Luggage and Baggage Rules for Taking a Cruise (How Much Can I Bring?)

How much luggage can I bring on a cruise? Can I bring shampoo? Can I bring drinks or alcohol? What about food? Will my bags be searched?

If you’re a first-time cruiser, you might have a number of questions about what you can — and can’t — pack for a cruise. The good news? The rules surrounding cruise luggage are far simpler and more straightforward than what you’ll find on a flight.

Suitcase packed for a cruise
Packing for a cruise is much easier than packing for a flight. Still, there are a number of things you’ll want to know before you prepare your suitcase.

In fact, you can think of the rules surrounding your luggage as more similar to traveling to a hotel versus traveling on a flight.

Still, if you’re taking a cruise, chances are you’re going to pack a little more than a toothbrush. So you no doubt have a few questions about luggage and baggage on the ship.

We’ve rounded up answers to some of the most common questions…

How much luggage can I bring on a cruise?

The best news about packing is that there is no (reasonable) limit on how much you can bring on a cruise. Most cruise lines “encourage” or “suggest” each passenger to limit luggage to two suitcases, each one less than 50 pounds. In addition, you can also bring carry-on luggage (more on that in a moment).

While there are no strict restrictions on your checked baggage, you should keep a few common sense items in mind.

First, know that you have to get all your luggage to and from the cruise ship. If you are flying, that may mean extra fees for extra bags. And even if you are driving to the cruise terminal, you still have to carry (or arrange for someone else to carry) all that luggage.

We encourage people to pack reasonably. There is no harm in wearing the same thing twice during a cruise — many others will be doing just that. As well, every ship has laundry service if you need it.

If you are taking more than one piece of luggage and one carry-on to take a week-long cruise, then you are likely overpacking.

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Are there baggage fees on cruises?

Unlike airlines, there are no baggage fees for the luggage you bring on a cruise. Bring what you want, as there is no extra charge.

That’s good news, but if you are flying to the port, remember that you could be charged by the airline for bags you bring on the plane. That’s another reason it’s smart to pack light if you can.

Are there restrictions on what I can bring?

Two bags taken on a cruise
We prefer to simply carry on our luggage so that it’s with us as soon as the room is ready. However, you can check your bags and they are delivered to the cabin later in the day.

Of course. You can’t bring weapons such as guns or long knives on board. If it’s even questionable (such as pepper spray), it’s best to just leave it at home. Scissors are also restricted.

More importantly, except for lighters, you can’t bring anything dealing with fire. Fire is the biggest risk on board a ship. For that reason, irons are restricted, as are candles and incense. Flammable liquids are also prohibited. If you think it could start a fire, it’s best to leave it at home.

Cruise lines also have restrictions on alcohol that you can bring on board. Most will let you bring some sort of wine or champagne, but only in small quantities. Beer or hard liquor are almost never allowed. Click here to read more about bringing alcohol on a cruise.

Prohibited items on cruise ships:

  • Drugs (including marijuana and CBD, even if legal in the state you are sailing from)
  • Weapons
  • Explosives or fireworks
  • Flammable items
  • Beer/liquor
  • Heat-producing appliances (curling irons/hair dryers are ok)
  • Blades longer than 4″
  • Hoverboards

What happens if I bring something that I’m not supposed to?

Accidentally pack something that’s against the rules? Expect it to be removed from your bag when found — that includes alcohol, weapons, or other items.

Depending on the cruise line policy and what you item is, it may be held and returned to you at the end of the cruise or it may just be confiscated. For that reason, we suggest being very careful about what you pack to avoid running afoul of the luggage rules.

If it’s an illegal substance that’s found, you may be getting a visit from law enforcement.

Can I bring a curling iron, hair straightener or a hair dryer?

In the humidity of a cruise, some people’s hair goes wild. We understand.

The good news is that while clothes irons aren’t allowed, you can bring things like a straightener, hair dryer or curling iron. You should definitely be careful, and not forget to unplug them when not in use (in fact, room stewards may do so if they see it left unattended when servicing your room).

