Icon of the Seas’ $75,000 Cabin Already 55% Booked… A Year Before it Sails!

There’s been plenty of buzz about the arrival of Icon of the Seas — the newest ship from Royal Caribbean. And based on comments from executives, it seems some higher-end cruise passengers are especially excited about the new ship.

The Ultimate Family Townhouse on Royal Caribbean offers three-stories and tons of space… and a price tag of roughly $75,000 a week.

When the ship arrives in late 2023 (and starts sailing with passengers in 2024), Icon will not only be the largest cruise ship on the planet, it will also introduce an amazing amount of new features. That includes a complete waterpark at sea with six different slides, new neighborhoods (including Surfside, which is focused on catering to families), the largest pool at sea, and lots more.

While Royal Caribbean is known for pushing the envelope of what’s possible, Icon of the Seas promises to take things to another level.

One introduction to the ship is its highest-end cabin, known as the Ultimate Family Townhouse. In fact, calling this a “cabin” doesn’t do it justice.

Located at the aft of the ship, the townhouse is three stories, with two different balconies, a slide from one level to another, hot tub, and even a spot for watching movies and karaoke. You can get a sense for what all is included in the video below:

A Three-Story Cabin With a Nearly Six-Figure Price Tag

As you might expect, the Ultimate Family Townhouse carries a hefty price tag. During our searches, we saw rates starting at $36,000 per person. However, even adding more people to a test reservation, the price tag seemed to run around $75,000.

It’s certainly something that most people wouldn’t have the budget to enjoy, but those that do seem to be eager to book.

During an investor conference call, Royal Caribbean International President Michael Bayley shared that the pricey room has seen strong demand, despite the ship not sailing for almost a year from now.

“We’ve had some remarkable stats coming out of Icon,” Bayley said. “Just one little nugget that gets me very excited is, it’s only one category of room, but the Ultimate Family Townhouse that we sell on Icon — which is a three-story experience in our new Surfside venue for younger families — is already 55% sold for 2024 at an average price of $75,000 a week.”

Assuming there are 52 one-week sailings during the year, that comes out to about $2.1 million in booking revenue from this room alone for 2024.

Huge Demand for Icon

While it’s certainly eye-popping that such an expensive cabin is seeing enormous demand, it’s actually not surprising for Icon of the Seas. Comments from Royal Caribbean have consistently pointed to a high volume of bookings for the new ship.

“We opened up for sale Icon of the Seas a few months ago. And that ship has literally been the best-selling product in the history of our business,” Bayley also shared during the investor call.

“Twenty-four [2024] is looking very healthy, and the big driver of that is Icon,” he added.

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