New York cruise ship

Sailing From New York City Ports

New York City has long been a city where what's good enough for other places won't cut it. So while most cities will have...


Internet service

5 Simple Tips to Get Cheaper Internet on a Cruise

For better or worse, the Internet has become a fixture in our daily lives. Whether it be streaming a show, checking email, posting on...
Map of most popular cities for cruising

Data Reveals the Most “Cruise Crazy” Cities and States in America

Cruising has never been more popular. In North America, an estimated 14 million cruise passengers embarked onto ships in 2018 -- a massive increase...
River cruise ship

10 Major Differences Between River Cruises and Ocean Cruises

At Cruzely, we spend much of our time focused on ocean cruises -- those trips that criss-cross the Caribbean headed to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica,...
Room service menu

Current Room Service Charges and Prices for Major Cruise Lines (2019)

One of the big appeals of cruising has always been that you pay one fare and your cabin, food, entertainment, and more is all...


Disney Ship

The Cleanest Cruise Line, According to CDC Inspections

With the headlines about cruise ship sickness and the bad publicity they bring, you should know that cruise lines are serious about cleanliness. Just...