As for hair dryers, you can bring one from home, but cruise cabins have these built in, similar to a hotel. They are small, but can get the job done for a few days of vacation. There is no real reason to take up the luggage space, unless you just can’t live without your specific hair dryer.

Can I bring food on a cruise?

If you have special dietary restrictions and want to bring special foods, then it’s best to contact the cruise line to get all the ins and outs of how to bring your food. One nice thing is that cruise lines can meet almost any dietary restriction you might have.

If you’re simply wanting to brings some snacks, then you are welcome to do so. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a cruise will go to several different countries. That means customs officials worry about things like foreign pests and disease.

For that reason, any food you bring on board needs to be pre-processed, packaged, and unopened. You can’t bring homemade items. You also want to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables.

Does the “3-1-1” liquids rule apply to cruises?

The “3-1-1” rule is ubiquitous in airports. It’s the rule that you can only bring liquids three ounces or less in a one quart plastic bag, with one bag per passenger. The rule is a thorn in the side of many travelers.

For everyone’s sanity, this rule does not apply to cruise ships. Bring shampoo from home or a bottle of hairspray or a full-sized tube of toothpaste. Just keep in mind that if you have to fly to the port, then you’ll still have to meet the guidelines on liquids for air travel.

Can I bring alcohol in my bags when boarding?

If you want to bring beer or liquor on your cruise, then the bad news is that these aren’t allowed to be brought on ships. If they are found, they will be removed and discarded. (You can buy alcohol in ports of call and bring it home, but it’s held for you until the end of the cruise.)

The good news? Most cruise lines do allow you to bring a bottle or two of wine or champagne.

The amount varies among cruise lines, but it’s usually one bottle (750 mL) per adult in a cabin. When you bring this on, just keep it in your carry-on luggage. You don’t want to put it in checked luggage where it can possibly be broken.

Can I bring non-alcoholic drinks on a cruise?

Yes, but only on some cruise lines. Major lines Carnival and Royal Caribbean have more relaxed rules that allow you to bring small quantities (usually 12 or fewer) drinks on board with you. Norwegian does not allow you to bring aboard drinks.

So if you want to have a Coca-Cola or juice and don’t want to buy it on the ship, then you can bring it with you as you board.

Note that not every cruise line allows this, so you’ll want to see if the specific rules for your line. We have a list of cruise line policies around non-alcoholic drinks here.

What about rules for carry-on luggage for my cruise?

When you arrive at the port, you will check your large luggage (unless you want to carry it all on). This luggage will be carted off, X-rayed, put aboard the ship, and then delivered to your room later that day. That entire process will take several hours.

For that reason, passengers are encouraged to bring some sort of carry-on that has anything you might need for the first few hours on the cruise ship — travel documents, passports, medications, allowed alcohol, toothbrush, your swimsuit, and maybe even a change of clothes for dinner.

This carry-on bag will stay with you and be run through an X-ray machine in the terminal, similar to an airport. You will then keep it with you as you board the ship.

Do I have to check bags over a certain size?

Luggage for a cruise
Unlike airlines, cruise lines are fairly lenient on the size of bags you bring. Still, we would suggest packing small so that it’s not a pain trying to get your luggage to and from the port.

No. There is no rule that you have to check luggage. However, keep in mind that you will have to lug your carry-on items around the ship until your room is ready. If you check in early, that could be a couple of hours. Even a small bag can be a nuisance after that long.

There are some “official” restrictions on carry-on sizes, but we’ve found them to be less strict than with an airline and rarely enforced. As long as you can safely and easily move your bag, it should be ok to board with.

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Will my bags be searched on a cruise ship?

All baggage brought on board the ship will be X-rayed. When you go through security you will set your carry-on bags on the x-ray machine like you’d find at an airport. Checked luggage is also X-rayed behind the scenes. Usually further inspection isn’t required unless the security staff finds something dangerous or prohibited.

When will I get my bags after checking them?

When you check your bags at the cruise terminal, they are taken, X-rayed, and then loaded onto the ship.

From there, the cruise line staff delivers your luggage directly to your stateroom the evening of your first night. Usually this will take a few hours.

