South Beach & Miami Beach Hotels Without Resort Fees

If you’ve been searching for a hotel in Miami Beach or specifically South Beach, then you may have made an alarming discovery: resort fees.

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Many hotels in Miami Beach charge resort fees. We’ve rounded up a handful that don’t to help you save money.

Start to search for a place to stay and you’ll no doubt find that nearly every hotel in the touristy Miami Beach now has these fees tacked on to your total price for the room. So a hotel with a price tag of $150 a night might have an additional $30 “resort fee” tacked on, making the cost closer to $200 — and that’s before the sharp 14% in required taxes are included.

So what are these resort fees and can you avoid paying them?

Resort Fees Explained

Resort fees seem to have popped up everywhere in the past decade or so. They are essentially a mandatory fee the hotel adds to the bill, which can cover everything from wi-fi to a welcome drink to an umbrella and chair on the beach.

Hotels in Miami Beach and South Beach seem to love these fees as they can put more money in their pocket. After all, a hotel with a $35 resort fee per day gets an extra $100 from a traveler on a three-night stay. 

And because they are considered mandatory, they can be tough to get out of paying. Yes, you could always speak with the front desk to see about them being removed, but who wants to have an argument over fees while on their vacation?

That makes the smartest choice to simply avoid hotels that charge resort fees altogether. The truth is that can be hard to do in this area. However, we spent hours looking through hotels to see who charges these fees and who doesn’t so that you don’t have to do the hard work.

The following list of South Beach/Miami Beach hotels have no resort fees, according to our research. We’ve included links to Kayak so you can read reviews of these hotels from travelers like you.

Given the spread of these fees, however, we would suggest you double check with the hotel before you book to make sure a fee hasn’t been instituted. Fees should be clearly stated before you book the room.

Note: This article contains links to Kayak that are affiliate links. We earn a commission for clicks made on their website, at no charge to you. Ratings come from Google and are rounded to the nearest half point.

Hotels in Miami Beach and South Beach

Miami Beach Hotels with no Resort Fees

Best Western Plus Atlantic Beach Resort
Think of Miami Beach, and boutique art deco hotels may spring to mind. Most people likely don’t think of Best Western when they consider a stay in the area. However, this hotel may make you think twice. It’s located beachfront and just a short walk from the famous Fontainebleau resort down the Miami Beach boardwalk. If you want an affordable stay in a prime location, it’s hard to beat this spot.

Our search showed the traditional 14% hotel taxes when booking, but no resort fee as seen with most other hotels in the area.

  • Review rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Phone: 305-673-3337
  • Address: 4101 Collins Ave.

Hilton Garden Inn Miami South Beach
While the hotel bills itself as being in South Beach, we’d actually consider it more Mid-Beach. A block from the water, it’s a smart idea for those looking for a place near the action and just a few minutes from the heart of the classic South Beach Ocean Drive. (It’s also close to the Miami Beach Convention Center if you’re headed there.) A phone call and online reservation confirmed that there is no resort fee for the hotel at this time.

  • Review rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Phone: 305-642-7656
  • Address: 2940 Collins Ave.

The Setai
If you want high-end, then The Setai Miami Beach is likely exactly what you’re looking for. It even was voted the #1 resort hotel in Miami Beach by Travel & Leisure. With that sort of credential, you should know that yes, it’s upscale and luxurious. Rates start around $600 but often go higher, so be prepared to open your wallet.

The good news is that there is no extra fee like you find at many other properties in Miami Beach. As well, there are offers for free nights with extended stays.

  • Review rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Phone: 305-520-6000
  • Address: 2001 Collins Ave.

Ocean Five
If you want a spot in the heart of South Beach, this is it. It’s located on Ocean Drive, just back from the beach. From here you can walk to all the night clubs, beach, restaurants, and Lummus Park. And yes, it’s in the classic South Beach art deco style that’s known the world over. Despite that location, it’s also budget friendly. 

We called the hotel and went through the online booking process. Both confirmed no resort fee, making it one of the few in the heart of South Beach without the charge.

  • Review rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Phone: 305-532-7093
  • Address: 436 Ocean Drive

The Shepley South Beach Hotel
This hotel was built in 1937 in that now-classic art deco style. Today, the hotel is small with only 29 rooms, making it perfect for those looking for a spot that’s not as big and crowded as some of the larger hotels. Meanwhile, it sits just one block back from the beach on Collins Avenue right in the middle of South Beach. 

Even with that location (and strong reviews) the spot is affordable, with prices less than $150 per night in many cases. Add to that there is no resort fee, which is a rarity in the area. 

  • Review rating: 4.5 out of 5
  • Phone: 786-260-6124
  • Address: 1340 Collins Ave.

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South Beach & Miami Beach Hotels Without Resort Fees


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