically the size of fish bowls. Right across the street is Lummus Park and beyond that the beautiful beach. Expect the place to be buzzing during Spring Break. Prices are around $170 per night — a good deal to stay in the heart of one of the most energetic cities in the world.

Breakwater Hotel in South Beach Miami

Hotel Breakwater
A clear, glass-edged pool that overlooks a restaurant and the open-air bar complete with outdoor stage. A location across the street from The Clevelander with its hopping bar and pool as well. Being right on Ocean Drive. The list of reasons why Hotel Breakwater is a hot place to stay during Spring Break are countless. Best of all, we found rates for under $200 for a weekday in mid-March. It’s a classic South Beach experience that won’t break the bank during your break.

Majestic Hotel
With just 49 rooms, the Majestic isn’t going to be a wild party spot in itself, but with the location, you are in one of the best spots if you like nightlife. Downstairs there is a restaurant with happy hour specials, people watching on busy Ocean Drive, and tons of nightlife within just a few minutes’ walk. The rooms are simple and clean, with rates of about $215 per night during the peak week of Spring Break. Best of all, you are just steps from the beach, making it easy to go enjoy the sun and sand and then head back to the hotel for a break.

Hotel Ocean
With sexy and stylish rooms that overlook the beach, Hotel Ocean is an enviable place to stay. The good news is that by Miami standards, the Spring Break rates are affordable given its location right on Ocean Drive. For about $180 during the middle of March you can stay in one of their rooms, which also includes pool use at sister hotels and beach chair and umbrella at the nearby beach. You are also just about a block away from Villa Casa Casuarina, fashion designer Gianni Versace’s famous mansion.

Ocean Blue Hostel
Ocean Blue is the only hostel we know in this part of Miami that is right on the beach. With a rooftop patio (where you can relax with a hookah), you can stay around the hostel and have a good time or head out to enjoy the nightlife. Fat Tuesday — always known as a party spot — is right next door. The accommodations are basic (mixed gender or female only rooms are available), but the rates can’t be beat. You can find rooms during March for only $21 or so per night. That’s a screaming deal to be located so close to everything.

Whitelaw Hotel
We don’t think most people would suggest the Whitelaw as a place to stay for Spring Break because it’s not oceanfront. Instead, it’s on Collins Avenue, which is a block or two back from the beach. Still, it’s a trendy and chic hotel that’s within walking distance of all the hottest spots for nightlife; once you’re there, there is no real need to drive or cab anywhere. As an added plus, there is also a shuttle to and from the airport, making it extremely convenient. Rates mid-week during March can be as low as $140. Check out the hotel bar while you’re there for a chilled out place to have a drink while planning what to do next.

Still looking for that perfect hotel in South Beach or Miami? Check out our hotels with no resort fees or hotels that offer free parking.

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