It’s important that you bring anything you might need for your first night in your carry-on, including what you plan to wear to dinner. While most people will have their bags within a few hours of boarding, it may be until later that you get yours.

Can I bring CBD or marijuana in my luggage?

CBD is now seemingly everywhere, and rules around marijuana have relaxed (including full legalization in a number of states).

That said, these items are not allowed on cruise ships. Cruise lines follow federal law instead of state laws. As well, the items are prohibited in a number of countries, so the cruise line restricts you from bringing CBD or marijuana to comply with rules in any port you might visit.

It’s not a good idea to try and sneak them on either as we’ve seen stories of local law enforcement in some countries detaining passengers for these items.

Where do I put my suitcase in the cabin after I unpack?

There’s no arguing that cruise cabins are small and you might be wondering where to put an empty suitcase so that you aren’t constantly tripping over it. Fortunately cruise cabins do a great job of maximizing space.

There are closets in every cabin that can hold a suitcase or two. You can also store them under the bed so that you don’t have to worry about it taking up valuable space.

Now that you know about the luggage and baggage rules, see our list of 39 useful things to pack for your cruise.

Have a question about packing or luggage for a cruise that we didn’t answer here? Let us know in the comments below…

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Luggage and Baggage Rules for Taking a Cruise (How Much Can I Bring?)


  1. hello, my wife and I are going on our first cruise after 15 years, can we bring alcohol on the cruise and if so how much? and should we put it in our back pack or secured well in our suit cases. we are going Carnival. thank you

  2. If I wanted to keep my luggage with me and not check it can I do that? I just want my items when I get to my room. Also can I roll it off at the end of the cruise so I do not have to wait for my luggage?

    I will be on a Carnival cruise

  3. Do they have free water bottles on the cruise , Will I need to bring them or order them before I get on ship? I will be going on a carnival ship. Size of luggage to bring

  4. Can my carry on be a rolling bag? If my memory serves me right, Carnival didn’t allow rolling bags as carry ons. (It’s been a few years.)

  5. I’m still unsure about the allowed dimensions of the carry on bag. We would each like to carry the traditional size case allowed on flights as cabin luggage which fits in the overhead lockers. Is this ok

    • Absolutely. There is no real limit on carry-on. You can bring on a full-sized suitcase. Most people just check large bags because it’s much easier than having to carry them onto the ship.

    • Yes, you can bring the luggage and garment bags. Steamers are typically prohibited. There is laundry service on the ship if needed.

  6. I need to take two largish boxed items with me to Florida on Sky Princess from Southampton on 29 Oct 2022. As normal we also have two suitcases. The boxed items weigh 15pounds and 36 pounds respectively. I have phoned Princess and was reassured the bit of boxed extra luggage would be ok. Please reassure me it is!!

  7. What are the limitations on a one way cruise/relocating to a new home? Can you just bring whatever will fit in your room? Musical instruments? Snorkeling equipment? Martial arts gear?

    • Well there are some reasonable bag limits. If it looks like you’re packing up for a move, then expect the cruise to ask about all the bags.

  8. Am I allowed t take paracetamol caskets in my cases along with voltrrol and rubbing creams ,I have Rhumatoid Athritis and need extra over the counter meds to add to my prescription meds

  9. My husband and I both use CPAP machines. We will be driving to embarkation port, doing a cruisetour (land portion after ship) and then flying home. Can we bring the gallon of distilled water on with us? I would not need to take it back on the plane. Thanks!

    • Holland America is a little confusing because we found nowhere that it says you can or can’t bring on soda. Anecdotes on the Internet make it sound like bringing a reasonable amount on board with you is ok.

  10. When it’s time to leave the ship at the end of the cruise what do you do with your larger checked bags? Do you just carry them out with your other belongings?

    • If you want, you can place them outside the cabin the night before you ship gets home. The crew will take them and they will be brought to the terminal for you. Many people, however, choose to carry them off themselves because passengers carrying all their belongings (and not waiting on luggage) are allowed to debark first.

