The 10 Busiest North American Cruise Ports By Passengers

Once again, Miami takes the cake has the busiest cruise port in North America. However, the rest of the list might surprise you!

The three busiest ports are all in Florida, however, a number of Caribbean ports trail closely behind. Also notably is that all 10 of the busiest ports tallied more than 1 million visitors last year.

These numbers are for 2016 come from Cruise Industry News. You can see the full list of the world’s busiest ports here.

North America’s Busiest Cruise Ports

  1. Miami: 4,898,000 passengers

2. Port Everglades: 3,890,000 passengers

3. Port Canaveral: 3,685,833 passengers

4. Cozumel: 3,637,321 passengers

5. Nassau: 2,034,685 passengers

6. U.S. Virgin Islands: 1,776,685 passengers

7. Galveston: 1,730,289 passengers

8. Grand Cayman: 1,711,565 passengers

9. St. Maarten: 1,668,863 passengers

10. Jamaica: 1,655,565 passengers

Bonus – New Orleans: 1,070,323 passengers

Bolded names indicate mainland U.S. ports.

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