15 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Cruise Lovers (2017 Edition)

When it comes to that person on your gift lift that loves cruising, what can you get them? The most obvious answer is a cruise, but that’s often way too much money to spend on a single gift. (If you are the interested in buying a cruise for a loved one for Christmas, be sure to read our tips on cruise buying.)

Luckily, there are all sorts of fun gifts for cruise lovers that they will be thrilled to receive. To give you some ideas, we’ve rounded up a list of fun and unique gifts that anyone who loves to cruise is sure to like.

Full Face Snorkel

Full face snorkel

This snorkel looks radically different than the masks we all grew up with, but it’s a great improvement on the traditional design. The full face snorkel provides a 180-degree view, and because it covers your face, you can still breathe through your nose instead of through your mouth like a traditional snorkel. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes that will appeal to kids and adults, both male and female.

We recently reviewed one of these full-face snorkels. The difference between a regular mask is like night and day. $80 on Amazon.

Cruise Junkie Money Belt

Money belt

Keep valuables safe while you are in port. Want to carry your cash, credit cards, and passport without worrying about being pickpocketed? This money belt fits securely under your shirt, with a ton of pockets and compartments for everything you need to carry. Even has a spot for your cell phone. $20 on Amazon

Cruise Ship Decking Bookmark

Bookmark made from Carnival Triumph

By far the most unique gift idea for a guy who likes to cruise. This bookmark is made with actual teak decking from the Carnival Triumph. We can’t think of a better accessory to give an avid cruiser who also loves to read. $30 on Etsy

Easy-roll Luggage

Rolling luggage

Whether headed to a cruise ship or an airport, it makes things so much easier when your luggage is easy to handle. That’s why we like these suitcases. With four wheels, you can push it any direction instead of having to carry it behind you like other two-wheeled models. Plus, for just $80 you can get two cases (depending on color). They also come in a ton of colors. $80 on Amazon

Personalized Travel Map


It’s a cute and thoughtful way to remember a special cruise. These maps are personalized based on the actual trip that you’ve taken. Put your homeport, all your stops, and more to create a one-of-a-kind memory of your trip. Prices vary based on size and type of print. Available on Etsy

“Boat Hair Don’t Care” Tank

Bad hair tee

You know that feeling when you are on a cruise. Suddenly, all those little ticky-tack things you worry about on shore just melt away. Now you have a drink in your hand, sun on your face, and maybe even your toes in the pool. This fun tank top that shows off that attitude perfectly. $23 on Etsy

Waterproof Dry Bag

Freegrace waterproof dry bag

There’s always a conundrum when you head out in the water. What do you do with your valuables? That’s why we suggest having a drybag. Put your items in the bag, seal, and roll it up and you have a splash-proof container that you can take into the water with you. No more having to worry and keep an eye on your valuables on shore. They also come in practically any color you’d want and with a waterproof phone case.

We recently reviewed three different bags and this one by Freegrace was the clear winner. $19 on Amazon.

Personalized Cruise Ship Ornament

Cruise ornament

Want to remember that special cruise every year? This personalized Christmas ornament is just the thing. Hang it on your tree and you’ll always have a cute reminder of the warm breeze in your face during the cold winter season. Measures approximately 3.5 inches in width. $9 on Etsy

Waterproof Camera

Waterproof camera

When it comes to cameras, many people just use their phones. But phones have definite limitations. A real handheld camera typically offers better resolution and image quality — especially in low light situations. If you are buying for a cruiser, they will appreciate having a camera that can go anywhere they do. So if they are playing with the kids in the water, they don’t have to worry if their camera gets a little wet. $400 on Amazon

Cruise Ship Model

Cruise ship model

This is the most intricate ship model we’ve ever seen and a great display piece for a living room or office. It measures more than three feet long and comes with a display base and name plate. There are several different ships available, so you can pick your favorite one. $419 on Etsy

Microfiber Beach Blanket

Beach blanket

If you want to spend any time on the beach, then you have to get this beach blanket. It’s micofiber cloth means that it packs up small and light — saving valuable space. What we like most is the size. It’s so much larger than simply laying down a couple of pool towels to keep you off the sand. $25 on Amazon

Waterproof Valuables Case


Whether you are hanging by the pool or don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach while taking a dip, a waterproof case is a must-have. Use it to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and anything else dry as a bone so you don’t have to worry just because you want to go swimming. You can get two bags for $20 on Amazon

Slip-Resistant Flip Flops

Non-slip flip-flops

Ok, flip flops might not be an obvious choice during the cold Christmas months, but these look like they would be the most comfortable flip-flops ever and the textured bottoms are perfect for walking around on slippery poolside decks. Best of all, the reviews for them are outstanding.

Quick-Dry Mesh Bag


Have a couple of towels, a change of clothes, your hat, sunscreen, bottle of water, and a book? Whew! You’re going to need somewhere to put all that stuff as you head to the beach or the pool. This oversized mesh bag is perfect. It’s lightweight and will dry fast even if it gets a little wet. $11 on Amazon

Security Money Belt

Travel pouch

Want the convenience of a fanny pack without the bulk? This stylish belt comes in a ton of colors and sits flat against your body. Put in your passport, cash, cell phone and more, so they are always at an arm’s reach, but safe from pickpockets. $24 on Amazon


Have other Christmas gifts that you think are perfect for cruise lovers? Let us know in the comments below.

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