  11. Hi, any idea if we would be allowed to bring a gallon of soymilk (for our dairy allergic kid to eat with cereal as the ones they stock on ships are always sweetened already) on the boat? Thanks!

    • Typically you aren’t allowed to bring items that large. However, since it’s for dietary needs, then they will likely say it’s fine. I would call the cruise line and explain the situation. They will point you in the right direction.

      • I read that on Princess you are allowed 1 750ml bottle of wine per person. What about those small, single-serve 187ml bottles? 750ml is about the volume of a regular bottle. Is the limit for “number” of bottles or the “amount” per person? 750ml is about 4 of those small ones. So, can I bring 4 small ones per person??
        Thank you.

        • That’s a good question. It’s not something we’ve tried before. It will likely depend on the security staff at that particular port. We’ve found many are fairly relaxed on rules; they just want to make sure you aren’t bringing anything dangerous.

  12. This is an odd question, but being an introverted crafter I would like to bring supplies to help me decompress during down times.
    I was wondering if pliers are acceptable – I make chains similar to rosary chains (no cutting, just bending and twisting; no waste).
    Is there a length limitation or just not allowed.

      • Pliers that were in his carryon bag were taken away from my husband when we boarded Norwegian Breakaway February 2020 in New Orleans.

  13. Hello I was wondering if it would be acceptable to use a water bottle as a container? My hair conditioner comes in a very large jug so I was thinking about pouring it into a water bottle. But, it seems there could be a few misunderstandings in doing this. Would it be alright?

    • There’s no rule against the type of container, but as you mention, it would likely be questioned. What about travel bottles? Those that hold a few ounces are perfect for a cruise.

  14. I was wondering if carry on luggage is checked? Like do they just put it through the x-ray machine or just be like “oh it’s carry on, you’re good to go.” Do they x-ray it just like they do with the other checked luggage?

    • We assume you mean CBD oil? We’d leave it at home. There are a quite a few complications about the legality and it’s not worth the risk.

  15. This will be my first cruise, and I was wondering if you can check a duffle bag as luggage, or am I going to have to treat it as a carry on?

    • You’re going to have a blast. On a cruise, you don’t have to “check” any luggage. You can if you want so that you don’t have to carry it, but you can also just carry it on yourself. It’s not like a plane where there is only a certain amount of room.

    • Vaping and e-cigarettes are allowed on ships, but like regular smoking, it’s limited only to certain areas. So there’s no real reason for the security team to pull out the items. That said, they do have the right to inspect anything you’re bringing on the ship.

  16. Where should I pack the water bottles I’m allowed to bring? They will be unopened and still sealed in their plastic. Also- should I put my cigarettes in my carry on or luggage? I am driving down so I won’t go through airport.

    • It’s usually best to carry these items on with you if you can. That way they don’t have the potential to bust and soak other people’s bags.

    • Carry-on is simply what you bring on with you. You can bring every bag with you if you want to carry it. There are no real limits like there are on airlines. For instance, we always “carry on” a full-size suitcase and backpack.

    • On a cruise? Nothing. The baggage rules are pretty lax. However, keep in mind that you will still need to carry it around on your way to the ship, so the lighter, the better!

    • Like a bathroom scale? Sure, but keep in mind it might make you sad. There will also likely be scales in the gym if you don’t want to bring one.

  17. Hello, was wondering where the best place to store my vape pen when going through cruise security would be. Can I put it through my checked luggage? Travelling with older relative that would disapprove and would rather not have to pull out my vape pen in front of her when going through security. Can i leave it in my bag without taking it out? Flew with an epi-pen and had to take it out of my bag and put it on the tray seperatly. Will that occur? Side note- old enough to smoke, young enough to be publicly chastised by elder. Thank you for you’re help! -Grace

    • Yep, you can put it in your checked luggage. Smoking is allowed only on certain parts of the ship… but it is allowed. Surprised you had to take it out at all — even in a carry-on. Edit: I see you had to take it out when you flew. Cruise security is more accommodating. If you don’t want to risk it, however, just toss it in the checked baggage.


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