10 Must-Have Cruise Gadgets for Your Next Trip

Part of the fun of heading out on a cruise? Shopping for all the things you need before your trip. From a new outfit for formal night to toys for the beach, there are all sorts of fun items that you can bring along to make your cruise more memorable.

That’s why we recently went in search of some of the most interesting gadgets we could find for your next trip. From the offbeat to the useful, all of these items have one thing in common — they are likely to be items you’ll want for your next trip.

Water-Resistant Flexible Safe

Want somewhere to store your valuables while you enjoy the beach or the pool? This flexible safe (as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank) is water-resistant and can attach to the arm of your beach chair. Then you close the top and lock it with a three-digit combination. Great for those worried about leaving valuables on the beach unprotected. $45 on Amazon

Wrinkle-Release Spray (TSA Compliant)

wrinkle spray

If you’re worried about wrinkles when you unpack your clothes, then this spray is just the thing. Now you don’t have to worry about getting out the iron on your vacation. Simply spray the wrinkled item, hang it in the closet and let the spray do the work. Comes in a small bottle so you can pack it with you even if you have to fly to your cruise port. $6 on Amazon

Fashionable Money Belt

Travel pouch

Want the convenience of a fanny pack without the bulk? This stylish belt comes in a ton of colors and sits flat against your body. Put in your passport, cash, cell phone and more, so they are always at an arm’s reach, but safe from pickpockets. $24 on Amazon

Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

Secure shoulder bag

If you need a little space for what you bring to port, then this bag is just the thing. It may look like a normal shoulder bag, but it has several features built in for security. It’s body and straps are slash resistant so that a perp can’t just cut the bag and run away with it. It also features RFID-blocking pockets to stop identity theft and locking zippers that can’t be easily opened by a potential pickpocket. Comes in more than a dozen colors. $31 on Amazon

Packing Pouches

Packing pouches

Are you an extremely organized packer? These pouches give everything you pack its place. The set of 7 with zippered closures come in all sorts of sizes. Great for for keeping toiletries all packed in one convenient place. $14 on Amazon

Lightweight Collapsible Backpack

Lightweight backpack

If you want something to carry a change of clothes and some towels — without the bulk of a regular backpack — check out this lightweight bag. Because of the polyester material, it’s no big deal if it gets wet because it will dry quickly. If you don’t need it, the bag also folds down into a small pouch that takes up hardly any space in your luggage. This is perfect for port days when you only need a small bag that you don’t mind getting wet. $17 on Amazon

Sunscreen Flask

Sunscreen flask

If you decide to sneak alcohol onto your cruise, we won’t tell anyone. But you’ll need a good way to do it. These flasks look like they might work. This two-pack comes with funnels to fill and caps to reseal the top of the bottle so that they look untampered with. Just know that if you are caught sneaking alcohol, it will be confiscated. $20 on Amazon

Waterproof Pouches

Waterproof pouches

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. These bags come in three different sizes and feature a hook and loop closure that folds down to seal out water. Also include a lanyard on each bag to make it easier to hold. Grab a couple of these and toss your cash in to take with you while you swim and you won’t have to worry about carrying soggy pesos. $7 on Amazon

Night light with USB Charging

USB Nightlight

Plug space is at a premium in a ship’s cabin. At the same time, there is always a need for a night light — especially if you are in a dark interior cabin. This gadget solves both problems. The night light will help you from stumbling around in a dark, unfamiliar ship cabin while the USB plugs give you the perfect spot to charge your phone or tablet. $15 on Amazon

Full Face Snorkel

Full face snorkel

This snorkel looks radically different than the masks we all grew up with, but it’s a great improvement on the traditional design. The full face snorkel provides a 180-degree view, and because it covers your face, you can still breathe through your nose instead of through your mouth like a traditional snorkel. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes that will appeal to kids and adults, both male and female.

We recently reviewed one of these full-face snorkels. The difference between a regular mask is like night and day. $80 on Amazon.

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